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27. I love and respect Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley
Sun Jun 7, 2015, 11:44 PM
Jun 2015

I vote for either without hesitation. And each make great running mates.

GREAT poll!!! Kick and rec!!!! nt MADem Jun 2015 #1
I will support the Democratic Nominee no matter what Gothmog Jun 2015 #2
Will always vote for the nominee. To not vote for the Democratic Nominee is unthinkable. hrmjustin Jun 2015 #3
kick so folks can find it more easily okasha Jun 2015 #4
Any of the D candidates so far is fine by me. eom Jamaal510 Jun 2015 #5
Who will you vote for WHEN Hillary does not win the Democratic nomination? FTFY PowerToThePeople Jun 2015 #6
If it makes you feel better to think so, be my guest. okasha Jun 2015 #8
The Democratic nominee. I know what the GOP plans for us. n/t freshwest Jun 2015 #10
Bingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@1 sheshe2 Jun 2015 #40
The Democratic Nominee of course. i am loyal to the party. hrmjustin Jun 2015 #18
Bernie...obviously. nt LWolf Jun 2015 #7
Even if he's not the nominee? okasha Jun 2015 #9
That wasn't the question, was it? LWolf Jun 2015 #17
What's the matter with "the Democratic nominee?" okasha Jun 2015 #19
What's the matter with it is LWolf Jun 2015 #21
No...I see it as dispelling any of that "spoiler" talk we've seen floating around. MADem Jun 2015 #33
I haven't seen LWolf Jun 2015 #34
I have seen suggestions made that the HRC crew might bolt. MADem Jun 2015 #36
Do you know where msanthrope is? Rex Jun 2015 #42
She has not been here for a month!!!! MADem Jun 2015 #43
Me too. Rex Jun 2015 #58
I've wondered that too. greatauntoftriplets Jun 2015 #45
Just noticed, she would be all over this thread. Rex Jun 2015 #59
I don't think it's likely. nt LWolf Jun 2015 #46
This country needs a President who can be bribed with Whisker Lickins FrodosPet Jun 2015 #11
That evil look nadinbrzezinski Jun 2015 #23
One does not bribe a cat mythology Jun 2015 #56
Whoever does, like any sane person whatthehey Jun 2015 #12
Same. okasha Jun 2015 #13
I'll consider anyone as long as their last name isn't Clinton or Bush Reter Jun 2015 #14
So who will you vote for? okasha Jun 2015 #15
The King of Norway? brooklynite Jun 2015 #16
I thought it only fair to include him for those who are pining for the fjords. okasha Jun 2015 #20
That was my first choice, but I don't live there, so I picked the first choice. freshwest Jun 2015 #30
I am endorising the exact same candidate nadinbrzezinski Jun 2015 #22
Nominatio? Warren DeMontague Jun 2015 #24
Latin. okasha Jun 2015 #25
Oh, thank goodness! okasha Jun 2015 #26
I love and respect Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley RandySF Jun 2015 #27
My dog's hairy asshole. n/t Lil Missy Jun 2015 #28
That would be a write-in vote, I presume. nt MADem Jun 2015 #37
the democratic candidate of course but Hillary will win Liberal_in_LA Jun 2015 #29
The Democratic nominee of course. jwirr Jun 2015 #31
The Democratic candidate of course. lamp_shade Jun 2015 #32
As the race sits right now. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #35
The Bigger Question Is: WHO WILL THE INDEPENDENTS VOTE FOR? (n/t) Herman4747 Jun 2015 #38
Sugar- and gluten-free cherry pie?!!! BainsBane Jun 2015 #39
Seems outright gruesome, okasha Jun 2015 #47
I knew we could agree on something! Scootaloo Jun 2015 #52
I'll vote for the Democratic Candidate. sheshe2 Jun 2015 #41
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. okasha Jun 2015 #48
I did a site search. sheshe2 Jun 2015 #49
Once again, I feel compelled to point out the existence of the "Show Usernames" feature KamaAina Jun 2015 #44
Kickity Kick for 50~ sheshe2 Jun 2015 #50
I must admit being very tempted by cherry pie Scootaloo Jun 2015 #51
I REALLY wanted to vote for my cat but which one? Shrike47 Jun 2015 #53
Nonono! okasha Jun 2015 #54
Sorry, no vote for YOUR cat. That would be silly. And mine's funnier. Shrike47 Jun 2015 #55
A better question is "who will you vote for if your preferred candidate doesn't win"? Spider Jerusalem Jun 2015 #57
This question puts to rest any suggestion that DUers who support HRC MADem Jun 2015 #60
Love the sense of humour of this poll Betty Karlson Jun 2015 #61
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2015 #62
No option for Nader? Capt. Obvious Jun 2015 #63
Kick okasha Jun 2015 #64
Final kick. okasha Jun 2015 #65
one.more kick Liberal_in_LA Jun 2015 #66
This is as expected. OilemFirchen Jun 2015 #67
Start us a thread. okasha Jun 2015 #68
Other: Robb Blue_Tires Jun 2015 #69
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