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Warren DeMontague

(80,708 posts)
313. "Forcing Clinton to go on the record on controversial issues" - aha.
Sat May 2, 2015, 09:20 PM
May 2015

Your problem, i think, is that you have bought into this beltway conventional bullshit wisdom which says that actual brave leadership is BAD.

It's the same genuis thinking that led Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to run a 1990s "tough on drugs" script when confronted about medical marijuana.

News Flash: The world has changed. It is a new century. The American People WANT real leadership.

If someone is afraid to go on the record about "controversial issues", THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

Oh, go fool yourself. djean111 May 2015 #1
Does a fool need to fool themselves? marym625 May 2015 #5
Only when the bear is Catholic and the Pope shits in the woods. smokey nj May 2015 #83
LMAO! marym625 May 2015 #89
First of all - NADER RAN AS A THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE. FourScore May 2015 #112
Yep. SusanCalvin May 2015 #211
You are correct in your first point but wrong in the second. former9thward May 2015 #235
Wow! That's some selective editing. Here's the entire explanation (Gore won!) FourScore May 2015 #247
Selective editing? former9thward May 2015 #270
Thank you for your factchecking. nt woolldog May 2015 #272
You need to fact check marym625 May 2015 #306
That's opinion marym625 May 2015 #305
Its not an opinion. former9thward May 2015 #392
wow! marym625 May 2015 #393
I have one question..., Exilednight May 2015 #436
I have no idea who Nader voters would have voted for if he was not on the ballot. former9thward May 2015 #439
LOL! YOU'RE calling The Guardian "agenda driven"? A simple search of your DU posts shows FourScore May 2015 #440
Having a journal is a DU requirement now? former9thward May 2015 #441
Since when is reporting the truth considered an "agenda"? cui bono May 2015 #473
So the NYT and Washington Post, etc. former9thward May 2015 #480
iirc, the NYT stated that Gore won after all the ballots had been counted. cui bono May 2015 #483
No they said the opposite. former9thward May 2015 #484
The NYT didn't count the ballots a consortium did. cui bono May 2015 #486
Nevetheless, you were quite wrong Stargleamer May 2015 #398
No, the New York Times said Bush had won. former9thward May 2015 #438
How's the pay in your line of work? n/t FourScore May 2015 #442
Good, how is yours? former9thward May 2015 #443
His quote was from a subsequent article in 2012.. . Stargleamer May 2015 #448
That changes nothing. Major Hogwash May 2015 #403
Why are you in this thread then? The OP is about the 2000 election. FourScore May 2015 #437
To point out how hopeless your argument is. Major Hogwash May 2015 #461
YEP! Rosa Luxemburg May 2015 #238
You are calling the wrong people fools marym625 May 2015 #2
sorry but someone needs to be the voice of reason. woolldog May 2015 #17
no, the reason the election was stolen marym625 May 2015 #25
I understand Sanders is only running for the primary. woolldog May 2015 #51
So, THAT'S why we "lost" in 2000? Really, now... MrMickeysMom May 2015 #59
I was very involved in 2000 and SCOTUS only had a chance to step in due to Nader's stupidity Gothmog May 2015 #206
In Florida in 2000, the average Black Man had 3/5's of a vote, ... stone space May 2015 #430
I'm more likely to put the blame there... MrMickeysMom May 2015 #467
jesus christ on a cheese sandwich! marym625 May 2015 #67
we didn't lose in 2000. nt barbtries May 2015 #76
yes, yes we did: woolldog May 2015 #90
disagree. barbtries May 2015 #97
The only reason the SC got to rule on it was because it was so close. woolldog May 2015 #115
RThe reason it appeared to be so close was because of all the stolen votes. Jackpine Radical May 2015 #163
and don't forget 100s of thousands of votes not counted marym625 May 2015 #173
Yeah. I omitted the "Felons List" too. Jackpine Radical May 2015 #189
Sabrina1 got them marym625 May 2015 #194
See, there is apparently some parallel universe fantasy land wherein Cal Carpenter May 2015 #279
Fantasy lands can be fun marym625 May 2015 #285
Well the OP is acting like a child davidpdx May 2015 #412
