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54. "Her rebel flag earrings was blazin' in the light
Sat Sep 12, 2015, 04:37 AM
Sep 2015

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At the honky tonk last Saturday night
And her spider tattoos was really out of sight
So I knew this gal was gonna do me right
So I sauntered up and told her, Honey you and me
Are meant to be together for eternity-y-y-y

And before long it'll be sweet love we'll be makin'
So won't you come home with me and touch my bacon?

She wouldn't touch my bacon. [View all] KentuckyWoman Sep 2015 OP
I really don't like anyone having exceptions yeoman6987 Sep 2015 #1
I disagree with you in the strongest terms KentuckyWoman Sep 2015 #3
Really? A Little Weird Sep 2015 #61
You'll have to talk to Yeoman about that. KentuckyWoman Sep 2015 #84
Legally, it is. Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #94
Which is freaking stupid MellowDem Sep 2015 #136
The free exercise of religion is part of the first amendment to the constitution. Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #138
I know, but the protection... MellowDem Sep 2015 #142
Because freedom from feeling "gross" is not part of the constitution. Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #143
Nothing about the first Amendment... MellowDem Sep 2015 #145
You equate religion to disability? I don't think that is appropirate at all. Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #65
The obligation to accommodate is the same. Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #95
Here's an interesting not-so-hypothetical: REP Sep 2015 #100
The accommodation is to have another worker scan it. Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #103
yikes REP Sep 2015 #105
I had one today - and the store was very busy. Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #118
'reasonable accommodation' Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2015 #76
I'm with you. 840high Sep 2015 #102
Too extreme the other way? How about no religious exemptions for Hortensis Sep 2015 #140
Bullshit! malokvale77 Sep 2015 #2
Service was not denied. Bacon was received. Life goes on. Scootaloo Sep 2015 #4
In this instance. malokvale77 Sep 2015 #5
As far as your desperate imagination will drag it, kicking and screaming, I'm sure. Scootaloo Sep 2015 #6
First of all... malokvale77 Sep 2015 #10
Those who rely on slippery slope arguments are always desperate. Scootaloo Sep 2015 #25
That is your slippery slope... malokvale77 Sep 2015 #44
"The demise of humankind in a nano-second" Scootaloo Sep 2015 #48
I think you missed a little... malokvale77 Sep 2015 #52
It was your slippery slope muriel_volestrangler Sep 2015 #64
Unfortunately, w/a lot of these pharmacist "conscience" cases, people DON'T get the expected service Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #18
And that difference is the core of the OP's point Scootaloo Sep 2015 #28
problem is, that distinction can get lost on the woman who can't get her pills because the only open Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #37
See the posts below on that very subject. At least, in Washington. Scootaloo Sep 2015 #41
I said myself, this is an instance where I probably wouldn't give a shit, personally. Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #50
If only everyone had jobs lined out for them like an employment buffet. Scootaloo Sep 2015 #55
Certainly. Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #56
How is it moving goal posts when it has already happened? TipTok Sep 2015 #144
A Federal Court recently ruled against pharmacists in Washington State... PoliticAverse Sep 2015 #30
Good. Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #38
Yup. I live here, I aknow. Scootaloo Sep 2015 #40
Thank you Warren... malokvale77 Sep 2015 #35
Business should accommodate all employees when it's reasonable Major Nikon Sep 2015 #33
We're talking about a store policy. Scootaloo Sep 2015 #36
The reason stores have these policies is because religious accommodation is enshrined in Title VII Major Nikon Sep 2015 #58
