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Agree with you wholeheartedly. djean111 Jun 2015 #1
... rbnyc Jun 2015 #132
Sick Of These Jerks billhicks76 Jun 2015 #189
Hell yes.... daleanime Jun 2015 #2
One more step to a global economy and government Angry Dragon Jun 2015 #3
Not quite yet. jeff47 Jun 2015 #4
yeah, I know. I'm not exactly going out on a limb by predicting that cali Jun 2015 #10
And more work for us. I already emailed my Senators. jwirr Jun 2015 #31
Bernie Sanders just said, it still has to go to the Senate and they can stop Cleita Jun 2015 #5
41. nt Flying Squirrel Jun 2015 #47
Obama makes Bush look like an amateur in terms of being able to con the people AZ Progressive Jun 2015 #6
You got it right. 840high Jun 2015 #26
Obama -- another corporate shill. JDPriestly Jun 2015 #90
Nothing New... I Called Him For THE Corporatist Lackey That He IS... in 2007!!! CorporatistNation Jun 2015 #154
It makes Obama more evil... Rockyj Jun 2015 #204
It's almost as if Obama wants to set up the United States for total failure fasttense Jun 2015 #205
Clinton is now officially trapped in a Catch-22 situation Jumpin Jack Flash Jun 2015 #7
No she's not. All she has to do is continue with the vague talking out of both cali Jun 2015 #12
I disagree, Cali Jack Rabbit Jun 2015 #67
But look what happened, instead. An Obama cabinet stuffed by Clinton. delrem Jun 2015 #166
her worshippers think that saying nothing is bold leadership Doctor_J Jun 2015 #82
Perfectly Delivered... CorporatistNation Jun 2015 #157
^^^ THIS ^^^ cantbeserious Jun 2015 #164
And get ready for more of the same if she wins. AngryOldDem Jun 2015 #190
Are there 60 votes for it in the Senate? nt geek tragedy Jun 2015 #8
I think so unless you call your senators and beg them to vote NO. Cleita Jun 2015 #16
There were not on the previous attempt to pass a TPA-only bill. jeff47 Jun 2015 #19
they'll probably tie it the Africa trade agreements to squeeze the CBC nt geek tragedy Jun 2015 #20
That would require another TPA vote in the House. jeff47 Jun 2015 #24
They should be reminded that the Africa Trade agreement perhaps can be done at a later date... cascadiance Jun 2015 #46
They already did Mnpaul Jun 2015 #158
But how does that shift votes in the Senate rpannier Jun 2015 #180
I dunno. nt geek tragedy Jun 2015 #203
Thanks for the clear explanation of this. n/t delrem Jun 2015 #171
And people wonder how Walmart is able to hide $76 billion in overseas tax havens? kentuck Jun 2015 #9
Planet Sweatshop Octafish Jun 2015 #89
Walmart expanded to other countries. Over 2,200 retail locs in Mexico alone & even Walmart Banks. Sunlei Jun 2015 #128
Nor from other countries sweatshops and slave labor supplies. n/t delrem Jun 2015 #172
But the USA should expect "revenue" from products brought back and sold in this country... kentuck Jun 2015 #193
a tariff? The state collects revenue in sales tax, property tax and employee taxes. Sunlei Jun 2015 #201
He deserves the same authority granted to every president before him. JaneyVee Jun 2015 #11
sorry i didnt see that in the constitution - where is that written? Romeo.lima333 Jun 2015 #13
so do repuke presidents, right? And there may be a repuke in the WH after him cali Jun 2015 #15
No, Republicans no longer have that privilege. JaneyVee Jun 2015 #17
Lol whatchamacallit Jun 2015 #23
Yeah because when Republicans are proven incompetent they Autumn Jun 2015 #40
Hell, "incompetence" is one of the *requirements* for being a Republican president Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #134
Guess what.... JaneyVee Jun 2015 #54
that has not been true in the past cali Jun 2015 #75
Standards that are not enforced are pretty-much the same as NO standards, yes? Buns_of_Fire Jun 2015 #97
As opposed to existing, but unenforced labor and environmental standards hatrack Jun 2015 #151
You celebrating the victory of Boehner and McConnell? This is a huge blow for rhett o rick Jun 2015 #145
Do you grasp that TPA extends his presidency? and with his record of betraying cali Jun 2015 #25
I don't care? JaneyVee Jun 2015 #52
you clearly care more for giving the president what he wants cali Jun 2015 #69