And if Gore had managed even to carry his home state . . . markpkessinger May 2015 #407
Al Gore lost because Nader's stupidity and making the election in Florida to be close enough Gothmog May 2015 #208
Bernie is running to win. And we intend to help him do that. Nader had ZERO to do with the sabrina 1 May 2015 #123
+1000 marym625 May 2015 #193
+1000 Pooka Fey May 2015 #423
Why can Sanders not win a general election? freedom fighter jh May 2015 #138
So we should just crown her queen. Ms. Toad May 2015 #142
I trust HRC is politically adroit enough to navigate through these waters. DemocratSinceBirth May 2015 #151
Yes. That's the only sensible thing for Democrats to do. Have our differences in the Cal33 May 2015 #248
I am in L A... I expect she will do very well here... DemocratSinceBirth May 2015 #250
The nomination is usally sewn up long before the CA primary. Would be really cool though KingCharlemagne May 2015 #324
"forcing Clinton to go on the record..." Buns_of_Fire May 2015 #203
That attitude of yours could very well also mean helping the GOP cheaters to win. They Cal33 May 2015 #253
Post removed Post removed May 2015 #327
+1000!!! AND isn't part of the purpose of the primary to DebJ May 2015 #394
"Forcing Clinton to go on the record on controversial issues" - aha. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #313
Amen, Warren! markpkessinger May 2015 #406
Excuse me, but how can Sanders force Clinton to do anything? stone space May 2015 #427
The reason so many votes could be manipulated... CherokeeDem May 2015 #165
no. wrong. But thanks for playing marym625 May 2015 #168
Were you in Florida during the 2000 election? CherokeeDem May 2015 #207
I didn't have to be in Florida to know what happened. marym625 May 2015 #214
I know exactly what happened.... CherokeeDem May 2015 #281
OMG You were there! I can't help thinking where we'd be today Pooka Fey May 2015 #287
It was the most unbelievable time of my life... CherokeeDem May 2015 #307
My experience of observing the 2007 presidential election in FR Pooka Fey May 2015 #414
Oh my lord! marym625 May 2015 #288
I never said they didn't steal the election.... CherokeeDem May 2015 #303
I believe everything you say marym625 May 2015 #311
Rubbish. More Dems voted for Bush than voted for Nader. So trying to pin 2000 on Nader rather KingCharlemagne May 2015 #330
Not Rubbish..... CherokeeDem May 2015 #341
+1000 Pooka Fey May 2015 #416
So, what did your local party do about all the Dem voters voting for Bush? n/t eridani May 2015 #345
Even dumb people are free to choose their candidate in a democracy, that's how it works Pooka Fey May 2015 #421
I'm saying why more angst over Dems who voted for Nader compared to-- eridani May 2015 #471
Seriously? CherokeeDem May 2015 #428
And the small number of Dems who voted for Nader-- eridani May 2015 #470
I would love to see the statistics CherokeeDem May 2015 #479
Nader only drew 24,000 Democrats to his cause, yet 308,000 Democrats voted for Bush eridani May 2015 #487
Actually, it was Pat Buchanan that siphoned a lot of the votes in Florida. Jamastiene May 2015 #48
Don't worry. He'll only hurt Hillary by telling the truth to power. L0oniX May 2015 #53
Sanders will not siphon votes away from HRC notadmblnd May 2015 #88
he will weaken our only viable candidate. woolldog May 2015 #96
Bullshit. One or the other will be the nominee notadmblnd May 2015 #98
Bernie may be able to move HRC some to the left, But I doubt it. LiberalArkie May 2015 #108
Exactly how is he going to weaken her? jwirr May 2015 #239
If a primary would weaken her, she's not viable. This isn't the Special Olympics. AtomicKitten May 2015 #309
BINGO!!!!! BEST rebuttal! n/t DebJ May 2015 #396
+1000 smirkymonkey May 2015 #434
If Hillary Clinton is our only viable candidate... Chan790 May 2015 #323
Our candidate should be representative of our ideals and have the balls DebJ May 2015 #395
How, exactly, will he weaken Hillary? markpkessinger May 2015 #405
You are forgetting something: There are Democrats (including here at DU) who openly state that Cal33 May 2015 #267
No, there's simply not enough of them notadmblnd May 2015 #269
You're right. The GOP has nobody of presidential caliber to offer. Those intending to Cal33 May 2015 #275
