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33. I think forcing people to be involved in the problem....
Thu Feb 19, 2015, 12:02 PM
Feb 2015

would make solutions possible. Right now too many live separated from the bloodshed.

You don't want to think of it in those terms, that you right. The fact that service is 'voluntary' means most never service, is that a good thing?

kick madokie Feb 2015 #1
And of course the situation is even worse than the chart, truebluegreen Feb 2015 #2
K & R for truth malaise Feb 2015 #3
The 2 penny answer is FRAUD. Pooka Fey Feb 2015 #4
Morford is required reading around here madokie Feb 2015 #5
If we can't afford to educate our children, to heal our sick or care for our elderly ... Scuba Feb 2015 #6
The same people who are making a killing off our defense spending madokie Feb 2015 #7
All the military might has to be used or some may take notice of the obscene waste. Fred Sanders Feb 2015 #11
The defense budget is defending the wealth and income and growing the wealth and... stillwaiting Feb 2015 #24
Wouldn't it be awesome if we paid those military contractors to do GOOD in the world think Feb 2015 #8
No doubt about that madokie Feb 2015 #9
Someday they may see the logic in it /nt think Feb 2015 #10
I'm a contractor.... Adrahil Feb 2015 #19
While it may be pie in the sky I truly hope you get the chance someday. Thank you for the response! think Feb 2015 #20
"Prussia is not a state that has an army, but an army that has a state." Mirabeau Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2015 #12
k and r + a gazillion for this disgusting, obscene truth. niyad Feb 2015 #13
We have created a beast that must always be fed more. zeemike Feb 2015 #14
Meh. We're at war with those countries. ffr Feb 2015 #15
Did you forget your sarcasm smilie? 99th_Monkey Feb 2015 #18
? Really? You're not sure? n/t ffr Feb 2015 #23
Tumor indeed. JEB Feb 2015 #16
other spending migsan Feb 2015 #17
Just the opposite nichomachus Feb 2015 #21
Have to disagree with you on this point, although it sounds reasonable mrdmk Feb 2015 #22
There are a lot more things involved in the military, NM_Birder Feb 2015 #26
Yes, there is a lot more involved.... daleanime Feb 2015 #28
You think mandatory service, would not only improve the military operational capabilities, NM_Birder Feb 2015 #32
I think forcing people to be involved in the problem.... daleanime Feb 2015 #33
I don't think "forcing" people into service is a good thing, no. NM_Birder Feb 2015 #35
Would be fewer people killed by police... daleanime Feb 2015 #36
kind of a slippery isn't it ? NM_Birder Feb 2015 #38
Feel free to argue with yourself... daleanime Feb 2015 #41
Driven you from the field ? NM_Birder Feb 2015 #42
Hell yes..... daleanime Feb 2015 #29
The military budget does not "dwarf' all other expenditures. NM_Birder Feb 2015 #25
DUers DO support the men and women who serve. Just not the lying political fuckers who send them think Feb 2015 #27
+1 daleanime Feb 2015 #30
I think your wikipedia example, and the very specific selection of NM_Birder Feb 2015 #31
Do you think the Iraq war was a just & rightful cause? think Feb 2015 #34
Do you know anything about the Iraq war ? NM_Birder Feb 2015 #37
I guess he was for it. And the next one, too. Comrade Grumpy Feb 2015 #39
You make poor guesses, "comrade". NM_Birder Feb 2015 #40
Bravo!!! nt hifiguy Feb 2015 #44
Morford nails it yet again. hifiguy Feb 2015 #43
Can't be said enough. grahamhgreen Feb 2015 #45
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