Republicans will pass future trade deals without labor/enviro standards.... JaneyVee Jun 2015 #74
Wong again. for political reasons, they incorporate high standards. Have in the past cali Jun 2015 #79
Correct, as far as I've read. I see protections for investment capital. delrem Jun 2015 #179
Free Trade turbinetree Jun 2015 #127
a good and on the mark rant it is :P. you didn't mention airline parts made in china Sunlei Jun 2015 #202
Do you think Republicans are going to let him be president for six years rather than two years? cascadiance Jun 2015 #28
That's why we should pass deals with labor and enviro standards..... JaneyVee Jun 2015 #56
You want these "standards" to be drawn up in secret primarily by corporate leaders? cascadiance Jun 2015 #66
This isn't a vote for the trade deal. JaneyVee Jun 2015 #71
You are right, it is a vote for tthe TPP before the vote is taken... cascadiance Jun 2015 #76
Essentially it is. It makes it harder to stop it from being ram-rodded thru Congress. rhett o rick Jun 2015 #208
Why don't you reassure us, Janey. bvar22 Jun 2015 #88
By the way, the labor unions are against this POS. Also environmentalists and Doctors Without rhett o rick Jun 2015 #142
TPP may be the biggest gift ever handed to the 1% by our politicians. bvar22 Jun 2015 #207
Well Said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CorporatistNation Jun 2015 #155
Oh please... 840high Jun 2015 #29
If this passes the senate Republicans WILL have that privilege Autumn Jun 2015 #34
a demonstration of the politics of personality cali Jun 2015 #38
That statement blew my mind Autumn Jun 2015 #42
Post removed Post removed Jun 2015 #61
^^^THAT^^^ onecaliberal Jun 2015 #94
Do you really think Repubs will include labor and enviro standards? JaneyVee Jun 2015 #58
Do you really think Obama is the only President who will use this ? Autumn Jun 2015 #60
Which is exactly why we need labor /enviro standards. JaneyVee Jun 2015 #64
You think a republican congress will not approve fast track for Jeb pampango Jun 2015 #110
I think dems have a solid chance of taking back the Senate, don't you? cali Jun 2015 #194
Sure. But not in a scenario in which Jeb is elected president. pampango Jun 2015 #210
Obama has been proven incompetent. His administration has done a horrible job cali Jun 2015 #65
Write him a letter. Go ahead. JaneyVee Jun 2015 #68
Mocking us because you know he won't listen to anything we have to say , , , markpkessinger Jun 2015 #195
It's a variation on a theme: "My President, right or.... more right" cali Jun 2015 #199
He has done an even worse job at negotiating deals AgingAmerican Jun 2015 #183
You mean the Republicans that Obama is relying on to pass this piece of shit? n/t Oilwellian Jun 2015 #98
This has to be a parody n/t arcane1 Jun 2015 #104
Where is your sarcasm thingy. mindem Jun 2015 #105
What do you do for a living? grahamhgreen Jun 2015 #106
writes comedy, obviously Doctor_J Jun 2015 #120
No he doesn't. And, the other Presidents shouldn't have had it either. stillwaiting Jun 2015 #85
+ 1 rbnyc Jun 2015 #138
Paul Ryan already tacked on a rider to the TPP to deregulate Air Quality Standards even more. This DhhD Jun 2015 #153
I agree with you 100%. Sunlei Jun 2015 #126
You agree with this decision that the Republicons supported? This decision that will have rhett o rick Jun 2015 #146
None of them deserved the authority! rbnyc Jun 2015 #136
He is abusing that authority, that's the problem. The corporations love it and rhett o rick Jun 2015 #141
I thought I read yesterday that Obama had said w/out TAA he would veto it. magical thyme Jun 2015 #14
Change that... my bad... stevenleser Jun 2015 #27
They got the whole enchilada... kentuck Jun 2015 #30
Yeah. It's not hard to see what is going to happen here. stevenleser Jun 2015 #33
Republicans love this bill... kentuck Jun 2015 #39
NO! The article did NOT say that the TAA was passed here... cascadiance Jun 2015 #36
Right, I changed the post. Agreed on all counts. nt stevenleser Jun 2015 #43
I wonder what this self-described Republican has in store for us next. Broward Jun 2015 #18
