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"Pro-Choice" or "Pro-Abortion"? [View all] Nye Bevan Apr 2015 OP
Both. PeaceNikki Apr 2015 #1
Yep. Both. And thanks for the link. Luminous Animal Apr 2015 #13
This ^^^^^^ haikugal Apr 2015 #17
Me too. cyberswede Apr 2015 #22
Abso-freaking-lutely! hifiguy Apr 2015 #71
yep Kali Apr 2015 #76
Me five. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #94
And it's dumb because if you REALLY are pro-choice, you ARE pro-abortion whether you want to say it PeaceNikki Apr 2015 #95
Reminds me of other squirmy choices people make. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #98
Right. *I* wouldn't get gay married, but... PeaceNikki Apr 2015 #100
Oh I've seen it on DU plenty. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #101
Pro-choice giving the woman the choice. it should always be her final choice. Thinkingabout Apr 2015 #2
I can think of several instances where it would be her first choice PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #4
NO ONE is "pro-abortion"...least of all women. BlueCaliDem Apr 2015 #3
I am. Proudly. Many of us are. PeaceNikki Apr 2015 #5
Not to come across insensitive, but BlueCaliDem Apr 2015 #6
Yes. I am not ashamed or guilty about it. Only relived I could. PeaceNikki Apr 2015 #8
No need to feel ashamed or guilty about it at all. It was your choice to make, and BlueCaliDem Apr 2015 #10
So maybe stop saying that NO ONE is pro abortion. Lots of us are. PeaceNikki Apr 2015 #16
NO ONE I *know* has ever said they're pro-abortion. My post is based on my personal BlueCaliDem Apr 2015 #28
Yes. REP Apr 2015 #114
I missed that thread, Thanks! haikugal Apr 2015 #26
Yeah, "pro-lifers" tend to bay for the death penalty, too (nt) Nye Bevan Apr 2015 #7
Which really irks me. A person can't be pro-life if they're for the death penalty. Period. eom BlueCaliDem Apr 2015 #14
I am. enlightenment Apr 2015 #15
You and PeaceNikki (and apparently other DUers under her OP at her link) are, as well. BlueCaliDem Apr 2015 #25
wouldnt, more than 1 abortion be better than many? for fact, definition alone? nt seabeyond Apr 2015 #29
I don't know. Would it? eom BlueCaliDem Apr 2015 #31
here is the thing. if you adopt snark for that simple question, it says a hell of a lot. and i am seabeyond Apr 2015 #40
our medical community is far beyond 1970 laws, and readdressing itself in that period. nt seabeyond Apr 2015 #33
Women are judged.. haikugal Apr 2015 #32
I'm so sorry you had to experience something like that. It must've been horrible. BlueCaliDem Apr 2015 #36
Thanks, it was disappointing to say the least... haikugal Apr 2015 #37
I've never met anyone who "liked" enlightenment Apr 2015 #48
Great post! nt cyberswede Apr 2015 #57
I had an abortion, I didn't "like" it but I'm still pro-abortion. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #96
I am. Most women I know are. But I don't judge them harshly or lecture Em about.... bettyellen Apr 2015 #66
I am. REP Apr 2015 #113
Both. Tierra_y_Libertad Apr 2015 #9
Both. I am pro-medical-procedures-that-help-people-live-better-lives, and I am pro-allowing-people- Brickbat Apr 2015 #11
Both. enlightenment Apr 2015 #12
i do not care. there is nuance in both. just fix the damn system where our girls and woman seabeyond Apr 2015 #18
i WANT our girls and women to be able to call up for the damn pill anywhere from 6-at LEAST 10 weeks seabeyond Apr 2015 #23
Yes! Your rights as a woman shouldn't have the be different when you cross state lines Novara Apr 2015 #61
ya!! nt seabeyond Apr 2015 #63
I would think a pro-gressive would be both, because wouldn't one be a hypocrite Rex Apr 2015 #46
people have their reasons. i do not care. i will take that. an argument is going around. seabeyond Apr 2015 #49
Oh well, I don't care either...but since we are discussing it on DU Rex Apr 2015 #51
sure.... seabeyond Apr 2015 #55
Both. Women should have complete and unrestricted choices Zorra Apr 2015 #19
You don't have a both option for this poll. That's disingenuous and apparent ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #20
It's also missing "Neither". Sadly there are anti-choicers here, too. PeaceNikki Apr 2015 #21
classic, to start battle between feminist. fuck NO! nt seabeyond Apr 2015 #24
Both. MuseRider Apr 2015 #27
both roody Apr 2015 #30
Pro-choice, for any kind of medical issue. You should be able to choose your treatment. Shrike47 Apr 2015 #34
One of the many reasons that I am pro-abortion is... graegoyle Apr 2015 #35
I'm pro-abortion. PeteSelman Apr 2015 #38
People don't usually die during an abortion Cal Carpenter Apr 2015 #43
you know what i learned a month ago, cal? the net is now putting a cocktail together that they can seabeyond Apr 2015 #45
Unlike some pro-abortion people. PeteSelman Apr 2015 #47
Agreed ProudToBeBlueInRhody Apr 2015 #56
there it is Kali Apr 2015 #78
There what is? PeteSelman Apr 2015 #81
