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Tue Nov 3, 2015, 05:52 PM Nov 2015

Salon: How Jeb Bush cheated America & helped deliver the presidency to W [View all]

Thank you immensely, Heather Digby Parton, for this EXCELLENT review, on the anniversary of the hostile takeover 15 years ago today.

“Your little brother is not the ultimate authority”: How Jeb Bush cheated America & helped deliver the presidency to W, Nov 3, 2015

Fifteen years ago, America voted for Al Gore. Unfortunately for Gore, he didn't have a governor for a brother

(Credit: Reuters/Jim Young)

When some of us hear Jeb Bush’s new slogan, “Jeb can fix it,” we don’t think of a mechanic getting under the hood and fixing the nation’s problems. We don’t even think of Jimmy Savile, the notorious British pedophile, whose show was called “Jim’ll fix it,” although some people sure will. No, we think about Election 2000 and the Florida recount, where Jeb proved that his slogan isn’t all hot air. Whatever else he did as Governor of Florida, when it came to that election, Jeb fixed it.

Anyone old enough to remember that election night, which was 15 years ago today, will remember that the outcome of the electoral college depended on that one state. And what came next is exactly what anyone would have predicted would happen when an election is so close it triggers a recount in a state in which the levers of power and the electoral machinery are run by one of the candidates’ brothers. That candidate was the one who became president.

The road George W. and Jeb Bush took to get there was complicated and difficult, and in the end had to be decided by a couple of Supreme Court justices who happened to have been appointed by the Bush brothers’ dad when he was president. (Who says that dynasties have no clout in American politics?) But Jeb proved himself to be particularly adept at getting the job done without getting his hands dirty.


The media played an interesting part as well. The networks first called the election for Gore based on exit polls which later turned out to correctly predict for whom the people actually voted that day. Fox News, with one of its earliest political coups, was the first to call it for Bush. A consultant by the name of John Ellis, who later admitted to being on the phone with Jeb and George W. Bush throughout the evening, is the fellow who made that initial call for Fox. If his name sounds familiar it’s because John Ellis, is also Jeb Bush’s name; “Jeb” stands for John Ellis Bush. Ellis is George W. and Jeb’s first cousin.

The Bush campaign knew that once they had established their “lead” they needed to keep it. The key was to be able to declare victory and then portray the Gore campaign as being sore losers who refused to accept defeat. On election night, they almost succeeded in getting Gore to capitulate without a fight. He was on the way to make his concession speech when his team told him to hold up, that the margin was ridiculously tight and that a recount would be mandated by state law. The phone call that happened next was a very telling exchange:


Jeb may not have been the ultimate authority but he had plenty of influence on the state’s electoral machinery, particularly the Secretary of State Katherine Harris who was in charge of the recount and who also happened to be one of George W. Bush’s campaign co-chairs. According to Jeffrey Toobin’s book “Too Close to Call” an angry Jeb awakened Harris at three in the morning to chastise her for allowing the assistant director of elections to go on TV and discuss Florida election laws, which required recounts and a standard of determining the intent of the voter. Jeb had this foolish bureaucrat yanked from the air immediately and he assigned her a political advisor by the name of Mac Stipanovich, a close political associate and master of Florida politics and electoral machinery.


Village Voice:

Baker was practically announcing that Brother Jeb had put the legislature in play. With Feeney’s majority approving the Bush slate the very day that the U.S. Supreme Court weighed its final decision, the First Family of Texas and Florida was making it clear that it was even prepared to circumvent a 7 to 2 Republican court if it didn’t like the ultimate decision.

Digby again:

That may have been the single most important move by Jeb Bush during the whole recount period. By getting the legislature to provide the final backstop the media began the drumbeat that there was little point in further pursuing the recount. With the Florida Republicans prepared to use the arcane rules of the legislature to install George W. Bush no matter what the vote tally ultimately showed, the press now assumed Bush would be president. This was when they began to pat America on the back for being so civilized in the way it handles such disputes (there were no tanks in the streets!) and to tell Democrats to “get over it.”

More from my own research here. And here.

