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Tue Jun 16, 2015, 03:05 PM Jun 2015

Ok....I've made up my mind.....I can't support Hillary... [View all]

First off, I am not a "basher" nor do I have a political axe to grind, these points are STRICTLY my opinions.

I'm not ready for for "The Clinton Experience" again. I got so sick of the Iras and the Mandys , and the Lannys
and the Susans that I almost got sick of politics.

I feel like she thinks it's some sort of Manifest Destiny
that entitles her to the White House. I'm not ready for more of the obfuscation, hazy facts, double speak
that plagued Bill's final term. Most importantly, I just can't trust her. Is she a hawk or dove ?...is she a liberal Democrat
or a "Third Wayer" ? , is she pro-Palestine or pro-Israel ? She just seems "slippery" to me. I just can't shake the feeling that
her agenda is not about advancing America, as much as it is advancing Clintonism.

Thanks for letting me voice my opinions without certain posters going into attack dog mode.

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Your opinions are quite valid. I have some of my own too as to Cleita Jun 2015 #1
there was a thread talking about reporters getting kicked out of Hillary's roguevalley Jun 2015 #193
"minus zero tolerance" you nailed it. Enthusiast Jun 2015 #220
She went to Florida while drilling came up last week and had NO COMMENT on FLA shore drilling! TheNutcracker Jun 2015 #253
. MohRokTah Jun 2015 #2
Don't worry about the Rollie Eyes cartoon. bvar22 Jun 2015 #12
Thanks, I was wondering. lol clarice Jun 2015 #17
"LOL" is all posts like that deserve. bvar22 Jun 2015 #26
We aren't talking The Boondocks here either. More a lame, dumbed down mix of Beavis and Butthead, TheKentuckian Jun 2015 #291
If it wasn't for the site-provided smilies, you'd probably never hear from some folks again. Buns_of_Fire Jun 2015 #146
I'm loving this! GoneOffShore Jun 2015 #181
it is a rebuttal but actually putting it into words would get alerted on Romeo.lima333 Jun 2015 #127
Nonsense. bvar22 Jun 2015 #142
ok if you say so Romeo.lima333 Jun 2015 #145
If someone at DU... bvar22 Jun 2015 #150
well that's you, not everyone wants to be you. no offense to you Romeo.lima333 Jun 2015 #151
I don't want anyone else "to be me". bvar22 Jun 2015 #153
That's odd svpadgham Jun 2015 #179
Yes Roy Rolling Jun 2015 #242
You know its easy to get a hide on posts that dont violate ANY of the standards. 7962 Jun 2015 #184
You were hidden for racism RandiFan1290 Jun 2015 #218
Ha! Please show me my post that was hidden for "racism". 7962 Jun 2015 #223
Just like your old buddy Rhinodawg RandiFan1290 Jun 2015 #224
What does that tell me? Whoever he is, he's gone. As are many. 7962 Jun 2015 #226
I appreciate the Show Post feature. Enthusiast Jun 2015 #221
You can't rain on my parade. 840high Jun 2015 #102
I would never do that....clown make up washes off too easily. nt clarice Jun 2015 #111
I was responding to Mr. Roll Eyes. 840high Jun 2015 #191
So sorry !!!! nt clarice Jun 2015 #249
1 trick pony corkhead Jun 2015 #176
Post removed Post removed Jun 2015 #188
* L0oniX Jun 2015 #238
Obviously, you are a privileged voter and not a minority. Must be nice. morningfog Jun 2015 #3
Saw that one. That post made me . . . pa28 Jun 2015 #163
They usually more or less translate to, "If you don't do as I want, you are the scum of the earth." merrily Jun 2015 #201
Me, too. It just looks like a rope-a-dope at worse or gauging the political winds at best.... marble falls Jun 2015 #4
You are not alone in those feelings. nt NewSystemNeeded Jun 2015 #5