Terrible terrible things He has planned, the fascist GOP plans pale by comparison.....!? Fred Sanders Jun 2015 #49
What a day for Pres Obama, John Boehner, and Corp-America. rhett o rick Jun 2015 #144
By the way, you know the Republicons are working hand in hand with him on the TPP? rhett o rick Jun 2015 #147
Simple rule... kentuck Jun 2015 #21
What if the majority of republicans (in the base) oppose it and the majority of Democrats pampango Jun 2015 #112
That's why our corporate masters love to have their policies pushed by Dems dreamnightwind Jun 2015 #121
Democrats have historically been more supportive of trade agreements than republicans pampango Jun 2015 #130
Yes, times have changed dreamnightwind Jun 2015 #133
Right v Left is Dead demwing Jun 2015 #140
Obama, your present "friends" leave a lot to be desired! cascadiance Jun 2015 #22
They are also his 840high Jun 2015 #32
and you wonder why so many people take anti depressants ? olddots Jun 2015 #35
Yah, but antidepressants don't work for this kind of downer. Sorreeeee! delrem Jun 2015 #178
If TPP passes, it means US taxpayers will be paying corporations for environmental laws. leveymg Jun 2015 #37
It doesn't change the rules, it just considerably expands the number of multinationals cali Jun 2015 #44
I understood TPP will now allow investors to go directly to international tribunals leveymg Jun 2015 #99
No. That is absolutely incorrect. Within the WTO, it's state to state but in many,many cali Jun 2015 #107
The investor-state chart references NAFTA cases. NAFTA is a state-to-state treaty with disputes leveymg Jun 2015 #111
oh for pity's sake. read this and get back to me cali Jun 2015 #113
No, you don't understand. That's part of our problem. Hoyt Jun 2015 #108
Here's what I understand, and please provide a source that shows this is incorrect: leveymg Jun 2015 #114
Read Cali's explanation. If you look at the title of past suits, it's XYX Inc. v Mexico. Hoyt Jun 2015 #116
oh, I understand. cali Jun 2015 #115
Surprised the hell out of me. Hoyt Jun 2015 #117
It shouldn't. I've demonstrated repeatedly that I'm better versed in this than you cali Jun 2015 #118
There's the junk I expect. Hoyt Jun 2015 #119
If so goody, goody, goody for investors - the 1%ers, what tribuna evel listens to workers? marble falls Jun 2015 #163
Keystone will either be brought back or American taxpayer will pay HEAVILY for it... cascadiance Jun 2015 #45
I agree that TPP potentially impacts future laws and regs re: Keystone and Net Neutrality. leveymg Jun 2015 #101
If we allowed/encouraged a foreign company to build the pipeline, and said sorry we changed Hoyt Jun 2015 #109
You Need to Inform Hillary... CorporatistNation Jun 2015 #156
"But this is going to be a big issue in the democratic primary and beyond." This better be. PufPuf23 Jun 2015 #41
Will Democratic voters learn from this? I guess we'll find out with Bernie vs. Hillary fbc Jun 2015 #48
I hope so...but I highly doubt it... truebrit71 Jun 2015 #51
Sucks!! lark Jun 2015 #50
Should be changed to the same headline from yesterday "Obama and his republican allies"... truebrit71 Jun 2015 #53
watch out - if you post that, you get piled onto by the usual suspects.... NRaleighLiberal Jun 2015 #63
Yeah, the TOS rules lawyers... Efilroft Sul Jun 2015 #73
nouveau 1%ers are the worst. elehhhhna Jun 2015 #55
K&R! This post deserves hundreds of recommendations! Enthusiast Jun 2015 #57
So after 7 years, Obama finally channels his inner LBJ to twist Dems arms for this stupid deal tularetom Jun 2015 #59
We were told we'd see the 'real Obama' in his second term. . . markpkessinger Jun 2015 #192
TPA Added to asiliveandbreathe Jun 2015 #62
Who said that bipartisanship is dead? (nt) Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #70
Non of my representatives from the entire state voted for fast-track, I will call to thank them Dont call me Shirley Jun 2015 #72
the "defeat" was theatre Doctor_J Jun 2015 #77
So what do we do with a lame duck Republican POTUS in control of both houses? Omaha Steve Jun 2015 #78
Hopefully the Sanders coalition in the Senate can hold off the worst of it Doctor_J Jun 2015 #124
