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Yes if you voted for Reagan then you at the very least dsc Feb 2015 #1
This DURHAM D Feb 2015 #42
Exactly...knr your post...nt joeybee12 Feb 2015 #114
if a democrat voted for Reagan, they were not in their right mind after what he did to California. hollysmom Feb 2015 #2
Exactly gopiscrap Feb 2015 #49
Oh, hell no. Definitely top 5, but W has the dishonor of being "worst". winter is coming Feb 2015 #52
Maybe it's generational Blue_Tires Feb 2015 #93
IOW, regardless of your generation, voting Republican greatly increases the possibility merrily Feb 2015 #110
By the second term, they knew damned well he was antigay Warpy Feb 2015 #3
And if you voted to re-elect Bill Clinton, you supported NAFTA and the chickenshit mess winter is coming Feb 2015 #4
given what DADT replaced you bet I supported it dsc Feb 2015 #6
they stopped imprisoning gays in the military right after world war II m-lekktor Feb 2015 #37
My source is Randy Shilts' Conduct Unbecoming dsc Feb 2015 #57
Maybe you should correct Wiki if it is wrong. former9thward Feb 2015 #70
nice of you to straight splain that to me dsc Feb 2015 #71
Do you even know who Randy Shilts was? nt msanthrope Feb 2015 #90
Yes. former9thward Feb 2015 #94
I was in the Navy in the early 60's Bohunk68 Feb 2015 #112
No, nobody was going to prison. former9thward Feb 2015 #50
Yes some people certainly did go to prison dsc Feb 2015 #56
Excuse me---but people did go to prison. For being gay. It's undeniable fact. nt msanthrope Feb 2015 #91
Fine, link to them. former9thward Feb 2015 #95
Fair's fair... let's see a link to the military policy of the era. n/t winter is coming Feb 2015 #100
Already given in post #37 former9thward Feb 2015 #105
I have given a citation from a book dsc Feb 2015 #101
James Reyes, imprisoned for touching a friend's hand....that's pretty much the most famous, recent msanthrope Feb 2015 #108
Clinton had every intention of lifting the military exclusion--EVERY intention. MADem Feb 2015 #53
It wasn't only Newt sadly dsc Feb 2015 #58
There was plenty of blame to go around, certainly, but Newt relished that shit. MADem Feb 2015 #111
Just channeled this: Is it possible that DUers are being punished for campaigns past? HereSince1628 Feb 2015 #5
Yep It's Pre-Purge Vetting... Where Formally Reasonable Posters Engagae In Tea-Party Rhetoric... WillyT Feb 2015 #11
this thread makes me really glad tabbycat31 Feb 2015 #7
Be glad you aren't enough to remember how fucking depressing it was when Reagan winter is coming Feb 2015 #14
I didn't even know what politics was when he was elected/reelected tabbycat31 Feb 2015 #22
I was not old enough to vote but did Carter or Mondale run on pro gay platforms? dilby Feb 2015 #8
The Democratic Party endorsed gay rights way back in 1980. The first to do so in America. Rex Feb 2015 #12
Carter did not run as pro gay. former9thward Feb 2015 #51
Where did I mention Carter? It was the PARTY that endorsed the platform. Rex Feb 2015 #54
Nobody pays attention to the platform. former9thward Feb 2015 #68
Carter was not good at all to be honest dsc Feb 2015 #13
Carter was the first president to even acknowledge that gays had rights Major Nikon Feb 2015 #63
It was part of the platform, but one that a lot of Dems sidled past winter is coming Feb 2015 #17
Let's see, Jimmy Carter was running for his second term. Reagan Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #33
Not where I lived One_Life_To_Give Feb 2015 #99
I would LOVE for a Reagan Dem to come in here and explain WHY Rex Feb 2015 #9
I'm Sorry... It Wasn't Even On Their A Radar Back Then... The Xian Right-Wing, Sure... WillyT Feb 2015 #16
Sadly true. Politicians have definitely been lagging behind the curve on this one. n/t winter is coming Feb 2015 #18
The party was the first in America to support any rights for the LGBT community. In 1980. Rex Feb 2015 #20
Not on the radar? Thousands were dying, thousands dead when Reagan voters elected him again Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #62
Yep. Explanations and apologies. hunter Feb 2015 #74
Yep! Most Americans were anti-gay 35 years ago. I think that's an undeniable fact. Spider Jerusalem Feb 2015 #10
but the issue with Reagan was how there were many americans dying of something and he didn't give a JI7 Feb 2015 #15
Yes............................ outside Feb 2015 #82
:/ \: ... TeeYiYi Feb 2015 #19
I was always warned to be vigilant around those that prayed loudest in church... DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #21
Hallelujah And A Big Old Amen !!! WillyT Feb 2015 #24
Or as a friend's Mom related (she was from the Deep South) . .. hatrack Feb 2015 #39
Oh Hell No... Not In A Million Years... But Being A Straight White Guy... I Was Privy To... WillyT Feb 2015 #23
So, why so defensive?... TeeYiYi Feb 2015 #35
David Corn's '65 Things to Think About When Flying Into Reagan National Airport': Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #69
