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"I'm at a loss for words." [View all] Hissyspit Sep 2015 OP
It's truly amazing that so many in the scientific community are in on this hoax Martin Eden Sep 2015 #1
Our collective ignorance is truly frightening. nt Live and Learn Sep 2015 #2
We are an arrogant species. -none Sep 2015 #5
+1 and love your user name. nt Live and Learn Sep 2015 #7
Thanks -none Sep 2015 #10
Yep, we are one or else we are none. nt Live and Learn Sep 2015 #16
It's criminal for lawmakers to deny climate change tblue Sep 2015 #3
They remember Jimmy Carter talking about limits, swept out by "Morning In America" Ronald Reagan Overseas Sep 2015 #35
Reagan was actually quite the technocrat--a "we'll just invent our way out of it like we did last MisterP Sep 2015 #36
They will discover that ignorance is never malaise Sep 2015 #4
Unfortunately, most of them will probably die of natural causes before the real consequensces hit. Live and Learn Sep 2015 #9
All except for Cheney.... dixiegrrrrl Sep 2015 #29
So true. nt Live and Learn Sep 2015 #41
Among all the other things, all you tens of millions of kids enjoy that soccer game they drove you jtuck004 Sep 2015 #6
Nothing has worked because the ruling class is insanely greedy. dixiegrrrrl Sep 2015 #30
I just got back from Alaska a week ago DFW Sep 2015 #8
Florida has had huge rains. Lake Santa Fe is in folks' backyards. Eleanors38 Sep 2015 #37
It's a crisis and we need to act NOW rosesaylavee Sep 2015 #11
This Changes Everything.... daleanime Sep 2015 #12
Yes! rosesaylavee Sep 2015 #23
Thanks for the recommends! daleanime Sep 2015 #26
My efforts have always been met with anger. Duppers Sep 2015 #14
Mine too, or with denial Brainstormy Sep 2015 #15
My brother, along with others.. Duppers Sep 2015 #17
Don't send it him then -- but keep rosesaylavee Sep 2015 #21
Good advice. Frankly, the Far Right corporatists are FAR more sophisticated and effective... Eleanors38 Sep 2015 #38
This is one of my all time favorite videos on RW Climate Acceptance rosesaylavee Sep 2015 #40
Nobody wants to listen to me, either -- I've tried. I joined a naturalist group that Nay Sep 2015 #22
Sometimes groups are in a groove rosesaylavee Sep 2015 #24
My elderly aunt who is enamored of Trump rosesaylavee Sep 2015 #20
Agreed, it's a tough conversation - these groups give rosesaylavee Sep 2015 #19
Game Over. RoccoR5955 Sep 2015 #13
Maybe it is...sigh wcmagumba Sep 2015 #27
Science is hard. TBF Sep 2015 #18
What makes it worse is the deliberate intentional dumbing down of our students. dixiegrrrrl Sep 2015 #31
Textbooks are written in Texas - TBF Sep 2015 #32
I was able to give my kids alternative resources dixiegrrrrl Sep 2015 #33
We try to do that as well TBF Sep 2015 #34
Kick, kick, kick! Heidi Sep 2015 #25
And Kick nt Hissyspit Sep 2015 #42
Nothing is done because the oil industry pays azmom Sep 2015 #28
Don't have kids PasadenaTrudy Sep 2015 #39
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