wheeew. Thanks nt clarice Jun 2015 #37
Not a "basher"? yallerdawg Jun 2015 #6
I hope that was sarcasm. nt clarice Jun 2015 #18
Of course! yallerdawg Jun 2015 #21
Thanks, can't be sure sometimes. lol nt clarice Jun 2015 #36
Hillary is not Bill upaloopa Jun 2015 #7
How about a comparison of Hillary to Hillary Rilgin Jun 2015 #13
That's why i said IN MY OPINION !!!! nt clarice Jun 2015 #32
I think you are responding to wrong post Rilgin Jun 2015 #48
oooops you are right. So sorry. nt clarice Jun 2015 #52
No Problem at Alll (NT) Rilgin Jun 2015 #54
"Hillary is not Bill" Fantastic Anarchist Jun 2015 #159
My opinion is that the "current" version of H... Blus4u Jun 2015 #77
I think that you might be 100% right on. nt clarice Jun 2015 #85
exactly passiveporcupine Jun 2015 #94
Nail, meet hammer!.... N_E_1 for Tennis Jun 2015 #100
THIS! ^^^^^^ SusanCalvin Jun 2015 #112
Yes, my opinion too. rosesaylavee Jun 2015 #186
Sure werent seeing anything BEFORE that. nt 7962 Jun 2015 #187
It also had a lot to do with the strength of the "Draft Warren" movement. merrily Jun 2015 #205
Thanks Merrily demwing Jun 2015 #231
I believe folks should look at her.. sendero Jun 2015 #216
Nailed it! L0oniX Jun 2015 #241
Can't say this often enough passiveporcupine Jun 2015 #88
~THIS!~ yuiyoshida Jun 2015 #140
+1 nt rbnyc Jun 2015 #183
That is one very good post. Enthusiast Jun 2015 #222
I will reconsider my opinion that she is not as progressive as Bernie when she JDPriestly Jun 2015 #126
Just a thought Thespian2 Jun 2015 #173
aka, hope for trickle down. merrily Jun 2015 #206
We need leaders who get things as important as war, RIGHT when it is critical. We need leaders who sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #131
X2 ctsnowman Jun 2015 #227
She's independent. Fantastic Anarchist Jun 2015 #158
No, it's not just wrong. merrily Jun 2015 #203
why did you ban me from the bernie group ? stonecutter357 Jun 2015 #229
I didn't block you from the group. I was not even a host when you got blocked. merrily Jun 2015 #233
i supporting Bernie for President stonecutter357 Jun 2015 #237
Both those statements are obviously untrue. merrily Jun 2015 #240
yes i do have a link stonecutter357 Jun 2015 #245
So, no link. Didn't think so. merrily Jun 2015 #246
Is she pro Palestine or Pro Israel???????????? leftofcool Jun 2015 #8
Does she kick puppies or hit them with a stick ... JoePhilly Jun 2015 #14
Not that I know of...but every dog has his day. nt clarice Jun 2015 #23
Does she have boxes in her garage? bvar22 Jun 2015 #34
No, I think that's where Lanny lives. lol nt clarice Jun 2015 #46
Nope but she did vote to go into Iraq shedevil69taz Jun 2015 #51
As did John Kerry. JoePhilly Jun 2015 #170
Is he running in the Democratic primary again? If not why is his vote even relevant to this thread? merrily Jun 2015 #204
. stonecutter357 Jun 2015 #228
Did I say that I didn't support Bill ???!!! sheesh..slaps her own forehead. nt clarice Jun 2015 #19
I'll say it: bvar22 Jun 2015 #124
Exactly. Fantastic Anarchist Jun 2015 #164
Don't lose hope, we can do this! haikugal Jun 2015 #182
Nope, you are not allowed to your opinion. If you don't vote for her, you're... NightWatcher Jun 2015 #9
I think you nailed it, nt clarice Jun 2015 #20
Assigning oppression certainly seems to be the new vogue LanternWaste Jun 2015 #29
Playing the role of the victim and lashing out at critics as haters is the new modus operandi NightWatcher Jun 2015 #35
Oh brother, is it ever. hifiguy Jun 2015 #81
I'm surprised that the Clinton supporters… Efilroft Sul Jun 2015 #282
