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Liberty Belle

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Sat Sep 26, 2015, 12:51 AM Sep 2015

My hellacious health care nightmare -- Obamacare has ruined me [View all]

I supported it until now but no longer.

Before I had very good private healthcare, not perfect, but decent. When Obamacare came along my healthcare provider pulled out of California. I priced other private insurance and they were all at least $200 more, some $400 more for care that was no better. I wound up with a Covered CA Blue Shield Silver PPO at the price-gouging rate of $650 that was a huge strain on our budget. That's TRIPLE what I paid just a couple of years ago, and about $150 higher than I was paying a year ago.

Then my husband lost his job.

He had 2 months severance pay but lost his insurance after 2 weeks. He couldn't get onto Covered CA so bought a COBRA plan. That apparently disqualified him from Covered CA for the rest of the year! He is also paying $650 a month. So together, with our only income unemployment we are paying 75% of our entire houeshold income on healthcare! We are earning just slightly over what it takes to qualify for Medicare, so that's not an option, plus in our area no providers are even taking Medicare due to low reimbursements, so I don't want that. They say we can't get off of it or onto anything more affordable until January by which time we could lose our house. Why on earth should someone with no job or substantial income not qualify for subsidized rates ASAP?

It gets worse. On Wednesday I was in a catastrophic car crash. A truck pulled out in front of me and I slammed into it at 40 mph. I thought I died; everything went black and I came to smelling burning (the airbag had deployed and crushed into my chest, feels like I could have a broken rib) My car is totaled. I can't get enough to afford anything else that's worth driving. I am hurt. I was taken by ambulance to a hospital not covered under insurance. I have a terrible plan under Covered CA and just found out its even worse than I thought. Today, still feeling terrible with sharp shooting neck pain and vision blurring, I went to the doc on my plan at the clinic 5 minutes from my house, where I assumed I could get care.

They said if I want to see an orthopedic specialist I would have to drive an hour away, through heavy traffic! From El Cjaon to Torrey Pines, for those who know San Diego. This is insane. I live in a major city just 5 minutes from a good hospital with great orthopedic doctors. I am in too much pain to go so far. This happened when my husband and kids were all out of town. But even if iI had a driver the pain is too much to even ride as a passenger and sit up that long. (People offered rides; I declined. I also have 2 big dogs, one just a puppy, and can't leave them all day to go that far, and felt like shit so just went home and drank wine until I could fall asleep. I was up all night last night because it hurts too much no matter how I lie down.)

I asked to change plans to a plan that would cover the closest hospital and orthopedic doctors. I was told I can't until January. I then said what if I refuse to pay the Covered CA and cancel the policy...can I go buy private healthcare to at least get the emergency care I need right now? They said you can't even buy private insurance now except during the Covered CA open enrollment period! I just sat down and cried and cried in the healthcare clinic lobby until they hauled me into a back room so I would stop embarassing them in front of other patients. Well they SHOULD be embarrassed.

How can this be happening in America? In California? If anyone here has any connections to the Obama administration, someone in the federal healthcare offices, or someone high enough up in CA to help please, please let me know. I did complain to my Assemblymember, a caring Dem who headed the healthcare committee in CA, before my accident and her aid said there is nothing they can do because the laws that are giving us trouble are all federal.

It's not the Republicans that screwed me over, it's the DEMOCRATS by taking away my good healthcare and sticking me with a piece of shit policy that's not worth the paper its written on. So I'm paying $650 a month for a plan I've never even used for anything significant and when I slam into a truck and injure my neck, I can't even get care!

What can I do? Who can I complain to? Can any help me, act as a liaison for me, do something? My health insurance agent has tried and tried to help but she's just hitting dead ends too. What if something really bad happens, like an embolism or clot like people can get after bad crashes? Where do I go? What do I do? I found out the only hospital covered is an hour from here!

