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22. I can't bear to listen to her screechifying
Thu Sep 10, 2015, 12:18 AM
Sep 2015

and transcripts are almost worse. My question is, since she has so clearly lost whatever mind she had, why won't she go away? Even conservatives are embarrassed by her now.

It was horrible! Cat caught in a lawnmower horrible! tavernier Sep 2015 #1
"Cat caught in the lawnmower horrible" longship Sep 2015 #61
Sorry, bad example ... tavernier Sep 2015 #71
Both are good, really. longship Sep 2015 #72
Better. tavernier Sep 2015 #73
Good grief. She's horrible. nt. polly7 Sep 2015 #2
And the Grifter says, Wellstone ruled Sep 2015 #3
I've been so drunk, I changed my pants in a parking lot shenmue Sep 2015 #4
the psychedelic community takes no responsibility for this one. Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #6
Do we have to? ChairmanAgnostic Sep 2015 #11
Maybe she ate some "Mad Moose"? nt AnotherDreamWeaver Sep 2015 #25
Meth, lots of meth, and Red Bull is my guess. hifiguy Sep 2015 #67
Did you take pictures? brer cat Sep 2015 #14
Nah shenmue Sep 2015 #16
I went through the 60s and I never heard anyone on any substance sound like that. Warpy Sep 2015 #30
Yeah. There is something Not Right shenmue Sep 2015 #31
You said it! smirkymonkey Sep 2015 #36
More like word cold slaw CanonRay Sep 2015 #52
Probably Meth malaise Sep 2015 #39
You are so funny ! Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2015 #48
Thank you shenmue Sep 2015 #63
back when girls wore panty hose, my friend went into the ladies Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2015 #77
No problem, but inquiring minds gotta know why. Eleanors38 Sep 2015 #65
I stand corrected... catbyte Sep 2015 #54
She is drunk off of stupidy again SummerSnow Sep 2015 #7
Don't give him any ideas shenmue Sep 2015 #32
All I can say is.... BooScout Sep 2015 #8
Some might be. Others aren't. cyberswede Sep 2015 #20
... BooScout Sep 2015 #44
Just to show how little clout she has in AK now, Blue_In_AK Sep 2015 #9
Thanks! We needed that. n/t Judi Lynn Sep 2015 #43
Did you notice.... WiffenPoof Sep 2015 #10
I just...I couldn't do it! Hydra Sep 2015 #12
Trailin' Palin.. ElodaAnne Sep 2015 #13
The rally is sponsored by the Tea Party Patriots and the Zionist Organization of America. dixiegrrrrl Sep 2015 #26
Welp, THERE's a pair to draw to. hifiguy Sep 2015 #68
Welcome to DU! catbyte Sep 2015 #58
pink kaleidoscope? progressoid Sep 2015 #15
Her blog writers are meme riffin' again nt Monk06 Sep 2015 #46
She's not even entertaining now. closeupready Sep 2015 #17
I think one has to have 'had' it before they can 'lose' it... Wounded Bear Sep 2015 #18
What the fuck was that? shenmue Sep 2015 #19
Marvin disavows all responsibility. hifiguy Sep 2015 #69
"sweat is my sanity" cyberswede Sep 2015 #21
Yeah, sweat and very little else! smirkymonkey Sep 2015 #37
She told Katie Couric that back in 2008! Tanuki Sep 2015 #81
I can't bear to listen to her screechifying truebluegreen Sep 2015 #22
I had to mute. Seriously, I cannot take it. CanonRay Sep 2015 #53
I agree. truebluegreen Sep 2015 #64
She is so pathetic. How does she even draw a crowd any more? lpbk2713 Sep 2015 #23
Is there something wrong with her?? ram2008 Sep 2015 #24
Word salad that no BLUE cheese or ranch dressing could fix yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #27
Oh yes, Sarah! Yes! You tell it, Girlfriend! Tell it! Raster Sep 2015 #28
I saw/heard quite enough in a brief clip on MSNBC. 3catwoman3 Sep 2015 #29
She is animated. That's good. rusty quoin Sep 2015 #33
OMG! WTF? LOL! NT Tom Kitten Sep 2015 #34
Speakin' American! uppityperson Sep 2015 #35
Can someone please translate? smirkymonkey Sep 2015 #38
She doesn't know what she said either malaise Sep 2015 #41
As KO would say madokie Sep 2015 #40
When did she ever have it? JHB Sep 2015 #42
There's something seriously wrong with her. leftyladyfrommo Sep 2015 #45
I've said it before IDemo Sep 2015 #47
... catbyte Sep 2015 #55
man, had to turn it off - made me feel ill. But, she actually said something good about Laura PourMeADrink Sep 2015 #49
The sad thing is that to baggers, that's a negative and a sign of "weakness." catbyte Sep 2015 #82
Sarah in the Sky with Diamonds... kentuck Sep 2015 #50
Grifter in Chief, Victim in Chief. Scuba Sep 2015 #51
She is real good at pointing that finger at everyone but her own family. Rex Sep 2015 #56
An inflamed and pustulent boil on the buttocks of the body politic. hifiguy Sep 2015 #70
Thats the part of the anatomy they all focus on. Historic NY Sep 2015 #76
The desperation for attention just keeps getting worse. Upping the ante is all she has left. L. Coyote Sep 2015 #57
Didn't Trump say that he'd tap her to be his Energy Secretary? catbyte Sep 2015 #60
How can anyone understand her logic? UCmeNdc Sep 2015 #59
Why do people even pay attention to her anymore? WI_DEM Sep 2015 #62
That "sentence" would keep a roomful of English teachers hifiguy Sep 2015 #66
do her fans even realize she makes no fucking sense? Skittles Sep 2015 #74
What, do NONE of you liberals recognize performance poetry when you see it? Bucky Sep 2015 #75
Jesus Christ that flag at 1:45 looks like an intestinal fluke. nt thereismore Sep 2015 #78
Voices of Meth Generic Brad Sep 2015 #79
Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo... nt Unrepentant Fenian Sep 2015 #80
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