Yes including the fictitious claim that only 10-15 Clinton supporters are left on DU davidpdx Jun 2015 #213
no you vote for whomever you want to in the primary then you vote for the winner of that Romeo.lima333 Jun 2015 #132
+1 Jamaal510 Jun 2015 #174
Wasn't it "her turn" in 2008? tonybgood Jun 2015 #152
Shouldn't you mention, Paka Jun 2015 #166
I truly like Hillary. But it's sad how she embarrass herself and the Democratic Party every day Cheese Sandwich Jun 2015 #10
Well, but if she did, SusanCalvin Jun 2015 #116
No bashing from me! I've got too many bruises calimary Jun 2015 #11
+1nt clarice Jun 2015 #15
THIS! ^^^^^^ SusanCalvin Jun 2015 #119
Totally! If it winds up being Bernie, I am IN. I calimary Jun 2015 #141
I will vote for whomever the democratic candidate is. A republican in the WH will spell RKP5637 Jun 2015 #139
I've asked this question a number of times, that if Hillary Purrfessor Jun 2015 #154
I live in a solid blue state, and as such, will vote my conscience in that scenario. frylock Jun 2015 #161
I'm in Ohio. So I will vote for the Democratic nominee. Purrfessor Jun 2015 #169
It's not even about purple states: merrily Jun 2015 #208
Why should I be forced to pick the lesser of two evils - SCOTUS nominees? Jumpin Jack Flash Jun 2015 #190
If it matters not to you that two liberal justices could be replaced... Purrfessor Jun 2015 #277
I constantly remind anyone reading madokie Jun 2015 #200
I would hope all Democrats share your view. Vote one's Purrfessor Jun 2015 #279
I think it would kill it at this point madokie Jun 2015 #280
As do I. And even with a Democratic president it will continue... Purrfessor Jun 2015 #283
You mean "Bernie supporters" see no reason to answer to you, even though you have merrily Jun 2015 #211
. stonecutter357 Jun 2015 #230
So you want to judge me by the number of DU posts I've made... Purrfessor Jun 2015 #276
Do you sometimes feel that you are being held hostage... bvar22 Jun 2015 #284
Yeah, because 25 million jobs and the longest peacetime is so horrible. JaneyVee Jun 2015 #16
Here they come !!!!!!! nt clarice Jun 2015 #28
Armed with facts!!! JaneyVee Jun 2015 #56
Well, if you have all of the facts..... clarice Jun 2015 #59
You nailed it. mylye2222 Jun 2015 #104
Um, all I did was respond. Enough with all this "responding" stuff eh? JaneyVee Jun 2015 #168
Yes commandant...I will stop all this "responding stuff" immediately *does her best goose step*. nt clarice Jun 2015 #260
This message was self-deleted by its author Romeo.lima333 Jun 2015 #138
and prison's for profit and a huge leap heaven05 Jun 2015 #78
Bravo. Nailed it. hifiguy Jun 2015 #89
so, 25 million jobs. passiveporcupine Jun 2015 #97
25 million jobs what? zeemike Jun 2015 #103
I thought she is her own person Doctor_J Jun 2015 #109
OUCH !!! wish I had thought of that one. nt clarice Jun 2015 #115
I get the feeling this is going to be the same back and forth as vi5 Jun 2015 #121
You don't see the irony in your post? JaneyVee Jun 2015 #167
Is she running as her own person, or on her husband's resume'? If she Exilednight Jun 2015 #113
Ok, now I'm confused (happens easily)... tjl148 Jun 2015 #155
Well... kenfrequed Jun 2015 #263
I wish supporters would decide which way it is. If it is negative then it is misogyny but if it is a TheKentuckian Jun 2015 #157
"Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." Emerson. "So is foolish inconsistency." merrily Jun 2015 #210
I might be prone to the former but I'll live with it over rudderless. TheKentuckian Jun 2015 #297
Yes, I've noticed. I like your stands. merrily Jun 2015 #298