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Why isn't the trucker paying your expenses? He or his company should have insurance. Frustratedlady Sep 2015 #1
Eventually he probably wlil have to pay Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #5
Settlement is for pain and suffering REP Sep 2015 #12
Well I'm definitely racking up pain and suffering.... Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #17
File a pip claim artislife Sep 2015 #71
What is a pip claim? Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #109
personal insurance protection artislife Sep 2015 #137
Thanks. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #206
Talk to your claims adjuster artislife Sep 2015 #218
It will help you get the medical attention you need. artislife Sep 2015 #219
Thanks, finally a positive suggestion here--I will try that. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #227
Great, you will be using his/her insurance then artislife Sep 2015 #237
Which provision of Obamacare ruined your life? CreekDog Sep 2015 #192
Paying 75% of our income for healthcare premiums the next several months, Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #205
Obamacare doesn't require you to pay 75% of income in healthcare premiums CreekDog Sep 2015 #214
There is a CA provision that conflicts with the ACA 9.5% limit on what you're supposed to pay Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #228
The hospital doesn't care forthemiddle Sep 2015 #51
An obtuse reply KentuckyWoman Sep 2015 #2
Yes I have always supported single payer - Howard Dean had that right. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #9
I'm mad at the Dems for that too. PatrickforO Sep 2015 #22
Joe Lieberman single handedly stopped lowering the Medicare eligibility age Warpy Sep 2015 #33
If it wasn't him it would have been someone else Fumesucker Sep 2015 #186
Probably, and Congress was full of DLC dead wood at the time Warpy Sep 2015 #193
Um, Ms. Yertle Sep 2015 #48
Howard Dean was not for single payer in 2004 karynnj Sep 2015 #50
The insurance of the driver who hit you covers your expenses, not your insurance REP Sep 2015 #3
Sometimes your car insurance covers and then goes after the other driver's insurance. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #10
I had them bill the other driver's carrier REP Sep 2015 #14
First thing I would do VMA131Marine Sep 2015 #4
I may have to eventually Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #18
I don't know your entire situation but you may qualify truedelphi Sep 2015 #26
That's awful, sending women home a half day after masectomies. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #245
The other insurer will want to settle. So if you involve a lawyer NOW pnwmom Sep 2015 #32
Not "eventually". Do it now Starboard Tack Sep 2015 #35
Please pay attention to this carefully.... GO TO A LAWYER RIGHT NOW! Do not wait, do not pass go, underahedgerow Sep 2015 #38
The other side will not make a reasonable offer I can assure you vankuria Sep 2015 #108
You should already have a lawyer . They will work with your insurance company Person 2713 Sep 2015 #177
Right. Get a lawyer, and do it NOW. Midnight Writer Sep 2015 #23
This is probably the best advice here. n/t pnwmom Sep 2015 #31
All well and good but I also have to get a CAR first before I can do anything Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #110
The bills will start coming in soon.... Lars39 Sep 2015 #178
You can call lawyers on the phone . Crying ACA known imperfections may make you feel happy Person 2713 Sep 2015 #179
But you're forgetting we were hurting BEFORE the accident Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #204
I have a lawyer in the family. But when the other driver has lousy insurance Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #229
Absolutely! Wrongful injury lawyers love this stuff. YOHABLO Sep 2015 #27
The truck drivers insurance will cover this riderinthestorm Sep 2015 #6
Hopefully Captain Stern Sep 2015 #165
... alcibiades_mystery Sep 2015 #7
Thanks for the laugh.... Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #16
Auto insurance? kaycee22 Sep 2015 #8
Once the cost goes over $5,000 I have to pay up front and wait to get a settlement someday Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #13
Universal healthcare is still what we need. WDIM Sep 2015 #11
Amen, universal healthcare is the answer. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #15
If "dire straits" means you are now poor then go to the local jwirr Sep 2015 #77
