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36. I. once, ...
Mon Apr 30, 2012, 11:53 AM
Apr 2012

took the time to find out what church the "christian" that sent out the stuff attends, and add that church to the e-mail chain with the message:

"Dear Pastor,

I just thought you might want to know what message is getting through to members of your congregation with respect to "Christian Love." If the following is NOT your intended message, might I suggest that it inform your next few sermons. If, however, the message is consistent with your interpretation of the "Grand Commission" might I suggest that you re-visit the Book of Matthew."

Just stop already. [View all] SmileyRose Apr 2012 OP
awesome -- that'll set some hair on fire! xchrom Apr 2012 #1
Had to be said. Good job. mmonk Apr 2012 #2
wow. wow wow. i am a gutsy woman and still..... seabeyond Apr 2012 #3
'Tis a thing of beauty! frogmarch Apr 2012 #4
I used to occasionally get some right wing crap HappyMe Apr 2012 #5
And you fuckers also know that women do not make as much as men you slobs! lonestarnot Apr 2012 #6
Great response! CrispyQ Apr 2012 #7
It beats the hell out of my approach Warpy Apr 2012 #8
That's what I usually do too. SmileyRose Apr 2012 #19
'Reply All' is one of my favorite SheilaT Apr 2012 #9
Right you all. REPLY ALL is your friend in cases like this. n/t eridani Apr 2012 #32
Just finished crying over something I read, and then . . . madashelltoo Apr 2012 #10
Well done! CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2012 #11
I had to do something akin to this to my mom SemperEadem Apr 2012 #12
I've been blessed with friends and relatives who don't send shit to everyone they know. JVS Apr 2012 #13
I did that a couple of times regarding racist emails lunatica Apr 2012 #14
yes; ALWAYS say something Skittles Apr 2012 #34
Everyone in my family are right-wingers..... Uben Apr 2012 #15
Fucking A! That's going to leave a mark. 11 Bravo Apr 2012 #16
I should probably bookmark this for future reference varelse Apr 2012 #17
It will take a lot of emails like this one before we can make inroads. Baitball Blogger Apr 2012 #18
courage and truth marshall gaines Apr 2012 #20
A thing of beauty libodem Apr 2012 #21
I'll save this in my "Great Replies to Emails" file. Thank you. n/t jtuck004 Apr 2012 #22
Great response eyewall Apr 2012 #23
What will Socipaths/Psychopaths do when we call them on their BS? fascisthunter Apr 2012 #24
re: Just stop already. allan01 Apr 2012 #25
Wow! I love that! KT2000 Apr 2012 #26
I love it. I may steal it for when the time comes... CTyankee Apr 2012 #27
this would mean a whole lot more if you posted their replies, positive or negative. pepperbear Apr 2012 #28
Good message. Kalidurga Apr 2012 #29
KA-BLANG!!! Plucketeer Apr 2012 #30
Already rec'd, came back to kick. freshwest Apr 2012 #31
hey I hear you; I have done it Skittles Apr 2012 #33
I. once, ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2012 #36
OOOOH Skittles Apr 2012 #37
It's ALWAYS worked for me. You lie - you don't get to play with adults. saras Apr 2012 #35
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