and I your's TheKentuckian Jun 2015 #299
Bill promised "2 for the price of 1"; the Clintons delivered on that promise. Divernan Jun 2015 #214
I assume you mean in the primaries whatthehey Jun 2015 #22
Exactly. nt clarice Jun 2015 #25
I'll vote for her heaven05 Jun 2015 #86
A very "look at me!...please!" OP LordGlenconner Jun 2015 #24
Either that was the famed British "dry sense of humor" or your being kind of a jerk. nt clarice Jun 2015 #27
I can assure you I wasn't attempting to be humorous. LordGlenconner Jun 2015 #31
Then the other option is valid. nt clarice Jun 2015 #39
Sticks and stones, darling LordGlenconner Jun 2015 #40
It always facsinates me when I meet someone who..... clarice Jun 2015 #42
The British Surrender at Yorktown, 1781 jtuck004 Jun 2015 #69
Brilliant !!!!!!! lololol nt clarice Jun 2015 #73
It's not your opinion LordGlenconner Jun 2015 #107
I've got an idea....just have a Cinton burger.....then regurgitate your nonsense on DU. nt clarice Jun 2015 #108
I think it is option #2 peacebird Jun 2015 #38
lol. Brilliant. # 2 it is. nt clarice Jun 2015 #41
Funny, that's exactly how I read your reply peacebird Jun 2015 #33
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jun 2015 #43
Have some irony with your tea and comeuppance? L0oniX Jun 2015 #243
None of these candidates can throw stones uponit7771 Jun 2015 #30
So what happens in November 2016 philosslayer Jun 2015 #44
Back off Jack !!! You don't want me to embarrass you in public. nt clarice Jun 2015 #49
uhh.... I have no idea what you're talking about. philosslayer Jun 2015 #53
Sorry slayer....they are coming at me so fast that i'm getting confused. My apologies.nt clarice Jun 2015 #55
I'm for Bernie but if she get the nom I will vote for her...and I think most Bernie followers feel movonne Jun 2015 #83
right !!!!!!????? I don't understand the animosity. nt clarice Jun 2015 #92
Yay! Bernie is the real deal. azmom Jun 2015 #45
So are you also saying that if he loses, you won't vote for Hillary? n/t Adrahil Jun 2015 #57
You REALLY need to pay more attention !!!! nt clarice Jun 2015 #64
Well I am going to support Bernie Kalidurga Jun 2015 #47
I think so too. nt clarice Jun 2015 #50
You'd rather have a Republican? Adrahil Jun 2015 #58
Good God !!!!!! What is your problem???? Go clean your room !!!!! nt clarice Jun 2015 #61
You said you can't support her. I assumed that means in the generals too... Adrahil Jun 2015 #65
No....your thought process were incomplete. nt clarice Jun 2015 #67
Well, one thing I've learned here. The Primaries certainly bring out the best in people. lol nt clarice Jun 2015 #70
It sure does... I never expected to see the animosity... Adrahil Jun 2015 #189
Thanks Adrahil nt clarice Jun 2015 #261
OP just said they DIDN'T want Hillary! [nt] Jester Messiah Jun 2015 #160
+1 L0oniX Jun 2015 #244
LOL Javaman Jun 2015 #268
Look, I am not a fan, far from it rufus dog Jun 2015 #60
What......???????? I was voicing my opinion. Don't be such a fascist. nt clarice Jun 2015 #62
You call the poster a fascist while complaining about attacks? yardwork Jun 2015 #285
+100 heaven05 Jun 2015 #95
Cool story, but can you explain RandiFan1290 Jun 2015 #63
I'm sorry....explain what....my opinion ?? nt clarice Jun 2015 #66
Miracles, yo! RandiFan1290 Jun 2015 #68
Huh? Are you replying to the right op? nt clarice Jun 2015 #71
It sounds more personal than anything about the issues treestar Jun 2015 #72
Perhaps you are right...just a feeling that I have. nt clarice Jun 2015 #76
"I don't get the trusting issue part. You can hold her feet to the fire." passiveporcupine Jun 2015 #101