We are $100 a month over the Medicaid or Medical limits. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #207
I did get an out of network doctor covered fully by Anthem ACA flamingdem Sep 2015 #19
Maybe I should try again, but I already did ask for a Supervisor, Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #226
You don't have to get an out of network referral flamingdem Sep 2015 #256
I'm so sorry this is happening to you. pugetres Sep 2015 #20
Yep - it was all for the insurance companies FreakinDJ Sep 2015 #21
The answer is single payer with low deductibles and low co-pays and everything JDPriestly Sep 2015 #24
we need to tightly control pharmaceutical companies reddread Sep 2015 #41
The health care system in the EU is deteriorating rapidly CountAllVotes Sep 2015 #176
I have a family member who lost his job in CA and was LibDemAlways Sep 2015 #25
I don't understand how he was "forced" into COBRA. In my state, you can choose pnwmom Sep 2015 #30
Nobody is forced to sign up for COBRA. Even before the ACA, that was the case, so I am not sure still_one Sep 2015 #34
The ACA was not yet in effect when he lost his job. LibDemAlways Sep 2015 #63
Thank you for spelling out the in's and out's of what truedelphi Sep 2015 #106
The OP was paying $700 a month for her individual policy in 2012 -- MORE pnwmom Sep 2015 #115
you cannot just go and get on an exchange - truedelphi Sep 2015 #184
LOL. I'm not a physician. But I helped my son pick a plan on the exchange, pnwmom Sep 2015 #185
you can't if you have severance pay. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #240
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^n/t truedelphi Sep 2015 #258
My premium went way down after that old post 3 years ago. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #236
He could not do the exchange because he had 2 months severance pay, Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #111
He had 2 months severance pay so couldn't get into the exchange Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #242
you need to be more clear. tammywammy Sep 2015 #250
I'm paying $891. monthly... Contrary1 Sep 2015 #28
What does that mean? Is that for just you or your family. What kind of plan is it? With Medicare still_one Sep 2015 #42
I think she meant Medicaid, not Medicare. forthemiddle Sep 2015 #54
I agree. I was trying to find out more details. I used the cost of Medicare as an example that two still_one Sep 2015 #59
Silver. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #231
That's a lot of money. I hope things get better still_one Sep 2015 #239
I did, you're correct. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #244
That's just for me... Contrary1 Sep 2015 #62
That is expensive, no question about it, and you are not alone. When I got laid off, I didn't still_one Sep 2015 #70
When you are truly poor THEN it is Medicaid. jwirr Sep 2015 #78
So you understand. Nobody should have to pay that much for healthcare. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #216
There's a lot here that's hard to understand. I'm afraid you might be getting bad advice. pnwmom Sep 2015 #29
There are a lot of details missing in these stories. Medicare doesn't have an income limit, but still_one Sep 2015 #37
The "life event" has a huge loophole Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #116
That is terrible news. I have a question. If someone signs up for COBRA, couldn't they sign up for still_one Sep 2015 #153
Yes, they can sign up during the next open enrollment period. n/t tammywammy Sep 2015 #156
Thanks, that is what I assumed still_one Sep 2015 #158
Thank you for understanding. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #223
What I omitted in my original post Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #243
No, he had 2 months severance pay so they counted that as income. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #113
Wow what a mess Jesus Malverde Sep 2015 #36
Truth! 'Obamacare does not provide healthcare. YabaDabaNoDinoNo Sep 2015 #40
and exactly where would they have gotten the votes for single payer? The blue dogs had made it very still_one Sep 2015 #43
I understand very well how gov works and I also know the blue dogs, conserver a dem YabaDabaNoDinoNo Sep 2015 #46
All I was pointing out is the argument has been put many times that we had a chance for single payer still_one Sep 2015 #60
Wouldn't it have been helpful nationalize the fed Sep 2015 #47
No argument, Baucus was not the best person for what we call the ACA. However, regardless, when the still_one Sep 2015 #61