Ah, but you must remember, the SC decided that one. notadmblnd May 2015 #286
Yes, that's what I said. And the same Supreme Court is still around this time. Cal33 May 2015 #411
How many DUers won't vote for Clinton? Change has come May 2015 #389
One? The same DUer who stayed home to eat waffles, SMC22307 May 2015 #447
This message was self-deleted by its author notadmblnd May 2015 #95
Bernie is not running as an independent so he will not siphon votes. Voice for Peace May 2015 #110
While I agree with your assessment of Nader's influence on the election, Ms. Toad May 2015 #140
Hillary is out of touch with the base...and will also hurt the party. Chan790 May 2015 #322
What about the hundreds of thousands of Dems voting for Bush? eridani May 2015 #344
Well, you are certainly not that voice .Gore Won The Election. The SC stole it for Bush sabrina 1 May 2015 #383
It can't hurt the primary to have a real debate in the contest for the nomnation Ken Burch May 2015 #388
You're not being the voice of reason...you're being the sneer of snark Ken Burch May 2015 #469
... Cali_Democrat May 2015 #3
^^That^^ onecaliberal May 2015 #55
Yep, +1. nuff said chknltl May 2015 #260
Someone didn't get the updated talking points. smokey nj May 2015 #4
To be fair, though, Jackpine Radical May 2015 #192
....... smokey nj May 2015 #197
OP Fail. Agschmid May 2015 #6
oh dear gwheezie May 2015 #7
PUMA is back. tridim May 2015 #8
And it is just May 2, 2015 nadinbrzezinski May 2015 #69
...... cali May 2015 #93
Please delete your stupid and divisive post. n/t Comrade Grumpy May 2015 #9
This Agschmid May 2015 #26
What Grumpy said. kestrel91316 May 2015 #205
Nader ran in the democratic primary? sufrommich May 2015 #10
BTW...Bernie is running for the Democratic nomination... Cali_Democrat May 2015 #11
I really don't blame Nader for 2000. I think he became understandably bitter with age, struggle4progress May 2015 #12
Ironic rec - A post so bad it's actually great for laughs Cheese Sandwich May 2015 #13
Oh hell. Why not? -nt LiberalAndProud May 2015 #39
Its good in the way a really low budget B movie can be, The "plan 9" of posts Dragonfli May 2015 #243
Nader & Sanders are two very different situations. Not comparable at all. 99th_Monkey May 2015 #14
You left out the Dirty Hippie, Commie, and Red, parts of your post. Tierra_y_Libertad May 2015 #15
Is this satire or a genuinely held belief? (nt) muriel_volestrangler May 2015 #16
That's what I was wondering. SusanCalvin May 2015 #212
I was thinking it looked more like N Korea /nt Dragonfli May 2015 #245
You're right. SusanCalvin May 2015 #273
only a fool would make such a stupid assumption cali May 2015 #18
wait a minute, honeypie woolldog May 2015 #68
I doubt it. so what, sweetpea? cali May 2015 #82
because, honeybun, woolldog May 2015 #113
that's opinion, not fact, cupcake. cali May 2015 #120
she needs to be protected, woolldog May 2015 #155
I believe that a contested primary will strengthen her cali May 2015 #170
A bold viewpoint Babel_17 May 2015 #283
"she needs to be protected...because she's not a very good politician." Chan790 May 2015 #325
How does a poor politician negotiate with world leaders and with Congress? DebJ May 2015 #397
I'm getting hungry. B2G May 2015 #166
lol! Yeah. HappyMe May 2015 #191
How did you know lemon is my favorite?? B2G May 2015 #199
I believe Bernie will beat Hillary in the primary. I fail to see how that makes him a spoiler.... peacebird May 2015 #91
Because he has no chance in hell of winning a general election. woolldog May 2015 #100
Silly wabbit, wool over your eyes. I personally feel HRC has no chance in the general. peacebird May 2015 #109
+1000 n/t MissDeeds May 2015 #179
Harry Truman would feel closely aligned with Bernie Sander's ideology than Hillary and said this... cascadiance May 2015 #225
Please learn the proper use of "begs the question". Exilednight May 2015 #101
nothing wrong with the way I used the phrase. woolldog May 2015 #104
You're THAT kid. I get it now. Exilednight May 2015 #111
Oh god woolldog May 2015 #141
Then you should know how to properly use the Exilednight May 2015 #160
... woolldog May 2015 #184