Or just use self checkout and avoid the cashier Travis_0004 Sep 2015 #128
Long after the thrill of bacon is gone. lovemydog Sep 2015 #31
But after the bacon, I'm still in love with you jberryhill Sep 2015 #77
Actually, service was indeed denied. branford Sep 2015 #47
"and the matter far more complicated and potentially uncivil." Scootaloo Sep 2015 #49
If the OP didn't want to scan the bacon, Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #96
I can't resist. Not when you wrote the phrase 'bacon was recieved'. aidbo Sep 2015 #112
Kindness and tolerance prevailed in this instance Rose Siding Sep 2015 #81
or maybe they just wanted to get the transaction done Skittles Sep 2015 #124
It is about Kim Davis and it is about her bigotry. Behind the Aegis Sep 2015 #7
It's also about being an asshole Major Nikon Sep 2015 #19
Bingo (nt) malokvale77 Sep 2015 #46
Thank YOU! smirkymonkey Sep 2015 #72
The difference with the bacon xmas74 Sep 2015 #139
There's a distinction here. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2015 #79
I've had women refuse to touch my sausage, but bacon is a new one to me DJ13 Sep 2015 #8
Virtually every hand you shake has touched a sausage Major Nikon Sep 2015 #15
ewwwwwwww DJ13 Sep 2015 #16
Is the first part true or a literary device? Nt. Juicy_Bellows Sep 2015 #9
LOL KentuckyWoman Sep 2015 #85
Well in all my years I've never heard of such a thing. Juicy_Bellows Sep 2015 #88
I think I would be a little offended if some religious nut told me what I was eating was UNCLEAN CBGLuthier Sep 2015 #11
Especially if we told that 840high Sep 2015 #104
so, she is fine working for a store that sells unclean food Skittles Sep 2015 #12
... Major Nikon Sep 2015 #13
+1 Behind the Aegis Sep 2015 #14
Too funny yeoman6987 Sep 2015 #71
file me under "if you can't do the job because of your religion, get a different job". Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #17
I agree and disagree. Behind the Aegis Sep 2015 #20
My go-to position is in this post; Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #21
Yup, we agree. Behind the Aegis Sep 2015 #26
Back in July I attended a wedding ceremony in Oklahoma of a gay couple Major Nikon Sep 2015 #22
Well, I must honestly say, I am sorry I missed the chance to meet you. Behind the Aegis Sep 2015 #27
Fuckin A, Bubba. Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #34
I thought "She wouldn't touch my bacon" was going to be about a country music song. nt betsuni Sep 2015 #23
I was just gonna say, the OP gets a perfect score on crafting a fine click-bait-y header. Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #24
"Her rebel flag earrings was blazin' in the light Art_from_Ark Sep 2015 #54
Heh. The other day I heard a country song, "The liquor store came first" betsuni Sep 2015 #110
I thought it was a new name for 840high Sep 2015 #106
Haha kind of silly quickesst Sep 2015 #29
"I don't even touch my bacon until I get it home and open the package." Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #32
haha quickesst Sep 2015 #59
I was thinking that... TreasonousBastard Sep 2015 #39
Also... quickesst Sep 2015 #60
The flying nun - guess not 840high Sep 2015 #107
funny... quickesst Sep 2015 #131
Great mental image Scootaloo Sep 2015 #42
I would have respected that. I'm not sure why it's so upsetting? C Moon Sep 2015 #43
She's not touching it if it's Unknown Beatle Sep 2015 #45
I know... malokvale77 Sep 2015 #51
Yep. That's just what I was thinking. So, she was Ok with scanning the other items that touched Dark n Stormy Knight Sep 2015 #89
I assume the bacon was in a package, in which case she wasn't touching it. Vinca Sep 2015 #53
but they would say that it is probably "enabling" people to normalize such behavior. CTyankee Sep 2015 #68
The bigger problem is the religious picking and choosing what religious rules they will follow YabaDabaNoDinoNo Sep 2015 #57
How long before "reasonable accommodation" means Jamastiene Sep 2015 #125