Baucus's idea was statewide insurance co-ops Recursion Sep 2015 #72
I don't buy the argument that the ACA is a complete disaster, it has helped a lot of folks still_one Sep 2015 #79
Oh it's definitely done a lot of good Recursion Sep 2015 #80
That is essentially what they do with Medicare. Problem is in some states like Texas, a lot of still_one Sep 2015 #84
That was just noise from the Hill; maybe Roll Call ran the story? Recursion Sep 2015 #90
Yes, one thing I'm upset with is Obama Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #238
I buy some of my medications from Canada which is a huge savings even over Medicare part D Jim Beard Sep 2015 #39
The only thing one needs to do is insure the Canadian pharmacy is an accredited one, and reliable. still_one Sep 2015 #44
I love my Obamacare. I have medicare now and my Obamacare was underthematrix Sep 2015 #45
Good suggestion, thank you. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #235
Job loss qualifies your husband for covered ca without waiting for the new enrollment period. displacedtexan Sep 2015 #49
I hope she reads your excellent advice. pnwmom Sep 2015 #56
You are correct, no one is forced to stay with Cobra, but if someone loses their job, California or still_one Sep 2015 #64
No it doesn't. No energy to retype over and over. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #114
Thank you for again clarifying the COBRA problem. LibDemAlways Sep 2015 #134
One more opinion and good wishes for Liberty Belle Joanie Baloney Sep 2015 #159
We did, and so did our agent. They were very uncooperative. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #212
Thank you for confirming that your relative had the same problems. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #234
We have called covered ca many times. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #233
Your Anger Should Be Toward The DLC Third Way That Would Not Allow A Single Payer Discussion cantbeserious Sep 2015 #52
Get a Lawyer and call your car insurance company. The trucks insurance will pay, a Lawyer and your Sunlei Sep 2015 #53
Oh, yes, the Republicans who killed a chance for healthcare in the 90s valerief Sep 2015 #55
I'm sorry... pinebox Sep 2015 #57
There was no other policy to choose! Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #112
I'm glad you were helped. I hope they keep whatever worked for you, and fix Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #247
Sure! pinebox Sep 2015 #252
You also once claimed electricity was "leaking" Codeine Sep 2015 #58
+1 n/t tammywammy Sep 2015 #75
And that SmartMeters cause illness REP Sep 2015 #163
They do. California's PUC got thousands of complaints from people Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #225
That's the worst kind of bogus nonsense. Codeine Sep 2015 #251
Post removed Post removed Sep 2015 #213
Why does this sound like SheilaT Sep 2015 #65
Not true Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #118
There are more than a few mean and nasty people on DU Fumesucker Sep 2015 #187
Needed that, thanks! Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #209
because someone has an opinion that differs with yours? Facility Inspector Sep 2015 #249
Mandatory health coverage and unemployment are a disasterous result. Rex Sep 2015 #66
Post removed Post removed Sep 2015 #68
Oh I thought she says she is unemployed. Rex Sep 2015 #69
I read this as an auto insurance beef, not an ACA issue Brother Buzz Sep 2015 #73
Have not watched that show yet, I should because I loved Rex Sep 2015 #74
I'm cable challenged Brother Buzz Sep 2015 #83
Excuse me? The ACA is a HUGE problem. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #121
so you think paying 75% of our income for health premiums through the ACA is okay? Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #215
Nonprofit, no income, volunteering to run the magazine Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #119
You've posted that your the editor yourself on here, including your name tammywammy Sep 2015 #124
I'm confused. zappaman Sep 2015 #129
And that's not the only time she's mentioned being editor of East County Magazine. tammywammy Sep 2015 #135
Oh, stop your silly threats. Codeine Sep 2015 #150
I asked the moderator to hide the post above Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #136
It violates no laws to mention something you've mentioned time and time again here yourself herding cats Sep 2015 #140