You're funny. Making accusations when your OP is nothing Exilednight May 2015 #202
... woolldog May 2015 #217
IMHO before you decide to be a stickler for correct grammar in someone else's post, truebluegreen May 2015 #295
I'm not a stickler for that kind of nonsense. woolldog May 2015 #297
I stand corrected. truebluegreen May 2015 #300
When people start posting their test scores to bolster their argument, puppies weep. cyberswede May 2015 #230
When people start posting their test scores, I seriously wonder about their "credentials". Exilednight May 2015 #233
Yes, Bernie most definitely can beat Hillary in the Primary. Are you trying to turn people against sabrina 1 May 2015 #130
You don't seem to know what "spoiler" means. Marr May 2015 #216
He most certainly can be a spoiler woolldog May 2015 #220
Take it up with the english language. Marr May 2015 #222
Maybe you should? woolldog May 2015 #226
Good for you! Here's another word: Marr May 2015 #234
says the guy who doesn't understand that a spoiler is woolldog May 2015 #242
Keep digging. Marr May 2015 #246
Actually, I think he's doing a pretty good job of convincing me to support Bernie. DebJ May 2015 #399
! Adsos Letter May 2015 #262
Here's the specific, political, definition Babel_17 May 2015 #278
where did I say anything about a "spoiler effect"? woolldog May 2015 #338
This message was self-deleted by its author Babel_17 May 2015 #459
Horrors 1939 May 2015 #282
Damage, like a flower? Babel_17 May 2015 #457
Woolldog iz seriuz fillosffy mayjer! Woolldog knos lojik! muriel_volestrangler May 2015 #227
... woolldog May 2015 #229
Sanders is running as a Democrat, not an independent. NuclearDem May 2015 #19
EXACTLY! Poster should Delete...There's no comparison... KoKo May 2015 #137
I think you just crapped your pants. LuvLoogie May 2015 #20
Careful now LondonReign2 May 2015 #271
This is helpful sharp_stick May 2015 #21
Better to lose with Bernie then win with hillary . bowens43 May 2015 #22
No,it's not. sufrommich May 2015 #33
Agree. Agschmid May 2015 #148
President Cruz applauds you workinclasszero May 2015 #63
Why do you hate the poor? nt. Starry Messenger May 2015 #122
No, it's not. NuclearDem May 2015 #164
Oh. Here comes the "traitor " name calling mylye2222 May 2015 #23
That's a great OP headline. FarPoint May 2015 #24
Thank you. woolldog May 2015 #188
You alerted on a post that has already been alerted. DisgustipatedinCA May 2015 #27
I got the same thing. Agschmid May 2015 #152
And I HERVEPA May 2015 #376
Since a jury didn't hide it, I'll guess it goes in my ever-enlarging trashcan full of crazy. ScreamingMeemie May 2015 #28
Nah stay and watch the FAIL. Agschmid May 2015 #61
Lulz TransitJohn May 2015 #29
Please stop H2O Man May 2015 #30
You understand how primaries work, right? gollygee May 2015 #31
Let the primary wars begin. LiberalAndProud May 2015 #32
the effect will be the same however: woolldog May 2015 #85
Nonsense, woolldog. LiberalAndProud May 2015 #92
Hillary lost in 2008! And Obama is not Hillary! woolldog May 2015 #153
Seriously? LiberalAndProud May 2015 #159
oh bullshit. you realize that Martin O'Malley is almost certainly getting in and cali May 2015 #107
Funny. LiberalAndProud May 2015 #121
bullshit, bumkum, nonsense, codswallop, garbage- they all work fine. cali May 2015 #126
This. Chan790 May 2015 #329
Thats just not true. Agschmid May 2015 #339
Having more than one strong Dem candidate will also mean the Clowns on the other side DebJ May 2015 #400
Chill... If Bernie wants to run, let the guy do so. Xyzse May 2015 #34
LOL! HappyMe May 2015 #35
The ignorance is strong with this one. arcane1 May 2015 #36
Thank you DU jury members woolldog May 2015 #37
So not only do you not understand the political process, you don't understand the First cui bono May 2015 #64
I didn't say anything about the first amendment, now did I? woolldog May 2015 #128
I rest my case. cui bono May 2015 #347
you have no case... woolldog May 2015 #357
Court has already adjourned. cui bono May 2015 #358
This message was self-deleted by its author G_j May 2015 #280
You understand what a Primary is? Matariki May 2015 #38
The last thing we need right now is to go for each other's throats! world wide wally May 2015 #40
