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Are You A Democrat? [View all] onehandle Sep 2015 OP
Not anymore. name not needed Sep 2015 #1
Then leave Logical Sep 2015 #10
Has authority to determine who should stay and who should go been bestowed upon you? NorthCarolina Sep 2015 #19
You are hereby banned from the DU! nt Logical Sep 2015 #21
Dang it... NorthCarolina Sep 2015 #23
You might be right. But don't get people saying they are not democrats. nt Logical Sep 2015 #29
I could care less how they register... NorthCarolina Sep 2015 #31
I wish the poster would of explained what they meant. But understand you calling me out. nt Logical Sep 2015 #35
Peace brother... NorthCarolina Sep 2015 #36
You too, and I have unbanned you! :-) Logical Sep 2015 #37
Thank you O' magnificent one... NorthCarolina Sep 2015 #40
You have a great weekend too! Nt Logical Sep 2015 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author LiberalElite Sep 2015 #69
There's plenty of registered Green Party members here Reter Sep 2015 #87
Not it's not just you. Last I heard we didn't have to be a democrat or a christian onecent Sep 2015 #62
Vote Democratic is in the TOS, though. merrily Sep 2015 #81
Results of Jury Service - LiberalElite Sep 2015 #70
Links to your mail box do not work. You have to paste the results in the post. nt Logical Sep 2015 #71
Thanks! will do now - LiberalElite Sep 2015 #73
I did the same thing a couple of times. nt Logical Sep 2015 #75
Results of Jury Service (trying again) (I was juror #6) LiberalElite Sep 2015 #74
Thanks!!! nt Logical Sep 2015 #76
Don't you ever get tired of this? tularetom Sep 2015 #2
Exactly. Here is their thread in GD P for people who want to know what this is really about: beam me up scottie Sep 2015 #4
I hate pissy corn flakes. merrily Sep 2015 #86
Yes. Consciously so since just after my 7th birthday. greatauntoftriplets Sep 2015 #3
Yes, but changing my status after the GE whatchamacallit Sep 2015 #5
Pass: I am not a registered Democrat (not possible in MI), but I vote for Democratic candidates. demmiblue Sep 2015 #6
Same here. You can't register by party in MS. LuvNewcastle Sep 2015 #80
Yes, but not neoliberal. PowerToThePeople Sep 2015 #7
U MUST SWAERS AN OATS! Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #8
LOL! Are you now or have you ever been... beam me up scottie Sep 2015 #9
Actually, he asked a simple, straightforward question. rug Sep 2015 #17
Did someone say Oats? Well, I guess that would apply to Democratic Donkeys. Arugula Latte Sep 2015 #27
. beam me up scottie Sep 2015 #45
"U MUST SWAERS AN OATS!" Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2015 #28
Yes! And only Democrats should pick our nominee. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #11
So Independents should stay home in the GE. Autumn Sep 2015 #13
Independents should pick a party. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #14
I agree, but damn the democratic leadership sure does like those Independent votes Autumn Sep 2015 #16
Independents fuck up elections, with their split tickets, and trying to force Dems & Repukes to... Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #18
Geez, that's some cold-hearted shit right there. MerryBlooms Sep 2015 #22
Obviously Independents are not wanted or needed. Autumn Sep 2015 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author 840high Sep 2015 #63
If you say so. Autumn Sep 2015 #24
In fact, only Democrats should be allowed to run in Democratic party primaries. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #30
Do you think Clinton can win without the indpendents? MerryBlooms Sep 2015 #34
That's the problem with some democrats including DWS Autumn Sep 2015 #43
That's the problem with some idependents, cheapdate Sep 2015 #101
The Independent party isn't big enough to do anything on a national scale Autumn Sep 2015 #105