It doesn't violate shit. Codeine Sep 2015 #145
moderator remove the post above - it violates HiPPA privacy by outing my identity and is false Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #117
You've said here before that is who you are. herding cats Sep 2015 #138
Bogus hide tammywammy Sep 2015 #144
Thank you! herding cats Sep 2015 #146
Omg Nadine works for her Egnever Sep 2015 #255
I'd like to make one thing clear. herding cats Sep 2015 #257
Since when is posting to a message board Codeine Sep 2015 #151
Wow. zappaman Sep 2015 #152
Not a disaster under the ACA. She lives in a state with subsidies, as the ACA was intended to have. pnwmom Sep 2015 #85
You are so right, after a job loss one can apply to ACA right then flamingdem Sep 2015 #92
Right. I think the system is probably too complicated for many people. pnwmom Sep 2015 #93
But the enrollment period exceptions are clearly there top of the home page so I'm calling bullshit. bettyellen Sep 2015 #94
Speaking from experience - my very intelligent friend was laid off flamingdem Sep 2015 #96
If the claim wasn't "couldn't get" it, I'd not be suspicious either.... bettyellen Sep 2015 #97
I see what you mean flamingdem Sep 2015 #104
There are a lot of trade-offs to consider, and so it is a complicated decision pnwmom Sep 2015 #100
I've found it to be top notch so far flamingdem Sep 2015 #103
My son has also been pleased with his plan. pnwmom Sep 2015 #105
We DID try that. We reported our change in circumstances. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #224
N O HE COULD NOT!!!! HE HAD 2 MONTHS SEVERANCE PAY. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #120
our 2 elected representatives are trying to get us some help. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #221
Goodluck! Rex Sep 2015 #254
I am so sorry to hear your story. threethirteen Sep 2015 #67
I was self-employed, can't get disability. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #246
Who's your attorney on the vehicle crash? MineralMan Sep 2015 #76
Why couldn't your husband get onto Covered CA LuvLoogie Sep 2015 #81
There's a lot of bs here. Codeine Sep 2015 #82
Does not pass the smell test one bit.... bettyellen Sep 2015 #87
This post survived an alert. X_Digger Sep 2015 #141
My thanks to the jurors. nt Codeine Sep 2015 #149
Aww, they think they are a special snowflake! Marrah_G Sep 2015 #188
To the person here who questioned n my alert effort on this post Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #142
I did not out you, champ. Codeine Sep 2015 #148
Maybe you outed income made in the past year Person 2713 Sep 2015 #180
She's posted her income on here before tammywammy Sep 2015 #181
That's what I mean that although small, perhaps the income now needs to be stated as none Person 2713 Sep 2015 #182
Aren't you special? Marrah_G Sep 2015 #189
We are in our 50s, too young for Medicare and not poor enough, just barely. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #222
The ACA was never intended to be a perfect solution. It was all that was possible at the totodeinhere Sep 2015 #86
I agree on Sanders Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #133
Baloney - anyone eligible for Cobra is eligible for ACAor exchanges. Fix your OP or let the lie bettyellen Sep 2015 #88
Here's the Covered California webpage about COBRA tammywammy Sep 2015 #89
WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #122
You should really just add "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" to every post. Marrah_G Sep 2015 #190
Are you aware at all that California is a state with 37 million truedelphi Sep 2015 #101
So true. Back when employers provided healthcare it was so much better. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #139
You are poorly informed. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #143
yup, that is correct, and it isn't just California still_one Sep 2015 #155
Nope -he could "get onto Covered CA " instead of COBRA and it's right there on page one... bettyellen Sep 2015 #166
You don't know what you are talking about. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #232
The ACA was an option- not something they "couldn't get". Subsidies? Not enough info.... bettyellen Sep 2015 #253
Actually that is not accurate. The way it is now, once you sign up for COBRA you cannot sign up for still_one Sep 2015 #154
yes but they could have signed up- and in that way, the OP is blaming Obama for THEIR CHOICE. bettyellen Sep 2015 #167
I think the OP is expressing short comings with the ACA which have adversely still_one Sep 2015 #168