Gore won Florida... Nice glamour shot Hillary! flamebait... haikugal May 2015 #41
"Nice glamour shot Hillary!" sufrommich May 2015 #71
Do you disagree? It is a glamour shot and she looks good. haikugal May 2015 #240
What an arrogant and factually incorrect post. PeaceNikki May 2015 #42
Um, you do realize this is the primary, don't you? Zenlitened May 2015 #43
Appropriate given the OP: Cooley Hurd May 2015 #44
. LWolf May 2015 #58
All you people who keep voting for corporate candidates onecaliberal May 2015 #45
*** L0oniX May 2015 #46
Calling Sanders supporters 'fools' would equal projection in your case IDemo May 2015 #47
Im hoping for Bernie but if Hillary wins the Primary Drale May 2015 #49
I think Sanders is who we ALL have been waiting for... MrMickeysMom May 2015 #50
Nope. LWolf May 2015 #52
Bernie has a 100% rating from NARAL and the Human Rights Campaign. Zorra May 2015 #54
So you're saying you have zero knowledge of how politics works. cui bono May 2015 #56
Hillary will lock in the very evils of Bush Jr. Joe Turner May 2015 #57
OP FAIL. Agschmid May 2015 #60
'Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool stage left May 2015 #62
That's some weak gruel for trash talk. Come back when you get something more inflammatory KittyWampus May 2015 #65
This OP is embarrassing for you...and DU, frankly. cyberswede May 2015 #66
Actually I see a post that has united DU. I'm kind of sorry IT smokey nj May 2015 #79
LOl - good point! wooldog is a uniter, not a divider! cyberswede May 2015 #86
Did Nader run as a Democrat? AgingAmerican May 2015 #70
Excuse me? SheilaT May 2015 #72
Tell it to the 300,000+ registered Florida Democrats who voted for Bush. SMC22307 May 2015 #73
+300,000 PDittie May 2015 #144
all you fools. barbtries May 2015 #74
Also, Al Gore cost Al Gore the election in 2000 Zenlitened May 2015 #75
It always puzzles me when I see posts here like the OP deutsey May 2015 #146
To this add he didn't even win his home state of Tennessee. cloudbase May 2015 #149
Precisely. PDittie May 2015 #150
You are entitled to your opinion Sherman A1 May 2015 #77
Total logic fail. The two are unrelated If no Nader, Gore wins Florida and presidency. HERVEPA May 2015 #380
Thank You for Your Opinion Sherman A1 May 2015 #401
Actually, I stated facts, not opinions. HERVEPA May 2015 #413
...... daleanime May 2015 #78
Bwahahahaha!!!! Motown_Johnny May 2015 #80
Sir, Nader is no Senator Sanders. nt ladjf May 2015 #81
wtf? that so does nothing for the discussion. it is factually wrong, not logical nor does it make seabeyond May 2015 #84
Thank you JustAnotherGen May 2015 #236
What elected office did Nader hold then? JHB May 2015 #87
LaLaLaLa Binkie The Clown May 2015 #94
I can get over snark, but the dumb on this level is unforgivable. Read up on Election 2000 in FL. Pooka Fey May 2015 #99
"Hillary Clinton is the only Democrat that can win in 2016. We are better off rallying workinclasszero May 2015 #102
Not the same thing matt819 May 2015 #103
There's a big difference between a vote in a primary enough May 2015 #105
Fools? Maedhros May 2015 #106
Must obey corpomedia and their pollsters. moondust May 2015 #114
Hey your OP and the folks that rec it Puglover May 2015 #116
You do not appreciate the ironic rec? LiberalAndProud May 2015 #134
:) Puglover May 2015 #143
Hillary Clinton disagrees with you KMOD May 2015 #117
Sure, if by democracy you mean insisting disqualified votes be counted AtomicKitten May 2015 #127
So you agree with the OP, I guess. KMOD May 2015 #147
Bernie is running in the Democratic primary, not as a third party challenger like Nader. AtomicKitten May 2015 #156
Did you even read my post? KMOD May 2015 #161
You suggested I agree with the OP which is horseshit. AtomicKitten May 2015 #169
Are you just trying to argue? KMOD May 2015 #176
You paint her as a champion of democracy when as she demonstrated in 2008 AtomicKitten May 2015 #181
No. I said HRC stayed in the race because she believes in giving voters a choice. KMOD May 2015 #195
Okay. AtomicKitten May 2015 #402
Pfft. AtomicKitten May 2015 #118
.. Liberal_in_LA May 2015 #119
lol polichick May 2015 #124
This is silly, since the circumstances are totally different. Starry Messenger May 2015 #125
