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Sat Jun 20, 2015, 10:11 AM Jun 2015

The unemployed high school drop out thug punk of a racist scumbag [View all]

told police he deliberately chose Mother Emanuel AME because of its historical significance to the African American community
Seven magazines -said it had to be done because if he didn't do it no one would.

What level of hate does it take to slaughter six women and three men.

Think about it - he is everything they came up with to caricature young black men.

I am not in the forgiving camp. Forgive my ass!!

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The juxtaposition between him and the good folk he sllaughtered is amazing etherealtruth Jun 2015 #1
Isn't that irony on steroids malaise Jun 2015 #5
Wow, yes. In all my grief that never occurred to me. So true and important to consider! bettyellen Jun 2015 #33
I am never grieving to the point that I don't make the malaise Jun 2015 #46
got that right heaven05 Jun 2015 #49
I finally had the courage to look at the profiles of the people and read more details Friday.... bettyellen Jun 2015 #58
etherealtruth nailed it malaise Jun 2015 #97
The word thug has his picture beside the definition ChazII Jun 2015 #100
I am so with you there. Well said. nt Mojorabbit Jun 2015 #125
Exactly. cui bono Jun 2015 #130
that is proof of this being a terror act. just like mcveigh it was on purpose. JanMichael Jun 2015 #2
Yep - he will never again drive a car or sleep in his own bed malaise Jun 2015 #48
I don't think it is up to us to forgive him yeoman6987 Jun 2015 #3
More than 9 families were victims. Hassin Bin Sober Jun 2015 #8
Depends on what you think forgiveness is and if there's a need for it. Igel Jun 2015 #13
I'm not a Christian. I do not forgive him. backscatter712 Jun 2015 #22
I'm with you. Plucketeer Jun 2015 #34
HORSESH!T - unsurprising HORSESH!T blm Jun 2015 #19
Hey you can put your nose in everything. That's your choice yeoman6987 Jun 2015 #31
Read enough of your posts to dismiss your 'concern' blm Jun 2015 #87
Post removed Post removed Jun 2015 #90
LOLOLOL. blm Jun 2015 #91
You were just complaining about seeing advertisements yeoman6987 Jun 2015 #93
You are welcome to point out the complaint you claim I made. Care to make a bet blm Jun 2015 #95
Interesting.....didn't get the point. Figures. yeoman6987 Jun 2015 #96
I got it - I also noted you lied to make a CLASSLESS point. blm Jun 2015 #99
So you are putting words in my mouth? Wow. Ok. You are ASSUMING I meant that. yeoman6987 Jun 2015 #102
Show me where I was complaining about advertisements like you said. blm Jun 2015 #107
Again Assumptions yeoman6987 Jun 2015 #119
Yeah…YOURS. Put up or shut up. blm Jun 2015 #120
yup JI7 Jun 2015 #114
really? heaven05 Jun 2015 #50
Neo-Nazis, white supremists Rosa Luxemburg Jun 2015 #4
Isn't that the truth malaise Jun 2015 #6
I've been telling people for years to not laugh these scum off. Don't mock them. Step on them! n/t freshwest Jun 2015 #128
Something I noticed about racists caught or killed after commiting murder... Archae Jun 2015 #10
Yes, if we are going to racially profile anyone, it should be this group. alarimer Jun 2015 #117
I would profile him based on the eyes NT 1939 Jun 2015 #134
Yeah, there are web sites full of hatred indoctrinating more of these creeps and . . . brush Jun 2015 #65
This is one of the reasons I still support the death penalty. Quackers Jun 2015 #7
No more violence malaise Jun 2015 #9
I hear you malaise but.... Little Star Jun 2015 #15
And that will accomplish exactly what? HERVEPA Jun 2015 #12
Protecting society as a whole. nt Quackers Jun 2015 #14
Protecting society from what??? HERVEPA Jun 2015 #17
Really? Quackers Jun 2015 #18
He'll be in prison for the rest of his life. HERVEPA Jun 2015 #21
What's to stop him from killing black men in prison? Quackers Jun 2015 #23
Yeh, that's real likely. HERVEPA Jun 2015 #26
You're right, no one would dare to try and kill black men in prison. Quackers Jun 2015 #55
Bullshit! nt Logical Jun 2015 #39
nothing bullshit about heaven05 Jun 2015 #52
+1 Quackers Jun 2015 #59
Read about the innocence project and get back with me. nt Logical Jun 2015 #76
get back to you for what? heaven05 Jun 2015 #82
LOL, too lazy to google it I assume. Here you go. Read and learn....... Logical Jun 2015 #104
No relationship heaven05 Jun 2015 #108
In other words, you got nothing! I doubt innocent people is really a concern of yours! Nt Logical Jun 2015 #118
I asked a serious question of you heaven05 Jun 2015 #124
Locking him up for life awoke_in_2003 Jun 2015 #61
But it doesn't. Quackers Jun 2015 #67
He will be sentenced to death, without a doubt. EL34x4 Jun 2015 #28
LOL, which means you have not spent 30 minutes researching or thinking about it. nt Logical Jun 2015 #38
neither have you heaven05 Jun 2015 #57
LOL, you are a true liberal. nt Logical Jun 2015 #77
if by true liberal, you mean heaven05 Jun 2015 #84
