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In reply to the discussion: Who scares YOU? [View all]
Who scares YOU? [View all] kpete Jun 2015 OP
Me? Hindu nationalists Recursion Jun 2015 #1
Localism, my friend CBGLuthier Jun 2015 #12
Do you live in Mumbai? Zamen Jun 2015 #36
Most DU'ers. n/t A HERETIC I AM Jun 2015 #2
Oh my! In_The_Wind Jun 2015 #6
No, it's just your way.... A HERETIC I AM Jun 2015 #39
Really? In_The_Wind Jun 2015 #40
Pish posh A HERETIC I AM Jun 2015 #41
Well, that does deserve a bit of consideration. In_The_Wind Jun 2015 #43
Rick Scott Walker think Jun 2015 #3
That was my thought edhopper Jun 2015 #24
The Republicans rock Jun 2015 #4
I was going to say Worried senior Jun 2015 #19
Father Time BeyondGeography Jun 2015 #5
The taxman In_The_Wind Jun 2015 #7
Republican Candidates yellowwoodII Jun 2015 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author olddots Jun 2015 #9
Alito, Roberts... zentrum Jun 2015 #10
I'm not sure, but he's out there somewhere. LuvNewcastle Jun 2015 #11
Ted Cruz avebury Jun 2015 #13
My Urologist nevergiveup Jun 2015 #14
Not your proctologist? longship Jun 2015 #23
Corporate investors. Who never met a resource they didn't exploit to death. raouldukelives Jun 2015 #15
The Night Man wendylaroux Jun 2015 #16
Mr. and Mrs. Ignorance dorkzilla Jun 2015 #17
+1 n/t ejbr Jun 2015 #18
Nobody. LWolf Jun 2015 #20
Anybody who has 4 aces showing in 5 card stud. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2015 #21
Scott Walker.. yuiyoshida Jun 2015 #22
Hillary. Because it would mean business as usual. Katashi_itto Jun 2015 #25
Most of the American voting public samrock Jun 2015 #26
All of them HassleCat Jun 2015 #27
Hillary Clinton. I know what Exilednight Jun 2015 #28
iiiit's literally called the "veal pen": preventing the 70-90% of Americans from getting what they MisterP Jun 2015 #31
The fact that other people can't see this as well as you do Zamen Jun 2015 #35
Voters who vote for the wrong people for the wrong reasons! n/t RKP5637 Jun 2015 #29
Mine is rather a '''what" sadoldgirl Jun 2015 #30
I have the same fear. All our talk of social and economic change will mean absolutely Exilednight Jun 2015 #33
corporations and everyone pushing tpp, ttip and tisa. yes, that includes obama cali Jun 2015 #32
Great cartoon Gothmog Jun 2015 #34
Radical religious zealots. dgibby Jun 2015 #37
I am not afraid, Blue_In_AK Jun 2015 #38
Religious extremists OldEurope Jun 2015 #42
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