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Sat Apr 11, 2015, 06:43 AM Apr 2015

Welcoming Indiana bar responds to haters. [View all]

Here's the letter that the Lamasco Bar received:

Here is the owner's response on Facebook:

I. Can't. Even.

I have spent the better part of this afternoon and evening having so many feels in regards to this letter, and I am not even sure where to begin.

I don't think I have ever gone from such intense feelings of anger to protectiveness to sadness in such a short period of time. So many of my dear friends are LGBT, and to know the character and moral fiber of these humans, and to know this is something they have to deal with on a daily basis, makes my momma bear side absolutely irate; anger so intense it makes you cry. For these people to say we are "low" to make sure EVERY SINGLE HUMAN feels welcome in my place business, Mr. and Mrs. Hill, you most certainly know nothing about me or how I conduct my business. I have such a hard time even mentally grappling with your logic, because I live in a world that a person is a person. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. I am in the business of people, and in particular, we pride ourselves on making every single person that walks through our door feel welcomed. A first time Lamasco Bar and Grill patron walks in our door as a friend, and more often than not, leaves as family. AND THIS LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, AND TOLERANCE IS EXTENDED TO ALL! And under my watch and care, for many decades to come, this will always be the manner in which I conduct business.

In regards to to the values of the original owners, I must say, you did give me quite a chuckle. Lamasco Bar, during the 1920's, was a speak-easy and house of ill-repute. Stories of gambling, illegal rum-running, stories of loose women and even looser liquor pours abound. For me, this was part of the charm of the old gal, and one of the reasons I fell in love with our story. I can guarantee you, the original owners are rolling over in their graves at your supposition they would be offended by my current manner in running the business, NOT at us accepting ALL people.

In regards to shaming my employees, I have never been more proud of a group of people. My LAMASCO FAMILY, is compromised of some of the most kind, caring, ethical, community minded individuals I have ever seen in a small business. The way they take care of each other, our extended Lamasco family (patrons), and the way they have adopted my business philosophy of love and acceptance above all, makes me one the proudest business owners ever.

I'm sure you can find a like-minded bigoted owner in which to patronize their business, but I do wish for a day in my hometown, in which this would be an impossibility! You might want to stay off Franklin Street and Haynie's Corner, because all we have is love there too. I know MANY owners in the business community of Evansville, and there are MANY who are very supportive of basic human rights for all. In fact, you can check all the places in Evansville to stay away from, at Map Evansville!

I will do my best to take a moment out of my very love and awesome filled life to send you light and soul healing thoughts, Mr. and Mrs. Hill. It probably wouldn't take but a few times for you to ‪#?GetLamascoed‬ and we could have you waving your freak flags, spewing rainbows, and having a much more general happy disposition. Very quickly with our crew and our crowds, we'd have you learning the gift of acceptance and love for all in no time.

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Map Evansville - the map jtuck004 Apr 2015 #1
OMG! James48 Apr 2015 #18
Bigots' taste in stationary totally sucks. alphafemale Apr 2015 #2
Just confirms the writer as an asshole caraher Apr 2015 #4
heh. I had teachers who said work turned in on torn out notebook paper was automatic ZERO. alphafemale Apr 2015 #7
yeah, I'm a softie! caraher Apr 2015 #9
OMG! That's what I hate, those hideous shredded holes. I always tear at perforation for a crisp edge Dont call me Shirley Apr 2015 #5
I cringe. nt alphafemale Apr 2015 #12
Yep, and if I buy one of those notebooks and the perforations suck MH1 Apr 2015 #19
Yeah, doesn't even have the requisite coffee stain. Eleanors38 Apr 2015 #26
"Bigots' taste in stationery totally sucks." 3catwoman3 Apr 2015 #10
As in : "You don't see why my perfect snowflake is better than all those other mere loin spawns." alphafemale Apr 2015 #14
let me copy your medical records for you.... irisblue Apr 2015 #20
Ripped directly out of his kids school tablet. L0oniX Apr 2015 #24
Now that's worth $826,000 lame54 Apr 2015 #3
A beautiful response, Lamasco! Dont call me Shirley Apr 2015 #6
What a beautiful response! brer cat Apr 2015 #8
Beautiful response. sinkingfeeling Apr 2015 #11
Does anyone have any info SCVDem Apr 2015 #13
http://www.lamascobarandgrill.com/ (nt) ehrnst Apr 2015 #15
Thank you SCVDem Apr 2015 #16
Kudos to you! Thespian2 Apr 2015 #17
Old habits die slowly seveneyes Apr 2015 #21
I love that - "I. Can't. Even." calimary Apr 2015 #22
Dear Sir. Go fuck yourself - Dick Cheney L0oniX Apr 2015 #23
Indiana fights back RecoveringJournalist Apr 2015 #25
My birthplace to 5th grade. Missn-Hitch Apr 2015 #27
apart from the cheap note paper, the all-caps "writing", I almost missed the "awa" bit. niyad Apr 2015 #28
What is AWA???? kath Apr 2015 #31
AWA - as well as (NT) Staph Apr 2015 #33
Thanks! And here I thought I knew most internet acronyms... kath Apr 2015 #34
Thanks. I scrolled the thread, hoping I'd find where someone explained it . . . Journeyman Apr 2015 #37
We can offer the writers of the letter to pray for their enlightenment Jack Rabbit Apr 2015 #29
I like the response leanforward Apr 2015 #30
Beautiful human being! Mahalo ehrnst~ Cha Apr 2015 #32
Postmarked Freepville, USA lpbk2713 Apr 2015 #35
Kick, kick, kick!!! Heidi Apr 2015 #36
I spoke with one of the employees at that lovely bar the other day, and told her about niyad Apr 2015 #38
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