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37. Especially since all they have to do is nothing
Mon May 11, 2015, 08:59 AM
May 2015

We have to attempt to get congress to pass the bills that we want and that's not always happening. R's simply have to sit back and let the government "fail" so they can argue government is not the answer.

And the wars they will start come to mind.

The right-wing agenda has been moving forward since the 1960s. guillaumeb May 2015 #1
Yeah if only someone would have held Reagan responsible for Iran-Contra or Rex May 2015 #2
I am too, which is why we need to unite behind the Democratic nominee Terra Alta May 2015 #3
A Bush / Walker presidency? We might as well declare the next Great Depression now. Initech May 2015 #4
Jeb Bush & Scott Walker are RINO's golfguru May 2015 #25
Ted Cruz has no chance in hell, and neither does Mike Huckabee. Initech May 2015 #26
Don't forget Ben Carson , he's a religious extremist SummerSnow May 2015 #59
Ben Carson is this year's Herman Cain. Initech May 2015 #61
Kochs and Adelson will decide the primaries. If they think either can win, they will fix it AlinPA May 2015 #88
What scares me is that they SEEM to be not much different than Hillary Clinton Flying Squirrel May 2015 #32
Wow really? workinclasszero May 2015 #64
Really what? Flying Squirrel May 2015 #65
I hate the term... Agschmid May 2015 #70
Hmmm Flying Squirrel May 2015 #74
There are Fox 'news" voters and "other media" voters. Media influences it all. AlinPA May 2015 #89
What nonsense. They are polar opposites of Hillary. JaneyVee May 2015 #34
... SidDithers May 2015 #38
That is just nonsense Godhumor May 2015 #42
Incorrect. People said the same about w and Gore and look what happened yardwork May 2015 #83
Easy to get out of? Agschmid May 2015 #69
Last time the war ended the depression. This time the war is causing the depression. Initech May 2015 #73
Truman had it about right: MannyGoldstein May 2015 #5
I'm glad you brought up Truman... MrMickeysMom May 2015 #6
+1000 Katashi_itto May 2015 #8
Too bad he rejects the label of FDR Democrat for his preferred label of "Democratic Socialist" pnwmom May 2015 #14
Good. F4lconF16 May 2015 #16
Are you saying it's true that he is NOT an FDR Democrat? Then Manny must be wrong. n/t pnwmom May 2015 #17
No. F4lconF16 May 2015 #21
Because labels are what most voters are concerned with frylock May 2015 #44
Why do you think corporations spend money on advertising? Branding is important. pnwmom May 2015 #56
To people who work 60 hours/week and are still broke all the time... Marr May 2015 #79
Most people aren't as smart as you, Marr. To them, the branding matters. n/t pnwmom May 2015 #86
Bernie is the closest thing to Harry Truman out there. hifiguy May 2015 #47
Hiroshima. Nagasaki. okasha May 2015 #58
Once The Bomb was developed its use was inevitable. hifiguy May 2015 #60
You're suggesting that anyone to the left of Hillary Clinton will... nuke Japan...? Marr May 2015 #80
No. okasha May 2015 #84
One of the things that concerns me the most is that the economy is improving & is getting okaawhatever May 2015 #7
What is nerve wracking is that voters yeoman6987 May 2015 #10
I think we will have a bright future if the Republicans take back the White House. Quackers May 2015 #9
In retrospect, Nixon was a pretty progressive president CentralMass May 2015 #11
No, Nixon was never a progressive. He was, however, talented at pushing himself struggle4progress May 2015 #31
Its sad that someone could think the author of these statements was "progressive" onenote May 2015 #36
Nixon was anti health care 'reform' hootinholler May 2015 #41
You are wrong. Ted Kennedy help defeat Nixons universal healthcare plan and later regretted it. CentralMass May 2015 #45
If I'm wrong I'm not far off the mark: hootinholler May 2015 #49
Nixon was center-right, generally speaking, but no ideologue hifiguy May 2015 #48
What is happening is that the Oligarchs are dumbing down the population and, as ChisolmTrailDem May 2015 #12
That... IthinkThereforeIAM May 2015 #40
Thread winner. hifiguy May 2015 #50
A big step towards a de facto theocracy. longship May 2015 #13
The plutocrats may pay off the religulous loons in some way hifiguy May 2015 #51
Frankly, I don't believe there will be a 'next time.' They'll bury the USA for good if they win. freshwest May 2015 #15
We have to stop the fear mongering. JayhawkSD May 2015 #18
We barely survived the last one. The economy almost disintegrated. The Middle East is stevenleser May 2015 #33
Hyperbole or not, fear is not a valid motivator. JayhawkSD May 2015 #63
Fear is absolutely a valid motivator and should not be discounted stevenleser May 2015 #71
You must really admire George Bush, then. JayhawkSD May 2015 #75
Nope. Like most other things in life, there is good fear and bad stevenleser May 2015 #76
Well, you have not given me a reason to vote for a Democrat. JayhawkSD May 2015 #77
Fine with me. I never signed up for that responsibility. nt stevenleser May 2015 #78
every time we "survive" repukes America goes further downhill Skittles May 2015 #66
Then vote for Bernie! sabrina 1 May 2015 #19
Sell you radio & TV, cancel the paper, and spend the next four years fishing in Alaska. Binkie The Clown May 2015 #20
Yes. And the conservative elements of the Democratic Party Maedhros May 2015 #22
GOP wins SCOTUS becomes 6-3 or 7-2 for next 30 years lobodons May 2015 #23
I doubt we'll elect a Republican President. One could still take office, though DFW May 2015 #24
Especially when there's a Bush in the mix. John Poet May 2015 #57
History indicates that a Republican president is more likely than not. Kablooie May 2015 #27
I don't think you're "fearmongering", struggle.. I think you're talking REALITY. It's true. Damn Cha May 2015 #28
Eventually a Republican will win the White House. gordianot May 2015 #29
You and me both! calimary May 2015 #30
That's exactly what they want... for you to be terrified. The_Commonist May 2015 #35
Especially since all they have to do is nothing treestar May 2015 #37
We should all be scared of that. MineralMan May 2015 #39
There could be upside. lostnfound May 2015 #43
Hell, Tricky Dick created the EPA KamaAina May 2015 #46
Things have changed. DCBob May 2015 #54
With the GOP holding Congress edhopper May 2015 #52
No doubt it will be worse, much worse. DCBob May 2015 #53
Nominate Bernie Sanders, problem solved. 99Forever May 2015 #55
I don't think we'll retain our Democracy if they win. octoberlib May 2015 #62
The Democrats would fight for us! RandiFan1290 May 2015 #67
Then work hard to elect whoever we nominate-even if it's Bernie. Ken Burch May 2015 #68
I certainly will. But I think Hillary has the best shot, so I'm working for her. n/t Adrahil May 2015 #72
Sorry, you can't have it both ways. Marr May 2015 #81
I have no idea what you're talking about and suspect you have no idea either struggle4progress May 2015 #85
Sure, you don't. Marr May 2015 #87
We should all be terrified at that prospect. MineralMan May 2015 #82
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