Wouldn't that be the case with any POTUS? treestar Jun 2015 #247
I would say not all POTUS have been the same passiveporcupine Jun 2015 #289
I feel basically the same way. I like her a lot. I just happen to like Bernie more. BlueJazz Jun 2015 #74
Another polite, thoughtful response. Thanks you. nt clarice Jun 2015 #80
This is only in regards to the primaries I hope? Xyzse Jun 2015 #75
A very reasoned, polite, thoughtful rebuttal. I wish there were more people like you......... clarice Jun 2015 #79
We're very cool then. Xyzse Jun 2015 #84
Way cool!!!! nt clarice Jun 2015 #87
Good. I am with you on this. I will vote for Bernie in our primary but if HRC is CTyankee Jun 2015 #96
Ditto to your OP. SoapBox Jun 2015 #82
Thanks, I'm needing all the help I can get....simply for stating an opinion. nt clarice Jun 2015 #90
I am sorry you feel that way. Good luck to your candidate./NT DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2015 #91
Good luck to ALL of us. nt clarice Jun 2015 #93
So, what are you for? GeorgeGist Jun 2015 #98
The best candidate for the job.nt clarice Jun 2015 #105
Happy to have you! 840high Jun 2015 #99
Thanks....I really needed that. lol nt clarice Jun 2015 #106
Thanks for having the intestinal fortitude to post this. SusanCalvin Jun 2015 #110
Thanks, I didn't mean to stir up such a hornets nest. Liberals are supposed to be tolerant..nt clarice Jun 2015 #114
Oh, it's not that much of a hornets' nest SusanCalvin Jun 2015 #117
crossing fingers....thanks girl. nt clarice Jun 2015 #118
I agree...8 years of peace and prosperity were absolute hell! joeybee12 Jun 2015 #120
8 years of peace & prosperity? bvar22 Jun 2015 #134
Thanks for the post... joeybee12 Jun 2015 #135
Devoid of facts. bvar22 Jun 2015 #149
Ended welfare as we know it and lobbied for repeal of Glass Steagall, which led to collapse of merrily Jun 2015 #209
you forgot giving china most favored nation trading status. nt Javaman Jun 2015 #270
I'm sure I forget to mention lots of things. That's why I love my fellow posters so much. merrily Jun 2015 #273
cheers. :) nt Javaman Jun 2015 #274
Thanks, and to you as well. merrily Jun 2015 #275
Or Sanders, or O'Malley, or Chafee... demmiblue Jun 2015 #122
Hey Clarice maybe you will like yuiyoshida Jun 2015 #123
This message was self-deleted by its author Romeo.lima333 Jun 2015 #125
Then don't, but I would hope in the general election you vote Democratic still_one Jun 2015 #128
Clinton does seem to be anointed .. ananda Jun 2015 #129
IMHO 40RatRod Jun 2015 #130
She voted for the Iraq War. sulphurdunn Jun 2015 #133
it's a show-stopper for me Skittles Jun 2015 #215
Yes, and to add insult to injury sulphurdunn Jun 2015 #232
+1 nt Javaman Jun 2015 #272
Y'all are posting in a thread! RandiFan1290 Jun 2015 #136
I must admit, I do not trust Ms. Clinton either... TheProgressive Jun 2015 #137
You can't now...but you will come two Novembers from now. ileus Jun 2015 #143
Pardon me but aren't you against a minimum wage hike? Kingofalldems Jun 2015 #144
I've never seen a liberal opinion from that poster RandiFan1290 Jun 2015 #147
This thread is funny. Kingofalldems Jun 2015 #148
it's consistent with the polls, those who are liberal tend to be more supportive JI7 Jun 2015 #207
You missed my point, which would be hidden if I actually stated it. Kingofalldems Jun 2015 #217
I agree, can't vote Clinton either raindaddy Jun 2015 #156
its 2015 NOT 2016 and are you a DEMOCRAT? any vote other is a REPUBLICAN VOTE. PERIOD. bunch of cry pansypoo53219 Jun 2015 #162
