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24. About slavery and human trafficking. TPP legitimizes a Malaysian government that condones it.
Tue Jun 23, 2015, 01:23 AM
Jun 2015

That's according to our own State Department.

Instead of being marginalized as a rogue state Malaysia is sitting with us at the table as partner in the TPP. Their behavior is being excused at the insistence of Republicans and the administration right now.

Why Is The U.S. Desperate To OK Slavery In Malaysia?

WASHINGTON -- On Friday night, in an impressive display of dysfunction, the U.S. Senate approved a controversial trade bill with a provision that the White House, Senate leadership and the author of the language himself wanted taken out.

The provision, which bars countries that engage in slavery from being part of major trade deals with the U.S., was written by Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.). At the insistence of the White House, Menendez agreed to modify his language to say that as long as a country is taking "concrete" steps toward reducing human trafficking and forced labor, it can be part of a trade deal. Under the original language, the country that would be excluded from the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership pact is Malaysia.


I think we can agree that slavery is a pretty big shit sandwich. Hopefully you aren't suggesting it's OK to take a bite because the sons and daughters belong to somebody else.
It is the fate of the Third Way Democrats now Oh Yes Jun 2015 #1
K&R marym625 Jun 2015 #2
An OP of it's own marym? This post packs a punch. n/t Jefferson23 Jun 2015 #4
Thanks marym625 Jun 2015 #10
I was off line too and just signed on..but it looks like this thread is getting the message out too. Jefferson23 Jun 2015 #38
Too late. It passed marym625 Jun 2015 #39
Damn them. n/t Jefferson23 Jun 2015 #40
yep. marym625 Jun 2015 #42
Done. daleanime Jun 2015 #28
Cool! Thanks! marym625 Jun 2015 #29
TPP is just another part of "trickle-up, tinkle-on" economics Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #3
But TPP supporters assure me that money will fall from rainbows everywhere if it passes jeff47 Jun 2015 #5
Are you kidding? I LOVE kittens! cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #6
And even MORE jobs- that's why the TAA exists! nationalize the fed Jun 2015 #18
lmao. nt rbnyc Jun 2015 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jun 2015 #7
Hot damn, you are right. That begs the question... where's Hillary's list? cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jun 2015 #9
I SO love lists. LOL n/t cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #11
Nobody will notice anything until eBay is brought out by Alibaba. CK_John Jun 2015 #12
Or when Foxconn wants to assemble cellphones in the US with Chinese Nationals they need to keep cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #13
And dumping their toxic waste here instead of China n/t n2doc Jun 2015 #33
The sad thing about that durablend Jun 2015 #32
The biggest shit sandwich the American public has ever been asked to eat? Really? Cali_Democrat Jun 2015 #14
Apples and oranges and over 150 years and not "The American Public", but you go on and take a big cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #15
The legacy of slavery still exists to this day. Cali_Democrat Jun 2015 #16
Yeah, and you refuse to answer a question about Richard Trumka's opinion of TPP. cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #19
Hey, Cherokee Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #21
That is way cool. We'd have to be related somehow. cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #22
One time I almost got into a fight on a bus about the Trail of Tears Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #23
What'sa matter, Slick? Cat got your fingers? Trumka? Simple... Yes, he's right, or No, he's wrong cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #20
About TPP? The Keystone Pipeline? "Clean coal"? Trumka is no more perfect than you or I. pampango Jun 2015 #30
Obama sold out the American workers theycallmetrinity Jun 2015 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jun 2015 #17
About slavery and human trafficking. TPP legitimizes a Malaysian government that condones it. pa28 Jun 2015 #24
You mean like the slavery in TPP countries? jeff47 Jun 2015 #26
{{{cackle}}} You stepped into it on this one, eh? Purveyor Jun 2015 #27
Rec for the subthread in which a TPP-backer gets her ass handed to her. Scuba Jun 2015 #31
+1 marym625 Jun 2015 #34
+2 truebrit71 Jun 2015 #35
Where you live is San Berdernadino County, correct? In April of this year your public employees Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #36
The supporters are always the last to take a bite. raouldukelives Jun 2015 #37
Yeah, totally worse than the Iraq war, Vietnam war, Bush tax cuts, Reaganomics, geek tragedy Jun 2015 #41
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