you say vibrato, I say willfully inaccurate. a long winded "thanks Obama!" from someone who at the bettyellen Sep 2015 #169
Vibrato, Tomato... (sorry about that). It is an unfair rant from the OP for sure, and of course the still_one Sep 2015 #171
I'm sorry this is happening to you Liberty. I almost died from lack of health insurance and not Dont call me Shirley Sep 2015 #91
Under the ACA you get a policy and the amount you pay for it treestar Sep 2015 #95
We are $100 a month over the Medicaid or Medical limit a month Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #126
Then you can get an ACA policy for a premium of far less treestar Sep 2015 #147
The law is HIPAA and reposting info that you provided about yourself here is not Gormy Cuss Sep 2015 #175
Medicare is means-tested now? nt geek tragedy Sep 2015 #98
I meant Medi-Cal, the CA version of Medicare, sorry, misspoke on that. n/t Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #128
Glorious, etc., etc. tabasco Sep 2015 #99
According to a 2012 post, you used to pay $700 monthly before Obamacare. MORE than now. pnwmom Sep 2015 #102
That was for a couple months when I had cancer and then it went down. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #123
The real problem I think isn't the ACA -- it's California's lack of price controls. pnwmom Sep 2015 #125
you're right about the need for price controls on insurance rate hikes. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #127
I am sorry for all your troubles. phylny Sep 2015 #107
On your last point, the need for single-payer, I hope we can ALL agree. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #130
I don't think anyone would disagree with that on DU. The problem is in the current Congressional still_one Sep 2015 #157
Consider yourself lucky, my daughter died under your Conservative selfishness Stargazer99 Sep 2015 #131
I am very sorry for your loss but I am not a conservative. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #132
Still waiting to hear which provision of Obamacare ruined your life CreekDog Sep 2015 #200
Nothing is worse than what you have been through, and I am so sorry for your loss. However, I think the still_one Sep 2015 #160
You might learn to ignore medical bill collectors and how to live with a low credit rating. hunter Sep 2015 #161
People forget that: we are a very rich developing nation Recursion Sep 2015 #162
That is the sad reality for so many people. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #208
Sorry for your troubles... onpatrol98 Sep 2015 #164
any hospital care thru emergency room should be coverered dembotoz Sep 2015 #170
Clarification jjct2012 Sep 2015 #172
The OP has said repeatedly....... WillowTree Sep 2015 #173
That's all correct and sadly Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #241
You're in a rotten situation, Liberty. WillowTree Sep 2015 #248
It's not a violation of HIPAA SheilaT Sep 2015 #174
A lot of wrong information in this OP. stopbush Sep 2015 #183
We did claim a life changing event with the job loss. See my explanations in the other threads. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #230
The ACA saved my life. n/t Marrah_G Sep 2015 #191
a) It's only been two days. "Ruined" might be an overstatement. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2015 #194
my thought also. Liberal_in_LA Sep 2015 #195
To summarize the op lumberjack_jeff Sep 2015 #197
I don't read that she canceled her insurance tammywammy Sep 2015 #198
You're right. I read it wrong - I thought the issue was that she's uninsured. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2015 #202
Ehh, I drive 25 miles one way to work. tammywammy Sep 2015 #203
interesting thought... Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #217
I didn't know contracted specialists were far away. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #211
you're confused, I didn't drop Obamacare, I still have it but we are paying 75% of our income for it Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #220
Sounds like your beef is with managed care, not the ACA KamaAina Sep 2015 #196
Aetna pulled out of the individual market in California. tammywammy Sep 2015 #199
Yep I had Aetna before. Liberty Belle Sep 2015 #210
I thought they merged with another company SoCalDem Sep 2015 #260
With your and your spouses income I'm sure Med-Cal can help demosincebirth Sep 2015 #201
Profit over People ReactFlux Sep 2015 #259
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