So if you believe in consistency, Cal Carpenter Apr 2015 #82
Well that's just stupid. PeteSelman Apr 2015 #84
I didn't put the words in your mouth, you did Cal Carpenter Apr 2015 #85
Killing is killing. PeteSelman Apr 2015 #88
so, for you, it is right along the lines of killing a bacteria or virus? nt seabeyond Apr 2015 #89
Perhaps not quite that impersonal. PeteSelman Apr 2015 #116
That is fucked PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #93
That may be so in the case of innocents. PeteSelman Apr 2015 #115
I disagree, greatly disagree. PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #117
I agree with you. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #121
Justice for society. PeteSelman Apr 2015 #122
I should alert you for being right winger PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #123
And I should alert you for accusing me of bullshit. PeteSelman Apr 2015 #124
Some right wing views are allowed here, those aren't a deal breaker beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #128
I push it sometimes PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #129
Not sure about immigration either. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #132
He just said it wasn't murder. Why are you disagreeing with that? Abortion isn't murder. n/t pnwmom Apr 2015 #126
This subthread went Off-topic PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #127
No, the poster didn't equate abortion with state-sanctioned murder. pnwmom Apr 2015 #125
Pro-choice. Pro-abortion is creepy. JaneyVee Apr 2015 #39
I am pro-coffee PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #41
Tell it to the authoritarians who call themselves "prolife". JaneyVee Apr 2015 #50
I do not see pro-choice as forcing choice. PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #52
According to your own logic... JaneyVee Apr 2015 #58
Here is a way to look at it PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #62
we are talking about womens rights, lives. they are not things. you do not even get your offense seabeyond Apr 2015 #64
The structure of the logical argument is what matters, not what is contained within. n/t PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #65
you're being illogical in your discussion of logic. how logical is it to define a person as a thing seabeyond Apr 2015 #67
A person is a thing. PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #68
this poster is all about disruption. stepping to obvious. nt seabeyond Apr 2015 #53
I will always try to disrupt people trying to PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #109
"Pro-abortion suggests that you want all pregnancies terminated." beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #103
Both...n/t Hepburn Apr 2015 #42
Pro-gressive. Rex Apr 2015 #44
Both. You forgot that category. Novara Apr 2015 #54
I'm pro-choice LittleBlue Apr 2015 #59
This is a very personal fredamae Apr 2015 #60
"Clergy" makes me cringe. Arugula Latte Apr 2015 #72
Yes, It would not be my fredamae Apr 2015 #79
yep Kali Apr 2015 #80
"Pro-Access" (choice plus resources plus law plus support--but anti-abortion) n/t zazen Apr 2015 #69
Another vote for "both." Arugula Latte Apr 2015 #70
both Liberal_in_LA Apr 2015 #73
I'm PRO it's none of my damn business what another does with their body krawhitham Apr 2015 #74
Sounds like "pro-choice" to me (nt) Nye Bevan Apr 2015 #75
I am pro choice. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #77
Silly question, imo. elleng Apr 2015 #83
I agree with your comments, and based upon the poll results, so do most DUers (nt) Nye Bevan Apr 2015 #87
and here you are creating the divide. seabeyond Apr 2015 #90
Check out this thread cyberswede Apr 2015 #97
Both. NYC Liberal Apr 2015 #86
Both. There is a difference. It's nuanced but real nt riderinthestorm Apr 2015 #91
Pro-Abortion-Choice Agschmid Apr 2015 #92
Pro-choice. It's nobody's business whether I'm pro or anti-abortion. Vinca Apr 2015 #99
I am pro-choice but anti-vasectomy. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #102
pro-privacy elehhhhna Apr 2015 #104
I'm pro-choice bigwillq Apr 2015 #105
How I feel about abortion is completely irrelevant ibegurpard Apr 2015 #106
always seemed to me that the issue is one of choice DrDan Apr 2015 #107
I'm going to go with pro abortion and here's why.... ileus Apr 2015 #108
Just because someone is pro-choice does NOT mean he/she is pro-abortion. bobjacksonk2832 Apr 2015 #110
enjoy your stay PowerToThePeople Apr 2015 #111
prochoice is a flicked with too many yes buts dembotoz Apr 2015 #112
This always reminds me of a Rush song - Freewill kydo Apr 2015 #118
You should have put an option for anti-abortion in there Reter Apr 2015 #119
Both Tracyjo Apr 2015 #120
Both (nt) LostOne4Ever Apr 2015 #130
Both. Jamastiene Apr 2015 #131
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