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29. Just saw supermoon
Sat May 5, 2012, 10:07 PM
May 2012

It seemed a little brighter than normal but that could be partly because I'm used to city moons and it seems brighter out here in the booneys? Southeastern Ohio.

Pretty sure I've seen super-er.

Still, hey, free supermoon, can't beat that.

My house. cherokeeprogressive May 2012 #1
Great. elleng May 2012 #2
I saw it last night at least. obxhead May 2012 #3
I'm in MD, DC suburbs. elleng May 2012 #10
Clear here, so far LadyHawkAZ May 2012 #4
Current cloud cover: Ptah May 2012 #5
I should be able to see it well Texasgal May 2012 #6
sugar land texas. 87 degrees, poolwater's probably 80-ish elehhhhna May 2012 #7
SE PA looking promising. (nt) enough May 2012 #8
california JI7 May 2012 #9
It's daylight. You mean it's out during the day? I guess I could go look. nt Honeycombe8 May 2012 #11
Its often visible during the day! elleng May 2012 #13
A supermoon is a full moon, and therefore by definition cannot be visible during the day... Systematic Chaos May 2012 #15
Saw the moon in Florida a couple of days ago, elleng May 2012 #22
The moon wasn't full a couple of days ago. Systematic Chaos May 2012 #34
Right, it was approaching full, waxing. elleng May 2012 #36
I went out and looked last night. It was a very full moon, all right. Beautiful. Honeycombe8 May 2012 #42
new mexico! Voice for Peace May 2012 #12
central Florida nt steve2470 May 2012 #14
Clear all day but HarveyDarkey May 2012 #16
The Bay Area lunatica May 2012 #17
Clear dark sky forecast charts for astronomy bananas May 2012 #18
No cloud cover in Los Angeles! CaliforniaPeggy May 2012 #19
here's a shot from orlando nashville_brook May 2012 #20
Thats awesome brettdale May 2012 #21
it was weird, here...it was over the horizon for 5 minutes before it became visible nashville_brook May 2012 #26
nice shot barbtries May 2012 #44
looked the same here in daytona beach... rppper May 2012 #45
We had clouds earlier today, but it's clear now. The moon is spectacular! Arkansas Granny May 2012 #23
Very overcast here, unfortunately. Blue_In_AK May 2012 #24
over cast here in amarillo tx, but sure is a supermoon. over cast isnt bad, more seabeyond May 2012 #25
Crystal clear in southern New Hampshire (nt) matt819 May 2012 #27
clear in nashville...incredible moon!!!! spanone May 2012 #28
Just saw supermoon limpyhobbler May 2012 #29
Photo from my backyard RagAss May 2012 #30
I think my camera is broken FrodosPet May 2012 #43
Saw just the beginning burrowowl May 2012 #31
clear here and it is beautiful n/t Irishonly May 2012 #32
Apologies for my lousy phone cam LadyHawkAZ May 2012 #33
Looks good to me; elleng May 2012 #35
N. Central AZ - The moon is lovely. The sky is crystal clear. Zorra May 2012 #37
Reno, NV. looks Great, about the size of a quarter. Grassy Knoll May 2012 #38
Pfft, the moon was super last night, too. joshcryer May 2012 #39
I care about it every night; just couldn't resist 'Its SUPERMOON' headline! elleng May 2012 #41
No overcast here! Cali_Democrat May 2012 #40
My Place! Canuckistanian May 2012 #46
Certainly not where I am. MineralMan May 2012 #47
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