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It's really an inferred opposition, weasel words for more wiggle room. AtomicKitten Jun 2015 #1
That GIF.... Bonobo Jun 2015 #2
it gives context to the logo AtomicKitten Jun 2015 #3
LOLariffic! Man from Pickens Jun 2015 #50
Uhhh...which way to the Hospital? SoapBox Jun 2015 #11
ha! I know! glinda Jun 2015 #79
Perfect MissDeeds Jun 2015 #31
......! KoKo Jun 2015 #49
That says it all! Aerows Jun 2015 #75
45 times Clinton pushed for trade bill that she is still pushing by looking for ways to save it Cheese Sandwich Jun 2015 #4
Damn I wished people knew how Government worked. William769 Jun 2015 #5
Oh shit. Better not tell that to the interested industry & lobbyists AtomicKitten Jun 2015 #6
Um. F4lconF16 Jun 2015 #8
Re you kidding me????????????????????? leftofcool Jun 2015 #16
Yeah no problem. F4lconF16 Jun 2015 #19
Oh, hey, I am perfectly willing to believe that all she did was follow orders, djean111 Jun 2015 #24
The Constitution specifies the role of the Secretary of State BainsBane Jun 2015 #57
And look at all the shit I caught for saying what I said. William769 Jun 2015 #58
See response 9. F4lconF16 Jun 2015 #63
Damn I wish some people knew how integrity and principles worked. cui bono Jun 2015 #9
+1 LondonReign2 Jun 2015 #34
I think it's adorable how people think that this game has never been played before. Autumn Jun 2015 #37
I think it's sad when people can't admit they are wrong and move on William769 Jun 2015 #59
My boat floats just fine William, I or no one else need worry about that. Autumn Jun 2015 #62
You really don't know how government works. Exilednight Jun 2015 #15
Wonder if we can get a civics 101 class started? leftofcool Jun 2015 #18
Exactly. She was working for Obama at the time. Every single one BreakfastClub Jun 2015 #20
Her memoir was released 372 days ago. How many days since she's been SoS? cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #25
Hey bro' madokie Jun 2015 #46
You are correct, Sir. cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #52
Same to you madokie Jun 2015 #55
"She was just following orders!1" m-lekktor Jun 2015 #29
Was she "just following orders" when she wrote her book after she was SoS? jeff47 Jun 2015 #33
Guess what, Obama's Cabinet was not a command and control organization. Particularly for Hillary. leveymg Jun 2015 #38
So she was conscripted as SoS? frylock Jun 2015 #66
Remember you said it, I didn't William769 Jun 2015 #67
So if she didn't agree with what she was asked to do, she had the opportunity to leave? frylock Jun 2015 #68
Like I said have fun spinning this. William769 Jun 2015 #69
But I thought this was a Civics 101 lesson? frylock Jun 2015 #70
As one person put it, she could have resigned. backscatter712 Jun 2015 #73
Look, this weekend she made it perfectly clear......oh, wait, nevermind... Indepatriot Jun 2015 #7
The treaty has been changing over time, so the only position that matters now pnwmom Jun 2015 #10
So you're saying that her position is evolving over time? Fearless Jun 2015 #12
I don't have to have seen the document to know that, over the last few years, pnwmom Jun 2015 #13
I am pretty sure this is one of those hopeless things, ya know? leftofcool Jun 2015 #17
If it wasn't pro-big business when she said it was good in her book jeff47 Jun 2015 #40
If that's true, then she should be able to easily explain Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2015 #27
Well, we really aren't sure she opposes it are we? tularetom Jun 2015 #14
This is true! Like most issues, she's on the fence to keep options open & not tick anyone off RiverLover Jun 2015 #30
It almost makes one suspect that Secretary Clinton will say whatever she thinks her audience wants. Scuba Jun 2015 #21
Did she put on a fake southern accent again? LondonReign2 Jun 2015 #35
Southern accents just ooze sincerity, don't they? Scuba Jun 2015 #42
It may be that her comments came across as unclear because she was in such haste LondonReign2 Jun 2015 #56
When did Sec. Clinton start opposing it? n/t Orsino Jun 2015 #22
Yesterday. bigwillq Jun 2015 #28
Next week? Autumn Jun 2015 #36
So far the funniest thing to come out of this is... FlatBaroque Jun 2015 #23
These replies sound like the blind leading the blind. pangaia Jun 2015 #26
See - here is the dog whistle! yallerdawg Jun 2015 #32
Uh, she wrote a book, you know. jeff47 Jun 2015 #41
"Basic due diligence?" yallerdawg Jun 2015 #43
So you actually quote her saying it's "The Gold Standard", and claim she has no position. jeff47 Jun 2015 #45
Well, you got me. yallerdawg Jun 2015 #51
You think I needed to re-quote the context you quoted. jeff47 Jun 2015 #53
This sort of thing is becoming rather common. okasha Jun 2015 #71
Two old sayings. yallerdawg Jun 2015 #72
True. okasha Jun 2015 #74
Exactly. But way too subtle for the Hillary bashing crowd. DanTex Jun 2015 #64
I agree. yallerdawg Jun 2015 #77
Remember, Bill pretended to oppose "free" trade with China in 1992 Adenoid_Hynkel Jun 2015 #39
I can't wait to get to vote for her madokie Jun 2015 #44
Mushy non-positions allow people to project their own positions on to her. jeff47 Jun 2015 #47
yup madokie Jun 2015 #48
Actually, Elizabeth Warren is NOT against the trade bill, she is against the fast track authority, still_one Jun 2015 #54
Wrong Oilwellian Jun 2015 #60
I am relating what her office told me when I called them several months ago still_one Jun 2015 #61
I hate to state the obvious, but the TPP is and has been a work in progress. DanTex Jun 2015 #65
Since she doesn't have a vote in TPP it really doesn't matter if she is for or against TPP. Thinkingabout Jun 2015 #76
It is interesting to me that people will believe Cnn's interpretation Evergreen Emerald Jun 2015 #78
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