Was this really necessary? Feel better now? nt LiberalElite May 2015 #129
You're wrong, I voted for Gore. Why are you insulting people? CharlotteVale May 2015 #131
Welcome to DU, CharlotteVale!! Stargleamer May 2015 #454
Thank you! CharlotteVale May 2015 #462
And were 10-1 supporting Nader in 2000 Ms. Toad May 2015 #132
My wife and I decided that so far we're supporting Hillary. Dr Hobbitstein May 2015 #133
Name calling is juvenile cwydro May 2015 #135
Could your graphic image be any more creepy and Soviet? Throd May 2015 #136
I was thinking Orwell's 1984. Comrade Grumpy May 2015 #183
First thing I thought of Go Vols May 2015 #186
It certainly could not be more out of date - looks like it's from the 1990's. Divernan May 2015 #343
FFS... Agschmid May 2015 #346
I like it. woolldog May 2015 #374
Something that looks like it is straight from the DPRK art department is "retro-chic"? Throd May 2015 #453
I thought the same thing. n/t AngryOldDem May 2015 #460
Mein Fuehrer deutsey May 2015 #139
Obvious troll is obvious Kelvin Mace May 2015 #145
A terrible thread and some comments are even worse. PDittie May 2015 #154
I'll bite, what is your case? You have asserted that a primary will destroy Clinton's chances TheKentuckian May 2015 #157
see you around campus Skippy olddots May 2015 #158
Note - I'm not supporting Sanders at this time JustAnotherGen May 2015 #162
I am a Sanders supporter, but I probably won't talk about it. freshwest May 2015 #296
Get your joy back! JustAnotherGen May 2015 #408
OMG You're serious! hootinholler May 2015 #167
Uh, no wryter2000 May 2015 #171
You're the fool rjsquirrel May 2015 #172
Wow. Bernie Sanders really has some people coming completely unhinged Scootaloo May 2015 #174
to put it simply and politely, "Up yours" hobbit709 May 2015 #175
Reminds me of a Chairman Mao picture Go Vols May 2015 #177
That's just silly. MineralMan May 2015 #178
... rbnyc May 2015 #180
Not comprable LynnTTT May 2015 #182
Anyone who would vote for Sanders will LynnTTT May 2015 #185
straight to my ignore list. liberal_at_heart May 2015 #187
... Rex May 2015 #190
Here's why I support Bernie Sanders... Octafish May 2015 #196
And so the panic begins AgingAmerican May 2015 #198
+1, certainly seems that way. Marr May 2015 #223
.... SomethingFishy May 2015 #200
I don't think Sanders supporters are fools. I'd love to see his vision of a Scandinavian type Hoyt May 2015 #201
I am supporting Bernie in the Democratic primary. You can go pound sand. kestrel91316 May 2015 #204
Many fewer people will see your posts after this error on your part. roody May 2015 #209
This flame bait shit again? Pathetic. You are giving bush cover. morningfog May 2015 #210
Hillary's number one campaign liability: Hillary fans. /nt Marr May 2015 #213
Indeed. smokey nj May 2015 #291
^^^Truth. Chan790 May 2015 #336
You're right about Nader, but wrong about Sanders. DanTex May 2015 #215
Sanders is running as a DEMOCRAT! ananda May 2015 #218
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2015 #219
Stupid stupid post HERVEPA May 2015 #221
This post is a put-on. earthside May 2015 #224
You may be right... awoke_in_2003 May 2015 #268
lol fishwax May 2015 #228
Not me. And by the way. Nade lost in the primary but then ran in the general pulling votes away jwirr May 2015 #231
I think you're right. Sanders certainly wouldn't do it, and Hillary wouldn't either. She would Cal33 May 2015 #259
This message was self-deleted by its author G_j May 2015 #232
A fool is someone who can't count. Such as yourself. jeff47 May 2015 #237
None of that changes the fact that woolldog May 2015 #249
Yes, actually it does change it. jeff47 May 2015 #251
. Dragonfli May 2015 #241
Hey everybody! It is the VOICE OF REASON MuseRider May 2015 #244
These threads aren't helpful... DemocratSinceBirth May 2015 #252
Sounds like a butthurt Hillary '08 supporter to me. shawn703 May 2015 #254
Primaries are EXACTLY the time to support the candidate that best suits your ideals. Mayberry Machiavelli May 2015 #255
For you it turned out okay obviously whistler162 May 2015 #256
Oh yeah? Oh yeah? Well, anyone who doesn't vote like *I* do is a big ol' poopiehead! Buns_of_Fire May 2015 #257
Well that's an oppinion you might share with maybe 63 DUers... chknltl May 2015 #258
