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Thu Feb 5, 2015, 03:09 PM Feb 2015

Is Glenn Greenwald a liar? [View all]

It's difficult to find a thread here that involves Greenwald without seeing accusations that he's a liar. To my knowledge, no one has ever provided proof of such a claim, and this is ironic, since it comes up so much. So I thought I'd ask the DU community your thoughts about the truthfulness of Greenwald's journalism.

21 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Greenwald lies in print, and I'm providing a link to prove this.
1 (5%)
I believe Greenwald to be a liar, but I don't have any evidence to support my belief.
0 (0%)
As far as I know, Glenn Greenwald's journalism is truthful, and he hasn't been caught in a lie.
20 (95%)
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Is Glenn Greenwald a liar? [View all] DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 OP
I'll pass. I'm afraid that if I said what I thought, MineralMan Feb 2015 #1
Like grandma always said, don't look a gift bump in the mouth. Or something about like that. nt DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #2
Is that what your grandma said? MineralMan Feb 2015 #3
Our grandmothers should've run for office. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #4
My grandmother would have said, "To Hell with that noise." MineralMan Feb 2015 #5
Ha! Well done! Number23 Feb 2015 #47
He really make you look very bad, so I don't blame you. He has always been excellent at tearing sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #72
You are so right, Sabrina Oilwellian Feb 2015 #79
That's for sure. They made it a mission to go to his blog, and he let them, intending to be tough sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #80
Glenn Greenwald defending Bush from us liberal peaceniks... kfreed Jul 2015 #104
Glenn Greenwald - King of the Gish Gallop kfreed Jul 2015 #95
Koch Whore Glenn Greenwald (Propagandist, not a "Journalist") kfreed Jul 2015 #97
Glenn Greenwald lying on behalf of white supremacist Tom Tancredo (Colorado gubernatorial candidate) kfreed Jul 2015 #98
"In Which Glenn Greenwald Smears Me by Citing a Faked Graphic at a Far Right Hate Site" kfreed Jul 2015 #100
Greenwald: Liar: promoting another white supremacist kfreed Jul 2015 #103
To determine the truthiness of one's journalism, Ykcutnek Feb 2015 #6
That would be choice #2. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #7
You mean the Public Service award that is awarded to organizations, Ykcutnek Feb 2015 #8
I thank you for participating. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #9
I was getting around to it. Ykcutnek Feb 2015 #12
Thanks for the links. I'll address each. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #14
Great response! n/t davekriss Feb 2015 #24
Thank you, DisgustipatedinCA. Octafish Feb 2015 #27
Hmmm...it got awfully quiet out.... truebluegreen Feb 2015 #34
Ykcutnek went on an unexpected vacation. Puglover Feb 2015 #37
Outstanding! truebluegreen Feb 2015 #41
It takes more than a suspension to keep a true maverick down. QC Feb 2015 #59
! Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #60
Oh Bobbi Puglover Feb 2015 #64
Meh, it fits. Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #65
Honestly I don't have a thing against you. Puglover Feb 2015 #78
As is probably another of their darlings. Puglover Feb 2015 #61
Generating fascist anti-Americanism around the globe kfreed Jul 2015 #96
No surprise to see a hit piece from that Kos blogger. Are you familiar with the history of that sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #75
I thought the question was of truthfulness not truthiness which is a made up term to TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #63
+1 treestar Feb 2015 #74
He's an advocate. moondust Feb 2015 #10
Fair point. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #11
I'd probably call it "advocacy journalism." moondust Feb 2015 #13
why does advocate on behalf of scumbag terrorists like anwar al awlaki. geek tragedy Feb 2015 #17
I'll reply to you once I'm in front of a real keyboard. Thanks. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #20
He repeatedly lied in his efforts to make Anwar Al-Awlaki a poor innocent geek tragedy Feb 2015 #15
Yep. nt stevenleser Feb 2015 #16
Greenwald is s a lying liar who lies. MohRokTah Feb 2015 #19
Where did Greenwald lie? Octafish Feb 2015 #25
I hadn't read that Greenwald article before. Thanks for brining it to my attention. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #29
That is an example of Greenwald lying. geek tragedy Feb 2015 #39