You are out of control. Dial it back. n/t cui bono Jun 2015 #132
No I'm not heaven05 Jun 2015 #135
geez, no clue heaven05 Jun 2015 #136
Is that nt malaise Jun 2015 #98
wtf... take it back a notch or two. cui bono Jun 2015 #131
Researching it? I've had to do it and I don't take it lightly! Quackers Jun 2015 #62
LOL...... Logical Jun 2015 #78
Based on your responses to me and others in this thread, it's clear you're just wanting to troll. Quackers Jun 2015 #83
best thing to do heaven05 Jun 2015 #85
Thank you Quackers Jun 2015 #103
I respect that Quackers Jun 2015 #11
I agree with you about the DP being... Little Star Jun 2015 #20
Except for innocent people on death row. nt Logical Jun 2015 #79
I want that scum to spend the rest of his sorry life in jail, MoonRiver Jun 2015 #16
Supermax his ass. backscatter712 Jun 2015 #24
Agreed. THAT would be true justice for this scum of the earth. MoonRiver Jun 2015 #53
May the scumbag live a long, miserable life in a jail cell. nt City Lights Jun 2015 #25
^^^This!^^^ Surya Gayatri Jun 2015 #42
I do not forgive but I also do not hate. CBGLuthier Jun 2015 #27
Forgiveness can be cleansing for the victims Glassunion Jun 2015 #35
Your words are words of wisdom ChazII Jun 2015 #101
Do you find a difference between forgiving and forgetting? Serious question. freshwest Jun 2015 #129
I'm with you, malaise! nt valerief Jun 2015 #29
Ever wonder why Republicans are so endeared to the Death Penalty? packman Jun 2015 #30
Death penalty does not save money. nt Logical Jun 2015 #40
On googling "Death penalty vs. life terms" packman Jun 2015 #47
I was shocked how much it costs to finally get to the death penalty. nt Logical Jun 2015 #80
It would if the sentence was follwed by execution within 24 hours NT 1939 Jun 2015 #111
Sure I see no problems with that considering about one person a year.... Logical Jun 2015 #116
No forgiveness here either... PCIntern Jun 2015 #32
He told police 'he deliverately chose Mother Emanuel AME becasue of its bonniebgood Jun 2015 #36
He was a good student until ninth grade malaise Jun 2015 #45
No, torture is not the answer here, for many reasons muriel_volestrangler Jun 2015 #89
Had an arrest record 'No saint' im not hearing So how come he is a" mixed up kid" ?He is 21 lunasun Jun 2015 #37
Dragging through the mud is reserved for folks malaise Jun 2015 #41
also not hearing thug, heaven05 Jun 2015 #64
Hammer meet nail! Surya Gayatri Jun 2015 #43
However, we may think that they should not have forgiven him but in the scheme of things who jwirr Jun 2015 #44
They are amazing folks malaise Jun 2015 #63
Better than me to. I am very proud of them. Notice how they defused the "race war"? jwirr Jun 2015 #69
Way better than me, as well, if the standard... 3catwoman3 Jun 2015 #106
I don't think they are talking about forgiveness in the sense of letting him get by with what he did jwirr Jun 2015 #137
They just found a website full of pictures of him BumRushDaShow Jun 2015 #51
My gun, my flag, my flowers malaise Jun 2015 #56
Either the (literal) hoods he hangs around with BumRushDaShow Jun 2015 #72
Most of them look like he could have used a tripod & timer JHB Jun 2015 #86
You can download a timer app for taking photos. MADem Jun 2015 #122
when will the media start callnig him a "thug" Takket Jun 2015 #94
Or BumRushDaShow Jun 2015 #115
Too mild. He's a terrorist. nt MADem Jun 2015 #123
+1 cheapdate Jun 2015 #54
PLUS, he had a SOLID HOUR to change his mind on murdering all of Jamastiene Jun 2015 #60
And then some malaise Jun 2015 #73
He's the product of the Right Wing noise machine. Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2015 #66
true heaven05 Jun 2015 #68
He parroted them believing Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, and hundreds of other GOP lawmakers were blm Jun 2015 #121
Human trash LittleBlue Jun 2015 #70
Not necessarily A HERETIC I AM Jun 2015 #105
Just put him in prison general population and let's us be done with it. The Jungle 1 Jun 2015 #71
the citizens of Charleston should bear the justice to him lunasun Jun 2015 #88
Put him in prison for life Lifelong Protester Jun 2015 #74
An excellent commentary article on tblue37 Jun 2015 #75
Thanks tblue37 malaise Jun 2015 #92
People in abusive relationships often forgive ... GeorgeGist Jun 2015 #81
I will just take issue with the word thug nadinbrzezinski Jun 2015 #109
LOL malaise Jun 2015 #110
You left a couple words out of the title line. A HERETIC I AM Jun 2015 #112
This title could grow to infinity malaise Jun 2015 #113
Dude is a liar too. Jamastiene Jun 2015 #138
He was a loser who accomplished nothing, and was going nowhere in life bluestateguy Jun 2015 #126
Did you see this? The brat had everything. I should live so well. Pictures of his home and area: freshwest Jun 2015 #127
Forgiveness isn't about the people you are forgiving, it's about the person doing cui bono Jun 2015 #133
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