Sorry, but that "Hillary 2016" picture looks like something from "1984." Oneironaut May 2015 #261
But her hair looks faaabulous... SMC22307 May 2015 #314
. PowerToThePeople May 2015 #263
I can virtually see the spittal flying LondonReign2 May 2015 #264
For the record tiredtoo May 2015 #265
That's why Bernie is running as a Democrat and not an Independent. Vinca May 2015 #266
Nope, I was too young to vote. Neoma May 2015 #274
Nope. n/t MadrasT May 2015 #276
I'm Ready For Oligarchy - Are You? - Vote HRC - Only Fools Vote Against Their Best Economic Interest cantbeserious May 2015 #277
Teh stoooopid must hurt. Sanders is running on the Dem ticket. nt valerief May 2015 #284
Pssst! Bernie and HRC are running in THE SAME PARTY! Nader was 3rd party spoiler. Lil Missy May 2015 #289
Oh god. bravenak May 2015 #290
I knew it was coming. We are 1 inch away from "narcissist trying to stay relevant!" nt Bonobo May 2015 #292
IF I wanted D's to vote Hillary in the General election should she win... Omaha Steve May 2015 #293
That's stupidest fucking thing I have read all year. 99Forever May 2015 #294
Nope get the red out May 2015 #298
nader did not run as a democrat DonCoquixote May 2015 #299
I gave bernie money and am actively working to see him elected. Hillary boooo boomer55 May 2015 #301
Sure he can't win but Hillary won't either so what doc03 May 2015 #302
SHE'S INEVITABLE I TELLS YA Warren DeMontague May 2015 #304
Pardon me, if i say yuiyoshida May 2015 #308
Squirm. cherokeeprogressive May 2015 #310
What a compelling message you have composed, here, to encourage support for Hillary Clinton! Warren DeMontague May 2015 #312
Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris and the US Supreme Court stole the election in 2000 Agnosticsherbet May 2015 #315
Well, perhaps only temporarily, but it would seem that the two camps are almost Buns_of_Fire May 2015 #316
Apparently a jury decided it's ok to call supporters of a Democratic candidate fools. rhett o rick May 2015 #317
This thread got a lot of responses. hrmjustin May 2015 #318
Apparently it's ok to bad mouth Sen Sander's supporters. Where are the hosts? rhett o rick May 2015 #348
It certainly has been reciprocated bby Sanders supporters. hrmjustin May 2015 #349
Is that what you want? Is that your justification? Do you think Sen Sanders rhett o rick May 2015 #350
No I know he doesn't. Agschmid May 2015 #351
This message was self-deleted by its author rhett o rick May 2015 #352
It's not a lost cause. Agschmid May 2015 #354
Ok thanks. I want to keep things civil. I hope Sen Sanders supporters don't behave like this. nm rhett o rick May 2015 #355
Some will, some won't. Agschmid May 2015 #359
I hear you but I don't want us getting into "handing butts back". We lose sight of the rhett o rick May 2015 #362
Without seeing the host conversation I can't judge what they did. Agschmid May 2015 #363
I try but as soon as I get in as host, I seem to get a lot of alerts on my posts. rhett o rick May 2015 #368
What are you talking about? hrmjustin May 2015 #353
Here is the deal, both "sides" dish it, both "sides" can take it. Agschmid May 2015 #360
Tell him that. hrmjustin May 2015 #366
This message was self-deleted by its author rhett o rick May 2015 #361
With due respect Rhett... hrmjustin May 2015 #364
This message was self-deleted by its author rhett o rick May 2015 #369
I apologize. I thought for sure you were defending the OP. nm rhett o rick May 2015 #373
Goodbye Rhett! hrmjustin May 2015 #375
Don't think he did that? Agschmid May 2015 #372
How did you feel when anyone that dared say... one_voice May 2015 #463
Do you have a link? nm rhett o rick May 2015 #464
First, I shouldn't have accused you of double standards... one_voice May 2015 #465
I try to not have double standards but I am sure I slip. rhett o rick May 2015 #466
The sign of desperation Carolina May 2015 #319
Post removed Post removed May 2015 #320
To the jury: A-Schwarzenegger May 2015 #326
LMFAO. Thanks for that. I needed it! - nt KingCharlemagne May 2015 #328
Now watch, I'll get the hide. A-Schwarzenegger May 2015 #332
I have no interest in hiding anyone's posts. woolldog May 2015 #335
This message was self-deleted by its author rhett o rick May 2015 #365