You should read post #79 and then apologize to the op. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #171
Thanks Scottie. nt clarice Jun 2015 #264
You stated it very clearly, Paka Jun 2015 #165
Thank you Paka. nt clarice Jun 2015 #250
Thank You for Yet Another "Is She or Is She Not" Post. Gamecock Lefty Jun 2015 #172
Agree on all points. joanbarnes Jun 2015 #175
I'm not a huge Hillary fan either, but...... Booster Jun 2015 #177
No agenda? longship Jun 2015 #178
Gee, it helps me. zentrum Jun 2015 #180
So I should keep my opinions to myself? What do Women know about this "Politics bidness"nt clarice Jun 2015 #251
Who posted anything about women? longship Jun 2015 #265
sorry longship....woke up on the wrong side this morning........ clarice Jun 2015 #266
Of course I will. longship Jun 2015 #267
Thanks can you send me one long distance? lol clarice Jun 2015 #269
It is on its way, my friend. longship Jun 2015 #271
Got it !!! Arrived in good shape. lol clarice Jun 2015 #281
I won't support her either. n/t PowerToThePeople Jun 2015 #185
C'mon, cut the woman some slack tularetom Jun 2015 #192
Because there's not a dime's worth of difference between Al Gore and George Bush greenman3610 Jun 2015 #194
Your sarcasm aside...Neither Bush nor Gore apply to this thread. nt clarice Jun 2015 #262
Welcome to the dogpile. Enjoy your stay. McCamy Taylor Jun 2015 #195
I grew to dislike her during the 2008 primary, but... gateley Jun 2015 #196
To say, at this point, that you can't vote for Hilary if she gets on the ballot in Nov is absurd... Moonwalk Jun 2015 #197
What I should have said was that I can't support Hillary in the primaries. nt clarice Jun 2015 #259
I can't suppoert her in the primary eridani Jun 2015 #198
You are right on point and you have the right to support the candidate akbacchus_BC Jun 2015 #199
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2015 #202
You have every right to express your opinion. Now, bow before Zod, missy. merrily Jun 2015 #212
Ok *does a full fledged Southern curtsy* how was that? lol, clarice Jun 2015 #252
Gotta go with clarice on this. Enthusiast Jun 2015 #219
Maybe you should vote for Ralph Nader.... Mustellus Jun 2015 #225
At least your reasons are better than people that blame DU's supporters. Bonobo Jun 2015 #234
"The Clinton Experience" Progressive dog Jun 2015 #235
You are very welcome. nt clarice Jun 2015 #254
So at DEMOCRATIC Underground, rather than throwing your support behind a Democrat... onehandle Jun 2015 #236
poster was saying SCantiGOP Jun 2015 #248
Please re-read my post. You missed it the first time. nt clarice Jun 2015 #256
I read it again SCantiGOP Jun 2015 #278
Yeah, that is where I get pissed off, but I am tired of talking to those people, I will randys1 Jun 2015 #257
Please re-read my OP again, you missed it the first time. nt clarice Jun 2015 #255
So at DEMOCRATIC Underground, clarice DID throw her support behind a Democrat... Autumn Jun 2015 #294
Good for you One of the 99 Jun 2015 #239
Please re-read my op. You missed it the first time...... clarice Jun 2015 #258
Didn't miss anything. One of the 99 Jun 2015 #286
Dude (or Dude-et). The poster is talking about the primary d_legendary1 Jun 2015 #290
I hope so. nt One of the 99 Jun 2015 #293
Are you talking about the primary or the general or both? nt pnwmom Jun 2015 #288
Primaries....should have said that in the OP. nt clarice Jun 2015 #296
I've made up my mind too! Lisa D Jun 2015 #292
I am not going to vote for any candidate that is backed by the oligarchy. L0oniX Jun 2015 #295
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