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Wed Jul 1, 2015, 06:33 PM Jul 2015

You wanta get in Shape? [View all]

Live in San Francisco!

10 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Time expired
I wanta feel the burn!
1 (10%)
I wanta feel the Bern!
7 (70%)
This is what Cars are for!
1 (10%)
This is what scooters are for!
0 (0%)
This is why I want a motorcycle!
0 (0%)
Screw that! I will have all my stuff delivered!
0 (0%)
With a window view like that, and earthquakes, its like a ride at disneyland
0 (0%)
No thank you, take me to South Bay!
0 (0%)
No thank you, take me across the Bay!!
0 (0%)
California? Really? okay...how much?
1 (10%)
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You wanta get in Shape? [View all] yuiyoshida Jul 2015 OP
Pearshaped is perfectably fine irisblue Jul 2015 #1
My calf muscles are on fire just from looking at that NightWatcher Jul 2015 #2
I just got back from yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #7
Bananas are good for leg muscle cramps NightWatcher Jul 2015 #14
You just saved my life... yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #17
Trying to find your car in that with a hangover the next morning. Prism Jul 2015 #3
I am in shape. Round is a shape. The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2015 #4
Yes and a lot of great things are round Kalidurga Jul 2015 #44
My Mom and Sis went to SF a few week ago bigwillq Jul 2015 #5
There are for sure many Hills in the city...its amazing! yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #31
AAWW Making me miss it .... Im a flatlander now lunasun Jul 2015 #59
Knocked the sh-t out of me in 1975 when I was 17 . orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #6
heh yeah,..still does yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #8
I live in the Adirondacks, I don't think there is a trail that steep, maybe Algonquin . orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #32
SF is a small city space wise..its amazing yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #36
My shape sarisataka Jul 2015 #9
+1000 orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #35
I want a brake repair shop in San Francisco. trof Jul 2015 #10
There is a special way to park on those hills... yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #13
Exactly! And I've been known to avoid going places if it's too hilly :) arcane1 Jul 2015 #27
Taxi cabs are not that bad in the city yet.... yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #29
Sell my soul to the devil to live there and afford it. randys1 Jul 2015 #11
Mostly living on Nobb Hill yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #15
I'm trying! I'm trying! KamaAina Jul 2015 #12
I used to love to go to Berkeley yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #16
True, but it's mostly richie houses up there KamaAina Jul 2015 #18
I just did the Spartan race 3 weeks ago... JaneyVee Jul 2015 #19
for us there is always the Bay TO Breakers! yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #52
For many, that's... pinboy3niner Jul 2015 #20
Lived and worked there but didn't have much money left after house payment and taxes. BlueJazz Jul 2015 #21
Did you live on a hill? yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #22
It was toward the bottom of the hill. About 1/2 a block from street. From what I've heard.. BlueJazz Jul 2015 #25
Chinatown is a called Zhonggou Cheng yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #26
Thanks! I couldn't think of it. BlueJazz Jul 2015 #42
I walked 3 blocks up California Street this spring B2G Jul 2015 #23
lol i know what you mean!!! yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #24
When I worked on that street, a coworker walked it home every day arcane1 Jul 2015 #30
She probably had great legs.... yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #34
The amazing part is that she seemed to be in terrible shape. arcane1 Jul 2015 #62
I do just as well in San Luis Obispo So county. Cleita Jul 2015 #28
I think I have been there, I can't recall yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #37
That's the city of San Luis Obispo. Cleita Jul 2015 #40
I'd move tomorrow if I could afford to live there! nt City Lights Jul 2015 #33
Thank goodness for SF farmer markets where stuff yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #38
I have to admit I was in great shape when I lived on Beacon Hill in Boston Warpy Jul 2015 #39
You know,,..if it EVER snowed in the city by yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #41
I've driven a car hauler on some of those streets! A HERETIC I AM Jul 2015 #43
sorta like this?? yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #45
Yuppers! A HERETIC I AM Jul 2015 #47
probably, and maybe the city should post signs that say yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #50
What I find interesting about California.... (edited) A HERETIC I AM Jul 2015 #51
This must have been fun... yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #53
That would ruin your day! A HERETIC I AM Jul 2015 #56
I love these pics asturias31 Jul 2015 #46
Here ya go yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #48
Welcome to DU! A HERETIC I AM Jul 2015 #49
Thanks - and I love heretics on principle :) /NT asturias31 Jul 2015 #54
Awwwww........shucks! A HERETIC I AM Jul 2015 #58
California? Really? okay...how much? Rex Jul 2015 #55
a studio apartment will run a little over yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #69
How much square footage is it? Rex Jul 2015 #76
Well my place is called a granny room.. yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #80
I was a bike messenger there many moons ago . Whew a work out lunasun Jul 2015 #57
A friend of mine got in big trouble. yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #70
well i will say it is easier to look out your window when stepping out than to stop a moving bike lunasun Jul 2015 #84
This message was self-deleted by its author lunasun Jul 2015 #82
I like the higher standard/lower cost of living trade-off I get from living in Chicago WhaTHellsgoingonhere Jul 2015 #60
I am in shape. Puzzledtraveller Jul 2015 #61
love the pics Liberal_in_LA Jul 2015 #63
I am an exercise addict, and I could run UP those steps, Tipperary Jul 2015 #64
Would that I could! cherokeeprogressive Jul 2015 #65
Here is something to wet your appetite yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #74
It's really easy to avoid the biggest hills in sF. Gormy Cuss Jul 2015 #66
There are definately ways to avoid the hills and when you can't yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #72
Cars help? Not in my experience. hunter Jul 2015 #67
parking is a huge problem in the city yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #71
I'm in as good a shape at 64 as I was at 24. Buns_of_Fire Jul 2015 #68
That's why I have a donkey Renew Deal Jul 2015 #73
They used to have buffalo in golden gate park yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #75
SF is at the top of my list of places to move to if I ever leave my hometown! (nt) LostOne4Ever Jul 2015 #77
Or live in New Zealand: kentauros Jul 2015 #78
oh *sigh*... I've spent countless hours of my life climbing those hills CrawlingChaos Jul 2015 #79
I figure in a few years I will be forced to move out yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #81
The only thing that gets lighter in San Francisco... LynneSin Jul 2015 #83
I went and looked it up one day... yuiyoshida Jul 2015 #86
Not to mention the treadmill you'll be on... ljm2002 Jul 2015 #85
Or...attend Humboldt State University upstate: Jamaal510 Jul 2015 #87
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