Nah, I should take the hide. I knowingly and with malice aforethought crossed KingCharlemagne May 2015 #337
I didn't even know who the poor guy was except A-Schwarzenegger May 2015 #340
That's not true. Bernie Sanders is nothing like freaking nader. Please don't be rude like some of Cha May 2015 #321
I don't give .... sendero May 2015 #331
I was working for Al Gore quaker bill May 2015 #333
Gore won Florida Politicalboi May 2015 #334
Thanks for your concern. GoneOffShore May 2015 #342
Why oh why KMOD May 2015 #356
LOL, i'm drunk too!!! Nt Logical May 2015 #367
The OP is wrong on every point. Congratulations your post wins my load of lies award. Vincardog May 2015 #370
Here is exactly the way you portray yourself as a Hillary Clinton supporter...... davidpdx May 2015 #377
CURIOUS: Anybody else alert on this OP as Disruptive Meta (SOP)? A-Schwarzenegger May 2015 #378
Silly. Meta aimed at Sanders supporters and/or Hillary critics is not disruptive meta. merrily May 2015 #387
Things that make you go hmmm ... A-Schwarzenegger May 2015 #390
The alleged high road sure went downhill fast as soon as a populist challenger arrived. merrily May 2015 #379
Yep, low road Carolina May 2015 #419
I think Hillary supporters have a right to criticize Sanders. merrily May 2015 #420
moronic gibberish not even good enough for compost. 2banon May 2015 #381
This message was self-deleted by its author jeepers May 2015 #382
Please define "the extreme left" with some well-defined characteristics. How can I ID them? n/t xocet May 2015 #384
Congratulations! You win "Troll of the Day" John Poet May 2015 #385
I'd rethink your graphic there if I were you. Ken Burch May 2015 #386
Bernie will defeat Hillary because the voters will recognize authenticity. Enthusiast May 2015 #391
Bravo! Carolina May 2015 #417
Bogus comparison . . . markpkessinger May 2015 #404
the fool here is one who equates the general election with the primaries karynnj May 2015 #409
Wrong Robbins May 2015 #410
Horseshit krispos42 May 2015 #415
I didn't. AngryOldDem May 2015 #418
LOL, I hope you're not in charge of recruiting votes for HRC. City Lights May 2015 #422
A new "all you fools" meme for DU: IDemo May 2015 #424
See, there's this thing called sweeping generalization... sakabatou May 2015 #425
I haven't decided who to support in the primary, but you're dead wrong MH1 May 2015 #426
Not even comparable to Nader. Bernie is running as a Democrat, Nader did not, and Nader's still_one May 2015 #429
Okay Okay Okay Caretha May 2015 #431
UNREC brooklynite May 2015 #432
Thanks! Agschmid May 2015 #450
Dear Fool, lunatica May 2015 #433
Don't try to pull the wool over my eyes Autumn May 2015 #435
OMG, and this steaming pile of a post appears more than a year and a half before the election..... marmar May 2015 #444
that picture of her looks like Evita Person TheSarcastinator May 2015 #445
Yeah, it's so over the top I can't help but wonder deutsey May 2015 #449
Wow. That's one of the more pointlessly insulting attack-posts I've seen in a while. Orrex May 2015 #446
????? tazkcmo May 2015 #451
Haa!!! Good question !!!! orpupilofnature57 May 2015 #478
Sorry, for making you think outside your box, but no your orpupilofnature57 May 2015 #452
Jury RandiFan1290 May 2015 #475
I rest my case, and I apologize for my Rude remark, orpupilofnature57 May 2015 #476
Nervous huh? Joe Turner May 2015 #455
FOOL? LMAO Lunabell May 2015 #456
DEFCON 1 false equivalence. You watch too much Fox News WhaTHellsgoingonhere May 2015 #458
Dumb post. Blue_In_AK May 2015 #468
I agree with you on principle, but there's no need to call fellow DUers "foolish". Beacool May 2015 #472
Bernie already said he would support Hillary if he loses. Your post is meaningless. nt Quixote1818 May 2015 #474
Gore had more votes after a statewide recount. RedstDem May 2015 #477
I s'pose it's about that time when bumper-sticker wisdom and bubble-gum-wrapper philosophies LanternWaste May 2015 #481
Didn't Bernie support Gore in 2000? Hasn't he been a consistent Dem vote in the U.S. Senate WI_DEM May 2015 #482
Why is Hillary the only Democrat who can win in 2016? IVoteDFL May 2015 #485
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