You need to completely read Greenwald's and Priest's articles. This is all addressed. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #40
Where did Priest write that the Obama administration tried to kill Awlaki in 2009? geek tragedy Feb 2015 #43
here you go: DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #46
That's a very weak defense of Greenwald's mendacity geek tragedy Feb 2015 #48
Doesn't really matter to me if he has lied a couple of times... NCTraveler Feb 2015 #18
He lied several times regarding his partner being held. I already posted links KittyWampus Feb 2015 #21
Greenwald is a liar by omission. Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #22
Fair enough. Now using that standard who are the honest journalists and media outlets? TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #62
You are correct Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #66
Let me simplify part 2. Do you assert there are politicians and business people that meet your TheKentuckian Feb 2015 #76
Is "ethically-challenged, self-aggrandizing prick" the same as "liar"? 11 Bravo Feb 2015 #23
No, not in this context or any other that I know of. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #31
I have no idea. To be honest I didn't really follow the whole Snowden/Greenwald saga. hrmjustin Feb 2015 #26
Who's Glenn Greenwald? nt. jschurchin Feb 2015 #28
Founding member of The Monkees, invented the corkscrew. Thanks. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #30
Thought that was Davey Nesmith or Mickey Tork? :P n/t Chan790 Feb 2015 #44
come to think of it, Tork (Torque?) would be a great name for the inventor of the corkscrew. nt DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #45
He's very careful to not quite lie. jeff47 Feb 2015 #32
I appreciate the answer. I disagree with your conclusion, but there's no denying he's an advocate. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #33
Greenwald lying by ommission (how propaganda works) kfreed Jul 2015 #102
running 97% to 3% thus far DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #35
"Greenwaaaaaaaaaald!!!" whatchamacallit Feb 2015 #36
LOL! Puglover Feb 2015 #38
Greenwald is an opinion writer and not a journalist. Chan790 Feb 2015 #42
It's kind of difficult to catch Greenwald in an outright lie Blue_Tires Feb 2015 #49
Your post seems very similar to post #32 DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #50
That's the problem with "advocacy journalism" Blue_Tires Feb 2015 #68
Haven't seen you kick this in awhile... Blue_Tires Feb 2015 #93
Sure. Post those links. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #94
Not difficult, just time-consuming to correct all of them kfreed Jul 2015 #99
A few more before leaving Blue_Tires Feb 2015 #51
r.e. the "out and out" lie DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #53
The onus is on Greenwald to *prove* it Blue_Tires Feb 2015 #55
Mahalo for all this compilation of GG's *********, Blue Tires! Cha Feb 2015 #91
I really don't know. NaturalHigh Feb 2015 #52
Fair enough. Thank you for the reply. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #54
probably, 99.99% of humanity are liars to a degree. Shoulders of Giants Feb 2015 #56
We are all liars. And anyone who says otherwise.... Smarmie Doofus Feb 2015 #57
precisely! n/t wildbilln864 Feb 2015 #67
Why does an advocate get the right of omission and not telling Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #58
A few more... Blue_Tires Feb 2015 #69
Good job. ucrdem Feb 2015 #71
Thank you SO MUCH for these links. betsuni Feb 2015 #89
Bookmarking this OP just for your links. nt stevenleser Feb 2015 #90
yeppers. ucrdem Feb 2015 #70
In all seriousness -- 55 DUers say GG has never been caught in dishonesty? Blue_Tires Feb 2015 #73
Funny that Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #77
Is Greenwald a liar? Not necessarily. PragmaticLiberal Feb 2015 #81
Monday kick Blue_Tires Feb 2015 #82
Don't hold your breath. Andy823 Feb 2015 #86
Um. No proof has been posted. That's kind of what this thread is about. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #88
It's always surprising when you see how few shriekers there actually are. Marr Feb 2015 #83
I considered out conversation concluded when you told me the onus is on Greenwald... DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #84
I think you have me confused with someone else. Marr Feb 2015 #85
I'm sorry, Marr. I meant to reply to Blue_Tires. DisgustipatedinCA Feb 2015 #87
Oh no need-- I thought it must be a mispost or something. /nt Marr Feb 2015 #92
We get it, the supporters of the national security state don't like Greenwald. BillZBubb Jul 2015 #101
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