It was a different time, almost everyone was anti-gay back then Reter Feb 2015 #25
Thank You... Revisionist History Is Apparently Bi-Partisan Too... WillyT Feb 2015 #26
that is baldly false dsc Feb 2015 #27
Why Is It More Inportaet To Hold The Grudge, Over The Having The Progress??? WillyT Feb 2015 #32
Knowledge = Life, that's why. History is important. Some suggested reading for you: Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #79
Not in 1980 or 1984 he didn't Reter Feb 2015 #61
gays were too busy dying to care alot about marriage dsc Feb 2015 #67
Kennedy's Gay Rights Advocacy Remembered Agnosticsherbet Feb 2015 #30
simply amazing the lengths some here will go to to excuse Warren's horrible judgement dsc Feb 2015 #59
There was a time when Republicans were not all expected or believed Agnosticsherbet Feb 2015 #78
Did she actually work for Reagan? Or on any Republican's campaign? winter is coming Feb 2015 #86
Reagan's campaign rally in Neshoba County, Mississippi, where three civil rights workers were Agnosticsherbet Feb 2015 #28
People who voted for Reagan both times and for Bush Sr. in 1988 YoungDemCA Feb 2015 #29
Hillary was a Goldwater girl over 50 years ago. Having voted for and supported Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #31
I'm Sorry Thinkingabout... WillyT Feb 2015 #36
I admit I have voted for two Republicans in my life, both were local candidates and Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #38
Me neither. McCamy Taylor Feb 2015 #41
She was a teenager from a staunchly Republican family. Converted to Dem after hearing MLK JR McCamy Taylor Feb 2015 #43
She fought for Civil Rights in her college days and other issues she has been strong. Thinkingabout Feb 2015 #46
If you voted for Reagan you were right wing. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #34
I guess you've forgotten the Iranian hostage situation. winter is coming Feb 2015 #89
John Anderson ran a credible third party campaign and was on the ballot. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #97
Pretty much the only thing Reagan was good at was salesmanship. winter is coming Feb 2015 #98
He was a passable actor but an awesome pitch man. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #103
I can't remember ever seeing a Reagan movie, but my mother had. greatauntoftriplets Feb 2015 #107
I have only seen parts... DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #109
No sillier than saying a vote for the Iraq invasion means a vote to waste a gazillion McCamy Taylor Feb 2015 #40
At least Goldwater wasn't a hateful, Bible-thumping bigot. Ykcutnek Feb 2015 #44
And yeah, a vote for Reagan was a vote for his genocide against gays. McCamy Taylor Feb 2015 #45
Yes they were... SidDithers Feb 2015 #47
I Will Not... I Lived Though It... You ??? WillyT Feb 2015 #48
Straight people lived through the early AIDS crisis like white people lived through Jim Crow. Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #65
If you were a straight person at the time, you scarcely heard anything about it winter is coming Feb 2015 #72
While that was true in the very early days, Reagan was silent until April 1987 and Ryan White had Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #75
I remember all of that, and it was appalling. winter is coming Feb 2015 #83
Well those who were otherwise engaged enriching themselves might not be bigots but I don't want Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #113
I suspect shitloads of log cabin type and closeted gays VOTED for Reagan in the 80's. m-lekktor Feb 2015 #55
I knew a few of them, and couldn't understand it. winter is coming Feb 2015 #60
Yes, it means they were on the wrong side when it mattered most. Thousands were dying and they Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #64
Bishop Desmond Tutu on Ronald Reagan’s South Africa policy “immoral, evil and totally un-Christian" Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #66
Thank you for that. Cali_Democrat Feb 2015 #76
My pleasure. I was old enough and active enough to be personally involved in some of the US Bluenorthwest Feb 2015 #81
Good question Bobbie Jo Feb 2015 #84
Elizabeth Warren was a Republican until the mid 90's... SidDithers Feb 2015 #96
I've begun to wonder which thread you're reading if you think anyone's saying Reagan wasn't bad. nt winter is coming Feb 2015 #102
Excellent question. greatauntoftriplets Feb 2015 #104
I voted for Anderson in 1980. bluedigger Feb 2015 #73
Angry much? randome Feb 2015 #77
Maybe Reagan voters weren't homophobic but they were to a one right wing. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2015 #80
Statistically likely. Orsino Feb 2015 #85
Actually, I knew more than a few rank-and-file Dems who were also against LGBT rights winter is coming Feb 2015 #87
Yeah. Back then, liberalism wasn't what it is now. Orsino Feb 2015 #88
You were one of two things. NCTraveler Feb 2015 #92
Either anti-gay... or simply didn't care. LanternWaste Feb 2015 #106
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