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24. Selfishness is the source of all evil in this world.
Wed Dec 2, 2015, 07:26 PM
Dec 2015

It would be nice if some people would consider the rights of Americans to not be murdered so some selfish asses can have their stupid guns.

How can anybody support an activity that causes so much harm to the innocent? – pure selfishness.

Some people think prayer helps. So I'm praying for gun control. nt Xipe Totec Dec 2015 #1
Well, bondwooley Dec 2015 #3
I post on DU and make snarky comments Township75 Dec 2015 #2
Yeah. bondwooley Dec 2015 #6
Well, what is reasonable? Township75 Dec 2015 #33
I plaster social media with info., opinion pieces, cartoons (mostly gleaned from DU) japple Dec 2015 #4
I'm going to fear monger DU until I shame people out of their rights. linuxman Dec 2015 #5
When you weigh the pain you feel when someone mentions taking away your gun Squinch Dec 2015 #10
I am suspicious of people who oppose ANY constitutional rights. linuxman Dec 2015 #11
We are all, in the wake of yet another massacre, wracking our brains to determine which arguments Squinch Dec 2015 #12
The supreme court, linuxman Dec 2015 #13
The supreme court did NOT disagree with my interpretation till Heller, which was written by Squinch Dec 2015 #15
Well, then just follow the laws you agree with I guess... linuxman Dec 2015 #17
What law am I breaking? Squinch Dec 2015 #18
YOu all happy about Citizen's United, and because the SC upheld it, you're never going to say Squinch Dec 2015 #19
Selfishness is the source of all evil in this world. cpwm17 Dec 2015 #24
Hear, hear! smirkymonkey Dec 2015 #14
Very good point nt bondwooley Dec 2015 #21
I know. I am so freaking sick of this lunacy. And I'm really sick of Squinch Dec 2015 #23
I am proud and happy to say that all the guns should be confiscated. CBGLuthier Dec 2015 #43
I make sure I vote for candidates at all levels that are in favor of gun control etherealtruth Dec 2015 #7
I'm encouraging people to join the NRA. Really. Chan790 Dec 2015 #8
Hey, bondwooley Dec 2015 #9
That is interesting. How many do you think it would take, numbers wise. Squinch Dec 2015 #16
A billion, probably. bondwooley Dec 2015 #22
A lot. I'm thinking a few tens of thousands. Chan790 Dec 2015 #27
It's really a good idea. Squinch Dec 2015 #28
That's actually...a fantastic idea. sir pball Dec 2015 #36
I am continuing to not own a gun. kentauros Dec 2015 #20
Actually, very true etherealtruth Dec 2015 #25
today? booze and mockery of everything Alex Jones MisterP Dec 2015 #26
I do my best to stay unarmed as little as possible. ileus Dec 2015 #29
WTF is wrong with you? You love these mass shootings so you can smart off. nt Logical Dec 2015 #31
Like roaches when the lights go off. Squinch Dec 2015 #32
He is not a normal gun owner. nt Logical Dec 2015 #34
Yeah, I'll shamelessly admit to more than I should re. guns.. sir pball Dec 2015 #37
I own guns and have a CC license but realize we have some gun issues. Nt Logical Dec 2015 #38
Yeah, I dropped CC a while back but I know. sir pball Dec 2015 #39
True, we have a violent country, check murder rates by guns in other.... Logical Dec 2015 #40
Oh, I'm well aware. sir pball Dec 2015 #41
Yes, it is not just guns, our culture is very different. Nt Logical Dec 2015 #42
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2015 #30
Maybe what I'll do fayhunter Dec 2015 #35
I'm working my ass off to get Bernie Sanders to the presidency Le Taz Hot Dec 2015 #44
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