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Peace Patriot

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10. They're fracking on Ceres?
Mon May 25, 2015, 08:38 PM
May 2015

It looks like a damned mess to me--colossal, ragged-edged wounds in the, um, earth, like something our frackin frackers would do here.

Scientists are very puzzled. These big bright spots are apparently NOT the same as the fuzzier ones that Hubble caught. i gather that those have "disappeared" and something new has happened. But what? Ice? Yeah, but THAT bright? Ice thrown up from below a dusty surface by a meteor impact or other disturbance? That's a guess. Nobody knows.

Strange. Intriguing.

I've been following the exploration of our Solar System since humans walked on the Moon. What strikes me is the awesome variety of objects and terrains, and the discovery of water almost everywhere--and especially the discoveries of the last couple of decades, so much variety, different kinds of moons everywhere, different kinds of rings. I'm also really blown away by the number of exoplanets in our galaxy--over a thousand detected, and billions estimated! I am so proud that the Nixons and Reagans and Bushes of this world--the visionless, vicious tools of the 0.01%--have been defeated on at least this one matter, space exploration--defeated by the cleverness and determination of NASA and other scientists, and by the heartfelt curiosity of most humans. These retro-fascists hated the space program, and turned all of our resources toward war and greed. Somehow, NASA survived them. Somehow, we are looking at the most incredible era of astronomical discoveries that has ever occurred.

Now we are looking at Ceres, and are once again baffled by what we see--something unexpected, mysterious, exciting, as with each of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn (staggeringly unexpected and improbable objects). Thank you, NASA and NASA supporters!

We'd better bomb the moon again, just to send a message petronius May 2015 #1
No kidding. Up there in the sky, looking down it's nose at us, just asking neverforget May 2015 #3
are you ceres? hfojvt May 2015 #2
Heavens no - Ceres, is the goddess of agriculture and fertility Baclava May 2015 #4
I see you are the walrus hfojvt May 2015 #5
ha ha - yeah I knew you were doing something like that Baclava May 2015 #6
Goddess of the harvest. Laffy Kat May 2015 #7
Be careful what you say about the bright spots pinboy3niner May 2015 #8
It's now a major infraction, as I understand it. Wilms May 2015 #9
Yeah, they can't be more then 3 or 4 years old. kentauros May 2015 #15
By Grabthar's Hammer, what a reference. NuclearDem May 2015 #25
Maybe it's shiny because kentauros May 2015 #49
You're shining me! Eleanors38 May 2015 #43
They're fracking on Ceres? Peace Patriot May 2015 #10
+1000 Thanks for your insights and I'm glad you're still posting here. LongTomH May 2015 #22
What if it's a city? JaneyVee May 2015 #11
Then we attack! pew pew pew! Baclava May 2015 #26
This ought to get the Internet a buzzin' roamer65 May 2015 #12
gotta love this headline - "NASA Releases Best Images Ever of "Alien Lights" on Ceres" Baclava May 2015 #32
I was thinking perhaps a comet. BlueJazz May 2015 #13
NSA Listening Outpost... WillyT May 2015 #14
It could be the exhaust shaft. roamer65 May 2015 #16
The Death Star has problems, though, per their engineers: kentauros May 2015 #52
If there's a monolith in that crater, we should leave it alone.... Sancho May 2015 #17
If NASA calls it swamp gas, we're really in trouble Baclava May 2015 #24
...or an alien "Motel 6". roamer65 May 2015 #18
It's either a glitter bomb, or Binkie The Clown May 2015 #19
I say hair salon shenmue May 2015 #20
Not much smaller than a womp-rat. Codeine May 2015 #21
Win! :) n/t KatyMan May 2015 #42
Just a little mining operation. A HERETIC I AM May 2015 #23
Shoddy cloaking device, probably made in sweatshops on the Sun. Rex May 2015 #27
yeah, well they better stop messing around with our stuff Baclava May 2015 #48
They found my secret base. joshcryer May 2015 #28
you can run, but you can't hide! Baclava May 2015 #33
OH my, that is totally cool n/t Sheepshank May 2015 #38
Even cooler - We're going to Europa! Baclava May 2015 #50
It seems there are several areas with a "brightness." The kicked-up theory seems Eleanors38 May 2015 #44
Elvis concert? Tierra_y_Libertad May 2015 #29
Space Kittehs Warren DeMontague May 2015 #30
Hotblack Desiato and Disaster Area are holding a concert. longship May 2015 #31
Freepers are claiming that Obama made NASA build a safe to hide his birth certificate. Exilednight May 2015 #34
It's an emblem of quality! randome May 2015 #35
It's a Starbucks next to a Starbucks rusty fender May 2015 #36
Ceres: destination of choice for Alzheimer patients. randome May 2015 #37
The corner of West Gray and Shepherd in Houston! Manifestor_of_Light May 2015 #40
It's the end of the Universe! FrodosPet May 2015 #51
The first one is in New York City. Manifestor_of_Light Jun 2015 #53
Shit, the Terrans are about to get cheesed hard. NuclearDem May 2015 #39
Sorry, I'm only familiar with Multipass pinboy3niner May 2015 #41
ha - I threw in a Mass Effect 3 endgame screen pic up above and nobody cared Baclava May 2015 #47
Sheldon's new casino olddots May 2015 #45
Darn. Moonlight will never be the same again. In_The_Wind May 2015 #46
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