Independent voters cheapdate Sep 2015 #106
So are you saying Independent are needed only after a Democratic nominee is chosen? Autumn Sep 2015 #41
Pretty much. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2015 #50
Cool. eom Autumn Sep 2015 #52
As George W Bush once said, you're not the decider. DisgustipatedinCA Sep 2015 #54
I feel the same way about corporatist sellouts that tarnish the Progressive name. nt Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2015 #33
Why, is this no longer a free country? NorthCarolina Sep 2015 #20
I am if I say I am. But, officially no because we don't register by party in my state. Tierra_y_Libertad Sep 2015 #12
Recently filled out my DNC survey Prism Sep 2015 #15
Political parties are a short cut for actually thinking. WDIM Sep 2015 #25
aw hell yes! irisblue Sep 2015 #26
I am but I no longer feel like one. mmonk Sep 2015 #32
You're occupying the same place as me Hydra Sep 2015 #46
was going to post similar. Go Vols Sep 2015 #90
On all except one issue, and that's the truth. Quackers Sep 2015 #39
loyalty oath version 17,143 restorefreedom Sep 2015 #42
Kim Davis is a Democrat and Bernie Sanders isn't. beam me up scottie Sep 2015 #44
ba bam! nt restorefreedom Sep 2015 #47
BOOM! dorkzilla Sep 2015 #55
Right now I am a registered Democrat. Juicy_Bellows Sep 2015 #49
I'm registered as a Dem but no. No one owns me... think Sep 2015 #51
Still registered as a Democrat, but with no real allegiance to the party itself. DisgustipatedinCA Sep 2015 #53
Nope. Spider Jerusalem Sep 2015 #56
Nope. Been here for 14 years and have never been a democrat. I am a socialist. CBGLuthier Sep 2015 #57
All my life...not a registered dem like in WV though. ileus Sep 2015 #58
I'm a picker. Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #59
I'm a joker. nt LWolf Sep 2015 #68
midnite toker here Go Vols Sep 2015 #91
I don't want to hurt no one. nt lumberjack_jeff Sep 2015 #92
I'm gettin' my lovin' on the run today. LWolf Sep 2015 #95
Don't forget your edibles! (about an hour before you toke) n/t eridani Sep 2015 #96
At one time I was a proud Democrat. malokvale77 Sep 2015 #61
I thank you. 840high Sep 2015 #65
I appreciate you. malokvale77 Sep 2015 #66
+1 Go Vols Sep 2015 #93
No TSIAS Sep 2015 #64
I am Spartacus! YabaDabaNoDinoNo Sep 2015 #67
I'm registered as a Dem. But I am not owned by the party. Katashi_itto Sep 2015 #72
i've been mostly independent, but had to register as dem to vote for bernie sanders. elana i am Sep 2015 #77
"Have you ever been a Democrat?" daleanime Sep 2015 #78
I'm a registered Dem bigwillq Sep 2015 #79
Funny question, I said "no". JustABozoOnThisBus Sep 2015 #82
I am still a Democrat jopacaco Sep 2015 #83
Yup, since I was going to be 18 before the general election, I registered as a Democrat at 17 TheKentuckian Sep 2015 #84
I'm more of a socialist democrat than a Debbie Wasserman Shultz democrat. . B Calm Sep 2015 #85
A very proud democrat at that. nt. SouthernProgressive Sep 2015 #88
I'm a Democrat, not a corporatist. darkangel218 Sep 2015 #89
I am a Democrat, and I can think for myself thank you. n/t Avalux Sep 2015 #94
No, I'm a member of the UK Labour party. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Sep 2015 #97
I was for over 30 years ABCin2014 Sep 2015 #98
I won't vote for Cuomo. One of the 99 Sep 2015 #99
Are you Blueish? Iggo Sep 2015 #100
So you are NOT a democrat? Rex Sep 2015 #102
Even with all of the party's warts, flaws, and imperfections, cheapdate Sep 2015 #103
So did we ever find out what the point of this poll is? whatchamacallit Sep 2015 #104
Beam me up scottie posted the link in post #4 kath Sep 2015 #109
Thanks kath! whatchamacallit Sep 2015 #110
Is Pope Francis Catholic? KamaAina Sep 2015 #107
Yes. Straw Man Sep 2015 #108
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