What would be fascinating is if this rips China a big one, like it is predicted, and then they jtuck004 Jun 2015 #80
Traitorous. RiverLover Jun 2015 #81
It won't be possible to forget about it, the consequences of this will take many forms. Jefferson23 Jun 2015 #83
what has worried me heaven05 Jun 2015 #84
Poisoned legacy... JCMach1 Jun 2015 #86
He's lost my support. SoapBox Jun 2015 #87
Local reaction from labor was all but unexpected nadinbrzezinski Jun 2015 #91
I wash my hands of this President. I'm sorry he got my vote 3 times. Ed Suspicious Jun 2015 #92
No more third way votes for me. If a candidate wants my vote you had better earn it. Ed Suspicious Jun 2015 #93
Fill in the Blank turbinetree Jun 2015 #95
I repeat the call for a mass campaign of civil disobedience against the oligarchs Jack Rabbit Jun 2015 #96
+1,000 n/t Admiral Loinpresser Jun 2015 #169
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz votes with Republicans, for TPA. Past time to show her the door. seafan Jun 2015 #100
I will be voting against her. If you look at this New Democrat Coalition - djean111 Jun 2015 #103
I love you, Cali ... Trajan Jun 2015 #102
^^^^^WORD^^^^^!!!!! haikugal Jun 2015 #125
embarrassed thank you cali Jun 2015 #129
+1 nt raouldukelives Jun 2015 #198
Damn, this sucks. - eom dreamnightwind Jun 2015 #122
No it's pretty much a defining issue . No sleaze bag can sell it us to screw mmonk Jun 2015 #123
Hope and Change played better in focus groups ... GeorgeGist Jun 2015 #184
it does still go back to the Senate right? rbnyc Jun 2015 #135
We were royally had in '08 and this is proof. Here's your legacy sir. hifiguy Jun 2015 #137
What was the old defense? Phlem Jun 2015 #139
And don't forget . . . markpkessinger Jun 2015 #196
Gee, world wide wally Jun 2015 #143
Does anyone know whether Admiral Loinpresser Jun 2015 #148
Something very drastic is going to happen in the future because of this incredible Baitball Blogger Jun 2015 #149
So as our only hope is now his negotiating skills, but he not a good negotiator.. Nobel_Twaddle_III Jun 2015 #150
What ever good will Obama had with me is now completely gone....In many ways I will loathe... yourout Jun 2015 #152
So the TPP is worse than the Iraq war and destruction geek tragedy Jun 2015 #159
I expected destruction when Bush was elected. Did not think Obama would... yourout Jun 2015 #161
No it doesn't. But we should keep perspective. nt geek tragedy Jun 2015 #162
My perspective includes the surge in Afghanistan. Admiral Loinpresser Jun 2015 #168
I Cannot Say Sternly Enough... I TOLD YA Soooo! CorporatistNation Jun 2015 #160
It proves that Obama knows how to fight, and win, when he wants. n/t delrem Jun 2015 #165
Wish he'd fought for health care. n/t Admiral Loinpresser Jun 2015 #167
He didn't want universal health care. He wanted something corporate friendly, with a smiley face. delrem Jun 2015 #170
Yep. Plus giving it to Baucus Admiral Loinpresser Jun 2015 #175
It was immediate. delrem Jun 2015 #177
It's still got a long way to go, and he'd already won this round once, ucrdem Jun 2015 #173
I don't think JaneyVee should've been hidden. delrem Jun 2015 #174
Careful, you'll be meta-reamed. n/t Admiral Loinpresser Jun 2015 #176
As a contingency Aerows Jun 2015 #181
I didn't vote for him the first time Gloria Jun 2015 #182
I wish I hadn't been right Blue_In_AK Jun 2015 #185
Obama's showing of his true family seems far worse than Rachel Dolezal revealing hers... cascadiance Jun 2015 #186
Du rec Jesus Malverde Jun 2015 #187
My fear is that JackInGreen Jun 2015 #188
I share that fear. We are all well boiled frogs now. cali Jun 2015 #197
K&R. AngryOldDem Jun 2015 #191
And it is this slide into the maelstrom that leads to our national tragedies. raouldukelives Jun 2015 #200
What I learned on DU today: you are a Nazi if you oppose NAFTA closeupready Jun 2015 #206
Nazis didn't do trade agreements. They were big on autarky. Doesn't make everyone who opposes pampango Jun 2015 #211
yep, Congrats.... blackspade Jun 2015 #209
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