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41. This... ^^^
Thu Nov 5, 2015, 10:01 AM
Nov 2015

... Is how I found aout about the FLA2000 heist. Brilliant investigator Greg Palast opened my eyes to the vile character of the Bush clan.

for 2016, Jeb is over already - unless somebody swaps vote counts in the IA / NH races...

kick his ass-----evil family Angry Dragon Nov 2015 #1
And for this, we are NEVER letting this bastard go. seafan Nov 2015 #2
Are you losing the election to Al Gore? Don't worry Jeb can fix it. Johonny Nov 2015 #3
k n fucking r cui bono Nov 2015 #4
yep, Jeb can fix it! napkinz Nov 2015 #5
PLUS ONE, a whole bunch! Enthusiast Nov 2015 #7
Damn, these are good! Thanks for posting them! nt TrollBuster9090 Nov 2015 #13
Although, I suppose that pointing this out will only INCREASE his poll numbers with GOP voters? TrollBuster9090 Nov 2015 #14
Is his team THAT clueless? Jerry442 Nov 2015 #15
May I ask you a question about 2004? I vividly remember Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2015 #6
Hi, Laura. Yes, I remember that too. seafan Nov 2015 #17
thanks so much for gathering that. wish there was a video of that Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2015 #27
"Start with Broward", Governor Jeb Bush told Karl Rove, on Election Night 2004. seafan Nov 2015 #31
The Bush clan is unethical. Enthusiast Nov 2015 #8
Unethical? That's a nice way of stating what they are! smirkymonkey Nov 2015 #22
But at least everyone, even in the right wing media, should admit they're unethical. Enthusiast Nov 2015 #26
Looking back, we should have demanded that Jeb recuse himself - somehow. nt Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2015 #9
Jeb! can certainly fix elections. nt valerief Nov 2015 #10
Jeb Governor 1999-2007 Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2015 #28
The November Criminals Chasstev365 Nov 2015 #11
Duh! That's What He Means By "Jeb Can Fix It." TrollBuster9090 Nov 2015 #12
I will never forget how awful I felt when Scotus stopped the recount. Punkingal Nov 2015 #16
That doesn't stop him chapdrum Nov 2015 #18
Kick kick kick kick kick kick kick Jeb's entitled ass. Hekate Nov 2015 #19
After a while, we become numb.. mountain grammy Nov 2015 #20
I seem to recall reading... gregcrawford Nov 2015 #21
Paging Octafish. seafan Nov 2015 #23
Russ Baker's book on the benighted Bushes chapdrum Nov 2015 #35
"it blames the actual perpetrators; in other words it blames our Republican allies MisterP Nov 2015 #24
Yes, the Florida legislature did threaten to send a Republican slate to the Electoral College Samantha Nov 2015 #25
Not sure how true that is... davidn3600 Nov 2015 #30
Yes, the legislature determines the slate, but the Florida state constitution stipulated that the Samantha Nov 2015 #33
Jeb Bush shoved the heist into the FL legislature. But he didn't keep his hands clean this time. seafan Nov 2015 #43
How stupid of Trump to tweet that nasty stuff about Jeb last night Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2015 #29
Too bad for Jeb that Dubya is not in a position to repay the favor. nt Nitram Nov 2015 #32
K&R emsimon33 Nov 2015 #34
Hey! You're supposed to be lookin forward here! grahamhgreen Nov 2015 #36
JEB Crow Shrub "should be hammered with this...every opportunity"!1 If TRUMP hammered Shrub UTUSN Nov 2015 #37
Trump, at next week's GOP debate, should zero in on Jeb!'s role in Election 2000. seafan Nov 2015 #39
The fix was in. yardwork Nov 2015 #38
Please read Greg Palast's book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy Midnight Writer Nov 2015 #40
This... ^^^ Gumboot Nov 2015 #41
CRIMINAL BASTARDS John Poet Nov 2015 #42
k and r niyad Nov 2015 #44
In this vein, and what happened in the intervening 8 years, Jeb destroyed America. IHateTheGOP Nov 2015 #45
The Bushes have double-crossed America. seafan Nov 2015 #46
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