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4. You underestimate them, they won't stop then either...they want all of the earth for themselves.
Mon Nov 16, 2015, 11:24 AM
Nov 2015

They would prefer that we die off in conveniently large numbers.

Karl Rove proposed it and he was then speaking as the leading voice of the 1% tyranny. He said in so many words that if "we" could not defend ourselves we had no right to the wealth of the world or for that matter to be here. Rove is very much of the dog-eat-dog with the Uber-dog-over-all philosophy.

My contention is that if things are truly as Rove proposes then the next logical step for "us" is to remove the threat of Rove's 1% from our lives. I don't subscribe to Rovian theory but I do worry that its application by those who do has lead to ISIL, Christian Dominionist Theocracy (Tea Party Republicanism), and other genocide inducing organisms.

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