Jeb should be hammered with this at each and every opportunity that comes.

Just like Daddy, always keeping his own hands clean, Jeb Bush is a long-time fixer.

He is one of the leading bad actors responsible for the ongoing catastrophe draining the life out of our country today.

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kick his ass-----evil family Angry Dragon Nov 2015 #1
And for this, we are NEVER letting this bastard go. seafan Nov 2015 #2
Are you losing the election to Al Gore? Don't worry Jeb can fix it. Johonny Nov 2015 #3
k n fucking r cui bono Nov 2015 #4
yep, Jeb can fix it! napkinz Nov 2015 #5
PLUS ONE, a whole bunch! Enthusiast Nov 2015 #7
Damn, these are good! Thanks for posting them! nt TrollBuster9090 Nov 2015 #13
Although, I suppose that pointing this out will only INCREASE his poll numbers with GOP voters? TrollBuster9090 Nov 2015 #14
Is his team THAT clueless? Jerry442 Nov 2015 #15
May I ask you a question about 2004? I vividly remember Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2015 #6
Hi, Laura. Yes, I remember that too. seafan Nov 2015 #17
thanks so much for gathering that. wish there was a video of that Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2015 #27
"Start with Broward", Governor Jeb Bush told Karl Rove, on Election Night 2004. seafan Nov 2015 #31
The Bush clan is unethical. Enthusiast Nov 2015 #8
Unethical? That's a nice way of stating what they are! smirkymonkey Nov 2015 #22
But at least everyone, even in the right wing media, should admit they're unethical. Enthusiast Nov 2015 #26
Looking back, we should have demanded that Jeb recuse himself - somehow. nt Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2015 #9
Jeb! can certainly fix elections. nt valerief Nov 2015 #10
Jeb Governor 1999-2007 Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2015 #28
The November Criminals Chasstev365 Nov 2015 #11
Duh! That's What He Means By "Jeb Can Fix It." TrollBuster9090 Nov 2015 #12
I will never forget how awful I felt when Scotus stopped the recount. Punkingal Nov 2015 #16
That doesn't stop him chapdrum Nov 2015 #18
Kick kick kick kick kick kick kick Jeb's entitled ass. Hekate Nov 2015 #19
After a while, we become numb.. mountain grammy Nov 2015 #20
I seem to recall reading... gregcrawford Nov 2015 #21
Paging Octafish. seafan Nov 2015 #23
Russ Baker's book on the benighted Bushes chapdrum Nov 2015 #35
"it blames the actual perpetrators; in other words it blames our Republican allies MisterP Nov 2015 #24
Yes, the Florida legislature did threaten to send a Republican slate to the Electoral College Samantha Nov 2015 #25
Not sure how true that is... davidn3600 Nov 2015 #30
Yes, the legislature determines the slate, but the Florida state constitution stipulated that the Samantha Nov 2015 #33
Jeb Bush shoved the heist into the FL legislature. But he didn't keep his hands clean this time. seafan Nov 2015 #43
How stupid of Trump to tweet that nasty stuff about Jeb last night Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2015 #29
Too bad for Jeb that Dubya is not in a position to repay the favor. nt Nitram Nov 2015 #32
K&R emsimon33 Nov 2015 #34
Hey! You're supposed to be lookin forward here! grahamhgreen Nov 2015 #36
JEB Crow Shrub "should be hammered with this...every opportunity"!1 If TRUMP hammered Shrub UTUSN Nov 2015 #37
Trump, at next week's GOP debate, should zero in on Jeb!'s role in Election 2000. seafan Nov 2015 #39
The fix was in. yardwork Nov 2015 #38
Please read Greg Palast's book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy Midnight Writer Nov 2015 #40
This... ^^^ Gumboot Nov 2015 #41
CRIMINAL BASTARDS John Poet Nov 2015 #42
k and r niyad Nov 2015 #44
In this vein, and what happened in the intervening 8 years, Jeb destroyed America. IHateTheGOP Nov 2015 #45
The Bushes have double-crossed America. seafan Nov 2015 #46
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