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46. We have thousands die every day. From auto accidents, medical accidents, gun accidents
Sun Apr 12, 2015, 10:45 PM
Apr 2015

and many other maladies.

I think the article is dead on. Where are the great navies to oppose us? The great armies? Those that we consider our enemies have nothing. Iran? We could defeat Iran in less than a week.

It is only through a great exercise of the imagination do we see the USA as threatened.

K&R..... daleanime Apr 2015 #1
It is the sacred job of cable news and the main job of main stream media to gin up fear. Fred Sanders Apr 2015 #2
All of our bordering neighbors may be friendly but Palin can see Russia from her house! n/t A Simple Game Apr 2015 #23
"As Putin rears his head ... dmr Apr 2015 #45
Well, she probably could Art_from_Ark Apr 2015 #59
True but only if you understand that they work for their corporate bosses malaise Apr 2015 #27
All About Scamming $$$ billhicks76 Apr 2015 #35
And they have BILLIONS in campaign commercial money on its way in 2016. arcane1 Apr 2015 #52
K&R Octafish Apr 2015 #3
. BlueJazz Apr 2015 #4
That picture would be perfect if there was a young shepherd on the hill hollering "WOLF." n/t A Simple Game Apr 2015 #24
+1 Enthusiast Apr 2015 #41
^^^^This^^^^ Enthusiast Apr 2015 #42
One of my favorites. BlueJazz Apr 2015 #53
The last time I saw that picture, the caption below it read . . . Major Hogwash Apr 2015 #57
And he is 100% correct. bemildred Apr 2015 #5
Our biggest danger is the tyranny we will slide into if we don't get the NSA/CIA Security State rhett o rick Apr 2015 #6
Damn tootin'!! nt hifiguy Apr 2015 #11
+1 a whole bunch! Enthusiast Apr 2015 #40
Well the answer is Clapper. zeemike Apr 2015 #48
I don't think it's one person but a cabal. nm rhett o rick Apr 2015 #54
Well of course you are right. zeemike Apr 2015 #55
True. I was watching old 911 coverage treestar Apr 2015 #7
The "Home of the Brave" is false advertising. Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2015 #8
And that "Land of the Free" stuff isn't very truthful, either gratuitous Apr 2015 #34
Now just how are attitudes like that going to make the MIC richer? Scuba Apr 2015 #9
+1 Enthusiast Apr 2015 #39
That's why the establishment politicians have to hifiguy Apr 2015 #10
"Overthrow:America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq" . . . brush Apr 2015 #63
The government wants you scared folks. nt Logical Apr 2015 #12
scared people awoke_in_2003 Apr 2015 #28
So true. And allow more legal spying to protect us form evil. nt Logical Apr 2015 #30
how else would the surveillance state justify itself? nt grasswire Apr 2015 #13
Not to mention the MIC -nt 99th_Monkey Apr 2015 #17
Heaven forbid that we would not have an enemy to fear. If we did we might even tackle some of jwirr Apr 2015 #14
I've always said that the other m*tha f*ckin texting driver is more of a threat to my life. L0oniX Apr 2015 #15
Without enemies, there's no reason for a trillion dollar 'Defense' budget. Octafish Apr 2015 #16
thanks! LiberalLovinLug Apr 2015 #22
+1 an entire shit load. Enthusiast Apr 2015 #38
Bingo Omaha Steve Apr 2015 #51
Very powerful. Every time we are told that we were attacked we should at least consider the GoneFishin Apr 2015 #18
1000 K&Rs!! Every citizen needs to wise-up to US/M$M/MIC fear-mongering. 99th_Monkey Apr 2015 #19
Somebody tell Wolf Blitzer. n/t Comrade Grumpy Apr 2015 #20
Not true, we have reason to fear....sadly the true threat to the average American comes from within AuntPatsy Apr 2015 #21
Speaking the truth Thespian2 Apr 2015 #31
K and R DocMac Apr 2015 #25
"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. Zorra Apr 2015 #26
"... the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling ..." GoneFishin Apr 2015 #29
both parties are happy to play thier parts in the kabuki theatre of existential threats KG Apr 2015 #32
''To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.'' ~George Orwell DeSwiss Apr 2015 #33
I always thought that some people that read 1984 saw it as a plan. zeemike Apr 2015 #50
Send more money. For more "freedumb." blkmusclmachine Apr 2015 #36
This is the truth! The MIC and the PTB are actively pumping up and exaggerating the threat. Enthusiast Apr 2015 #37
I think this is a bit of an overstatement dsc Apr 2015 #43
We have thousands die every day. From auto accidents, medical accidents, gun accidents Enthusiast Apr 2015 #46
K&R! This post should have hundreds of recommendations! Enthusiast Apr 2015 #44
A relevant Blog... nikto Apr 2015 #47
Many Democrats only feel safe by letting the Government spy on our children. whereisjustice Apr 2015 #49
Republicans claim we are in danger to present themselves as the heroes who will save us. Spitfire of ATJ Apr 2015 #56
The biggest threats are the ones the US's own actions have ended up creating. merrily Apr 2015 #58
But we need a bogey man The Wizard Apr 2015 #60
Bribery doesn't cost, it pays The Wizard Apr 2015 #61
Feeling threatened has not served to unify the American people Martin Eden Apr 2015 #62
Kinzer is absolutely right about the world BlueMTexpat Apr 2015 #64
K&R. Well said. Overseas Apr 2015 #65
The only threats we have to worry about from the outside world d_legendary1 Apr 2015 #66
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