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41. I pointed you at the exact time stamp of the squirming elsewhere.
Tue Apr 7, 2015, 01:59 PM
Apr 2015

But here it is here as well. And I didn't criticize him FOR answering the question. I criticized what his bullshit answer was. There's a difference. And you may notice Oliver recognized it was a bullshit answer too because he had to call him on it more than once. Which is what caused all the squirming.

From the video at the Rolling stone link, are 19:30 through 21:40

--Oliver asks how many documents that he gave up he actually read.

--Snowden says he "evaluated" all of them.

--Oliver knows that is an evasion and repeats the question. He READ every single one?

--Snowden starts to squirm a little. Says he"understands what he turned over".

--Oliver spots the evasion again. Points out there is a difference between "understanding" it and actually reading all the information before he gave it up.

--Snowden now squirming more. Admitting he understands the concern. No longer trying to claim he actually read it all.

--Now Oliver appears to be getting a little annoyed at the evasions. Snarkily declares the last thing you want to do when handing over thousands of classified documents from the NSA is actually read them.

--Snowden goes on the retreat, pulls out the extremely well used bullshit "In my defense, I'm not handling anything, the journalists are" defense. (Yeah, because he handed them everything. He still owns that. And if you want to know where to find squirming, using the phrase "in my defense" in an interview is a pretty damn good signpost to lead you there)

--And then Oliver keeps on him. Yeah, he handed off highly technical intelligence data to journalists who don't have the capability of evaluating it as well as he can and then just let them loose with it. Gave it to less qualified people. And then washed his hands of the consequences of anything they do with it.

--Snowden declares "yeah, but they know it's important to get it right"

--Oliver hits him with "yeah, but they screwed it up" (leaked ISIS data). Snowden at least acknowledges after a bit of pressing that that was a fuck up (so he's more capable than some posters here of acknowledging damage was done I'll give him that much) but then he again tries to shrug off any personal responsibility for it happening and simply declares that oh well, in journalism mistakes happen. As if he had nothing to do with creating the conditions for that mistake to occur.

-Oliver calls him on that too (see, this is a big part of what makes it a fantastic interview. Oliver isn't taking Snowden's "I bear no responsibility for anything bad that happens" bullshit spin). Says point blank he handed over all this dangerous information and knew he was doing it and he's responsible for the consequences.

And then Snowden squirms some more... while Oliver keeps on him and Snowden just keeps trying to deflect all personal responsibility.

What kinda fudge are we talking, though? F4lconF16 Apr 2015 #1
I'm going to pass until I see how some specific DUers vote. MineralMan Apr 2015 #2
I make up my own mind about issues. We sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #5
Oh, my... MineralMan Apr 2015 #7
Yes, actually, I did since I saw nothing to say it wasn't serious. sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #8
No, actually. You don't know me at all, MineralMan Apr 2015 #17
I know you only by your writings on the internet. Which is how most people are known on sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #19
Ah... The Voice Of Reason And Moderation... That Never Gets Angry WillyT Apr 2015 #22
Oh, I'm angry, but about different things than you, MineralMan Apr 2015 #23
We Might Agree On Many Things, I Suspect, But... WillyT Apr 2015 #28
She didn't understand that you weren't being truthful. I believe she took your words DisgustipatedinCA Apr 2015 #25
Well, I'm glad you understood. MineralMan Apr 2015 #26
Thanks for asking. DisgustipatedinCA Apr 2015 #27
Yup. MineralMan Apr 2015 #30
! Number23 Apr 2015 #13
A positive but -- Hell Hath No Fury Apr 2015 #3
Interesting. I watched "Citizen Four" and came away very unimpressed. Dawgs Apr 2015 #6
I just saw Citizen 4 and it was excellent, removed all the shameful lies told by those who have so sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #14
It did not win two Oscars, it won one. zappaman Apr 2015 #15
You keeping track of people? neverforget Apr 2015 #20
No, doing math. zappaman Apr 2015 #21
KA-BOOM!!! Major Hogwash Apr 2015 #24
This is the question that the Snowden haters always avoid LittleBlue Apr 2015 #4
Very positive. Now the people know some of what their government does. Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2015 #9
Thank You For Those... WillyT Apr 2015 #10
They had the potential to be a net positive. gcomeau Apr 2015 #11
Actually it went very well. Snowden has not been silenced as Manning was for one thing, the public sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #16
I think you may be confusing... gcomeau Apr 2015 #36
I am confusing nothing. For one thing, unlike in Manning's case, the Government, who attempted to sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #37
Show me the reforms actually happening,. gcomeau Apr 2015 #38
What are you talking about? First you claim that Snowden 'squirmed' when asked about sabrina 1 Apr 2015 #40
I pointed you at the exact time stamp of the squirming elsewhere. gcomeau Apr 2015 #41
Really positive because before we had no idea what was going on Cheese Sandwich Apr 2015 #12
years before that can be answered nt arely staircase Apr 2015 #18
Watching John Oliver's piece..shocked at the ignorance of Americans Sienna86 Apr 2015 #29
Why would we care that the NSA monitors foreign communications? It's their job. randome Apr 2015 #35
I'll defer judgement until it all comes out Blue_Tires Apr 2015 #31
an absolute as well as a net positive MisterP Apr 2015 #32
That's What I Was Thinking... WillyT Apr 2015 #33
Morning Kick !!! WillyT Apr 2015 #34
I think we should stop trying to make it simple. Orsino Apr 2015 #39
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