The way I see it the religious live in a fantasy world living their lives in fear of the YabaDabaNoDinoNo Sep 2015 #127
What if she owned the store and refused to sell bacon? Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2015 #62
No one is required to sell bacon or any product they don't feel like selling YabaDabaNoDinoNo Sep 2015 #78
Will Religiously Insanity ever go away? B Calm Sep 2015 #63
no Skittles Sep 2015 #122
Perhaps you shouldn't have brought a handful of greasy unwrapped bacon to the cashier Android3.14 Sep 2015 #66
...+1 840high Sep 2015 #109
We had to use commerce laws to change society in legal tems in the south, mmonk Sep 2015 #67
IMHO Kim Davis is nothing more than an attention seeker. PufPuf23 Sep 2015 #69
Absolutely yeoman6987 Sep 2015 #74
bacon is sealed in a plastic wrap, you CAN'T touch it...oh the stupid spanone Sep 2015 #70
"Your food is dirty and I won't deign to touch it" RedCappedBandit Sep 2015 #73
If one has little grasp of the legal meaning and history of reasonable relgious belief accommodations Fred Sanders Sep 2015 #80
she doesn't seem to mind being paid by a store that sells that dirty food Skittles Sep 2015 #123
Yes. All religious fundamentalists are hypocrites. nt RedCappedBandit Sep 2015 #129
Factory farm pork... yum. hunter Sep 2015 #75
Your reference to your favorite mentally ill person conjured up my childhood memories. gordianot Sep 2015 #83
You are a kind and tolerant person. Rose Siding Sep 2015 #82
Pork fat rules here. KentuckyWoman Sep 2015 #86
It's sad to see that DU still is filled with so many vile, evil authoritarians... Shandris Sep 2015 #87
Yes we all should allow childish people to call what we eat a SIN. CBGLuthier Sep 2015 #126
She can believe whatever she wants, but she should get a job that does not conflict her beliefs Travis_0004 Sep 2015 #130
Wow! ProfessorGAC Sep 2015 #137
Tolerance of stupidity... TipTok Sep 2015 #146
The only way she would have touched any bacon is if the customer first unwrapped it. Snobblevitch Sep 2015 #90
So the prohibition extends to bacon that is already packaged? alarimer Sep 2015 #91
From a Baptist pastor: Lorien Sep 2015 #92
I wonder if she's fully aware of all the products that contain pork products. DawgHouse Sep 2015 #93
I thought the same - Jello, Ivory soap, toothpaste, hand lotion, Coffee Mate etc riderinthestorm Sep 2015 #97
Exactly, I was shocked when I used to hit the 'pork' section in the Emirates JCMach1 Sep 2015 #99
In the UAE I had my pork products scanned by Muslims many times... JCMach1 Sep 2015 #98
OK, That is interesting. smirkymonkey Sep 2015 #120
Precisely... It is most likely a new convert that doesn't know her halal rules from a hole JCMach1 Sep 2015 #132
Like the Muslim ExpressJet flight attendant who suddenly decided she couldn't serve alcohol riderinthestorm Sep 2015 #135
new converts to anything are the WORST... just take Kim Davis for example JCMach1 Sep 2015 #148
Your cashier isn't sworn to uphold the Constitution lunatica Sep 2015 #101
If you want to work in a grocery store... awoke_in_2003 Sep 2015 #108
Bacon-related musical interlude: betsuni Sep 2015 #111
Let me give you a totally different example, sadoldgirl Sep 2015 #113
Count me among those who think this woman SheilaT Sep 2015 #114
She is also just wrong even within her religion... JCMach1 Sep 2015 #133
She could wear gloves....or not take a job that she couldn't do fully.... Joe the Revelator Sep 2015 #115
Great argument for self-checkouts, which I prefer anyway. Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #116
Be kinda interesting to hear soon yeoman6987 Sep 2015 #141
Good thing it wasn't sausage, because then the title would say "She wouldn't touch my sausage" Reter Sep 2015 #117
The kicker is the fact that she is trying to stop others from doing it either. Jamastiene Sep 2015 #119
good discussion and.... steve2470 Sep 2015 #121
If you're in a religion where you can't handle bacon because of your religious beliefs... Deadshot Sep 2015 #134
I hate it when they won't touch my bacon. tabasco Sep 2015 #147
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