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Yeah, but the laser shows on Saturday nights are awesome. onehandle Jun 2015 #1
And they will still argue edhopper Jun 2015 #3
Yes it is Kalidurga Jun 2015 #2
OTOH it has artistic and historic merit Recursion Jun 2015 #54
Monuments, headstones, history etc DustyJoe Jun 2015 #4
Nonsense. /nt yardwork Jun 2015 #5
What a ridiculous argument edhopper Jun 2015 #6
Technically they aren't traitors. They were all pardoned. Calista241 Jun 2015 #7
They fought against their own country edhopper Jun 2015 #8
Traitors to Britain from 13 New World colonies fought against their own country between 1775-1783 Pooka Fey Jun 2015 #15
Are there statutes edhopper Jun 2015 #16
Did England put up a statue honoring "Traitor-Rebel" George Washington? Yes, in Trafalgar Square Pooka Fey Jun 2015 #20
I was trying to understand what you meant by winners framing the debate edhopper Jun 2015 #22
In 1783, the Colonial Traitors against the British Crown WON their Turn-Coat Rebellion Pooka Fey Jun 2015 #26
No edhopper Jun 2015 #27
Riiiiight. Take a look at your post number 23 again. Pooka Fey Jun 2015 #29
You got me there edhopper Jun 2015 #31
it is one thing to discuss losers in a war DonCoquixote Jun 2015 #35
I stopped reading after your 2nd sentence, Godwin's law and all Pooka Fey Jun 2015 #39
You stopped reading DonCoquixote Jun 2015 #64
... Pooka Fey Jun 2015 #67
Never thought about it DustyJoe Jun 2015 #24
They may have been pardoned but what they did . . . brush Jun 2015 #10
Given the history of Stone Mountain and the KKK, it should be destroyed csziggy Jun 2015 #17
Well said nt edhopper Jun 2015 #23
Excellent post... Spazito Jun 2015 #43
That's a great idea - use it as a teaching tool for the history of racism csziggy Jun 2015 #44
To me, educating the young on the real history of racism and racist monuments like Spazito Jun 2015 #45
Bit of a difference between not celebrating those who fought to preserve slavery NuclearDem Jun 2015 #25
No doubt your bias is offended. LanternWaste Jun 2015 #51
Racists don't wear Stone Mountain shirts or wave SM flags NightWatcher Jun 2015 #9
I don't think getting rid of the monument edhopper Jun 2015 #11
Stone Mountain Georgia, the site where the Ku Klux Klan was reborn. MohRokTah Jun 2015 #12
No mention of the rebirth of the Klan is complete Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #18
West Virginia had a precious member of the klan until yeoman6987 Jun 2015 #30
Byrd is such a red herring edhopper Jun 2015 #34
I don't know. You mentioned klam members in congress and yeoman6987 Jun 2015 #41
I mentioned that Stone Mountain was rallying point for the Klan edhopper Jun 2015 #42
That's what the Taliban said! FSogol Jun 2015 #13
That is how you see Stone Mountain? edhopper Jun 2015 #14
One man's "heritage" is another man's hell. nt kelliekat44 Jun 2015 #19
And what is the "heritage of Stone Mountain? edhopper Jun 2015 #21
Never saw or heard of it. yeoman6987 Jun 2015 #28
Then a hell of a lot of us are the descendants of traitors. pogglethrope Jun 2015 #32
Yes edhopper Jun 2015 #33
I agree that the Confederate flag shouldnt be flying on state grounds davidn3600 Jun 2015 #47
Not all edhopper Jun 2015 #57
Yes, and the principles of that nation were evil, it is nothing to be proud of. n/t Humanist_Activist Jun 2015 #36
History is written by the victors csziggy Jun 2015 #46
Don't make me come down there again Ichingcarpenter Jun 2015 #37
"War is Hell" edhopper Jun 2015 #38
Simple solution: Have them fly REAL Confederate flags. KamaAina Jun 2015 #40
Do you have a complaint with this one? former9thward Jun 2015 #48
No edhopper Jun 2015 #58
A distinction without a difference. former9thward Jun 2015 #60
and that is wrong as well edhopper Jun 2015 #62
The Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery is not anyone's grave. former9thward Jun 2015 #65
This should be blown up. philosslayer Jun 2015 #49
That is just a bullshit argument edhopper Jun 2015 #59
Would you support the bulldozing and destruction of confederate Graves? n/t oneshooter Jun 2015 #66
I'd hate to see any monument removed, replaced or destroyed. LanternWaste Jun 2015 #50
It's also the largest bas relief in the world (nt) Recursion Jun 2015 #52
So don't destroy it, give it a makeover. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2015 #55
I'm hesitant to alter old art. Put up an interpretive element Recursion Jun 2015 #56
MLK specifically mentioned it in the "I Have A Dream" Speech jberryhill Jun 2015 #53
Stoned and alone seveneyes Jun 2015 #61
How about statues of that Native American-exterminating, genocidal maniac Columbus? Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #63
So until we eliminate all statues to questionable figures edhopper Jun 2015 #69
I didn't even know that existed AwakeAtLast Jun 2015 #68
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