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You got that right. FarPoint Oct 2015 #1
My question is why didn't Cong. Roby wash her hair DURHAM D Oct 2015 #2
I had the same thought, her hair looks like it hadn't been washed in a month katmondoo Oct 2015 #7
Dirty greasy hair seems commonplace JanetLovesObama Oct 2015 #18
Too cattie to dignify. Ed Suspicious Oct 2015 #26
She wanted to look as much like her Chairman as she could.... George II Oct 2015 #32
ROFL! There definitely is a resemblance! MoonRiver Oct 2015 #54
She is from Alabama ... LannyDeVaney Oct 2015 #36
OK, that's just tacky! juajen Oct 2015 #51
But funny. NurseJackie Oct 2015 #55
Tacky is as tacky does. asjr Oct 2015 #74
DUzy! hifiguy Oct 2015 #73
Congresswoman Roby is an embarassment to the Alabama district No Vested Interest Oct 2015 #69
Hella smart. cyberswede Oct 2015 #3
In charge of what? JanetLovesObama Oct 2015 #20
I was referring to HRC. nt cyberswede Oct 2015 #25
I agree, but that is not a good comparison. Democrats have a tendency to pick the LiberalArkie Oct 2015 #4
You cant even allow one compliment, amazing. randys1 Oct 2015 #11
HRC does not need a compliment. She is smart, she is very competent, she is a Democrat. Just LiberalArkie Oct 2015 #13
That's different. randys1 Oct 2015 #15
During the 2008 election, I saw a bumper sticker that said ... 1StrongBlackMan Oct 2015 #22
They just work with a different part of the brain I believe, or is that a different brain. LiberalArkie Oct 2015 #27
It's a different organ. Nitram Oct 2015 #31
I would say.... daleanime Oct 2015 #42
More like the appendix Sophiegirl Oct 2015 #52
The primitive part of the CNS between brain and spinal chord. MasonDreams Oct 2015 #71
Actually angrychair Oct 2015 #45
Wow! Technology is wonderful! So that's how metal detectors stop terrorists! MasonDreams Oct 2015 #78
Truman trumad Oct 2015 #46
This should be posted as a sticky somewhere. Our fault was we tried to meet them and LiberalArkie Oct 2015 #61
Our fault was we elected some of them and still can't admit it. n/t jtuck004 Oct 2015 #62
Yea for sure, but in saying that usually our worst is still better than anything the R's will have. LiberalArkie Oct 2015 #65
Our worst are the ones who enable the Rs. At least the others are in plain view. n/t jtuck004 Oct 2015 #66
Nobody ever kicked Repukes' asses better than hifiguy Oct 2015 #75
Hillary knows her stuff! hamsterjill Oct 2015 #5
Without a doubt about her inyelligence and she has a clear agenda. Thinkingabout Oct 2015 #6
That low bar - they are too stupid to know that their partisan shit is malaise Oct 2015 #8
+1 daleanime Oct 2015 #44
Hear! Hear! She smacks them down with ease, especially when they want to end their BlueCaliDem Oct 2015 #9
Trey is no match for Hillary Botany Oct 2015 #10
Didn't know this about her. Thanks for the info, Botany! eom BlueCaliDem Oct 2015 #14
She also did post grad work into early childhood education and brain development too Botany Oct 2015 #21
That's like the Polish horse infantry hifiguy Oct 2015 #72
Undoubtedly....but I am still feeling the BERN! Left coast liberal Oct 2015 #12
Just imagine the word bubble over her head. madaboutharry Oct 2015 #16
Yes. Clinton has done extremely well. Meanwhile the GOP think Oct 2015 #17
And it's so obvious.k&r. sufrommich Oct 2015 #19
Respectfully disagree ..... H2O Man Oct 2015 #23
Yup. Agschmid Oct 2015 #24
Really? ejbr Oct 2015 #28
I'm confused. DrBulldog Oct 2015 #29
She's also experienced, mature, good at thinking on her feet, has a sense of humor... Nitram Oct 2015 #34
Really? trumad Oct 2015 #47
we all know she's smart greymattermom Oct 2015 #30
not to take anything away from madam secretary, but my cats when they were high on nip were smarter niyad Oct 2015 #33
Pretty low bar there... YoungDemCA Oct 2015 #35
"I'm sorry it doesn't fit your narrative, Congressman." calimary Oct 2015 #37
She's kicking ass............ George II Oct 2015 #38
I've been muting the R questioners..... Laurian Oct 2015 #39
I'm impressed. dmr Oct 2015 #40
How Embarassing!!! Gamecock Lefty Oct 2015 #41
At least workinclasszero Oct 2015 #43
And a lot worse than Bernie Sanders. Fearless Oct 2015 #48
Fine, I WILL say what I want about Hillary! retrowire Oct 2015 #49
No wonder they wanted her to testify in private. Rose Siding Oct 2015 #50
Picking a battle of wits with someone who has you outgunned hifiguy Oct 2015 #77
What I learned from the emails is mountain grammy Oct 2015 #53
Can't wait to hear the alleged affair between Blumenthal and Hillary. I just know it is coming. kelliekat44 Oct 2015 #56
So's a sack of doorknobs. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2015 #57
Now remember: you said I could say what I want. Smarmie Doofus Oct 2015 #58
The pukes going after Blumenthal's emails BootinUp Oct 2015 #59
NO ONE could ever accuse Hillary of being anything but brilliant. dorkzilla Oct 2015 #60
A thousand times more integrity as well. lovemydog Oct 2015 #63
That's a very low bar. nt TBF Oct 2015 #64
She's doing an excellent job! eom Duval Oct 2015 #67
so is a box of rocks Hiraeth Oct 2015 #68
Maybe I'm in the wrong forum, but I need to say... classof56 Oct 2015 #70
Hillary is mopping the floor with these buffoons. BlueEye Oct 2015 #76
I really thought that Gowdy, as a former prosecutor, would have the insight LanternWaste Oct 2015 #79
The right-wing sites are not happy Ratty Oct 2015 #80
Damn right. n/t Triana Oct 2015 #81
Absolutely! nt Raine Oct 2015 #82
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