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Fri Dec 18, 2015, 03:58 AM Dec 2015

Curious about Non Christians on DU [View all]

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And a question of how do you spend the Holidays, what do you do?

As for me, My parents don't celebrate the holidays except for New Years. I will celebrate "Kurisumasu" in the Japanese way as a romantic holiday with friends. All the trimmings without the religious over tones. Gift giving, having vanilla icing cake with strawberries.. drinking eggnog, and hanging out with friends.

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2 (3%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
Buddhist (and or Chinese folk Religionists)
1 (1%)
0 (0%)
Tribal religionists/Pagan/Wiccan/New Age
5 (7%)
0 (0%)
50 (68%)
Non Religious
13 (18%)
Other kind of Non Christian please state
3 (4%)
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Curious about Non Christians on DU [View all] yuiyoshida Dec 2015 OP
I celebrate Chanukkah and a bit of Christmas. Behind the Aegis Dec 2015 #1
I'm an atheist olddots Dec 2015 #2
That's me! artislife Dec 2015 #5
I call it,"tis the season of competitive eating" LOL nt Javaman Dec 2015 #38
Add me to your atheist foodie list. Greybnk48 Dec 2015 #102
Atheist working xmas gwheezie Dec 2015 #3
Atheist. Normally celebrate Christmas with mixed religious family, but no plans this year. LeftyMom Dec 2015 #4
Atheist who celebrates Christmas LittleBlue Dec 2015 #6
Atheist Glamrock Dec 2015 #7
Atheists -- we do the tree (it's pagan, after all), presents, cookies, decorate gingerbread house. Arugula Latte Dec 2015 #8
Not into dogma, but love safeinOhio Dec 2015 #9
Secular Jewish, but we observe Christmas Sen. Walter Sobchak Dec 2015 #10
I am not religious get the red out Dec 2015 #11
This kinda crap has no place here or on conservative networks, socialist ones, liberal ones or any NotHardly Dec 2015 #12
You're living the wrong epoch. You should have been a Puritan. Joe Chi Minh Dec 2015 #13
Happy Holidays SecularMotion Dec 2015 #17
sure it does... yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #28
lighten up, francis. nt Javaman Dec 2015 #39
Asking how non-christians celebrate the season is crap? Iggo Dec 2015 #45
Merry Christmas! bigwillq Dec 2015 #49
Agnostic atheist. Celebrate a secular Christmas. Manifestor_of_Light Dec 2015 #14
Atheist, "Culturally Christian" (which is kind of unavoidable, I suppose) Spider Jerusalem Dec 2015 #15
Atheist, but we host a Xmas party for Christian and Buddhist relatives Yorktown Dec 2015 #16
Staunchly Non-Religious But We Celebrate Christmas ProfessorGAC Dec 2015 #18
Unitarian Universalist JustAnotherGen Dec 2015 #19
I was raised very strict Catholic. But I'm agnostic. a la izquierda Dec 2015 #20
Atheist. No real celebrations. We do the gift thing to youngsters whatthehey Dec 2015 #21
This for me too. wickerwoman Dec 2015 #73
Raised Atheist RobinA Dec 2015 #22
I have always though of myself as a... Wounded Bear Dec 2015 #23
non-religious. I just play along, try not to harsh anybody else's buzz. but personally it's a KG Dec 2015 #24
I'm an atheist, so I don't celebrate anything. johnp3907 Dec 2015 #25
Wiccan Marrah_G Dec 2015 #26
Oh! I should have added Wiccan yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #30
Happy holidays to you too! Marrah_G Dec 2015 #31
made an edit for Pagans and Wiccans. yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #37
Thank you! Marrah_G Dec 2015 #43
you're welcome yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #44
my wife madokie Dec 2015 #27
I'm an atheist stage left Dec 2015 #29
Atheist who celebrates Christmas in all it's wonderful glory. Nt hack89 Dec 2015 #32
Christmas makes a lot more sense ipfilter Dec 2015 #33
Hermetic Pagan Lightworker Hestia Dec 2015 #34
I have an idea... yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #36
I've never held this time of year as having anything to do with Christians. Rex Dec 2015 #35
Atheist. Spend some time with my friends, some are believers some not. BlueJazz Dec 2015 #40
I eat Chinese and shop at Asian food store. roody Dec 2015 #41
I love Peking duck yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #42
Non-secular TlalocW Dec 2015 #46
There's nothing religious related to my Christmas tree, lights, presents, or other decor NightWatcher Dec 2015 #47
Brought up Catholic, dragged to Mass every week and hated it. Nye Bevan Dec 2015 #48
Atheist bigwillq Dec 2015 #50
Ditto Auggie Dec 2015 #51
Non-religious but Christmas is fun so we celebrate it with family, food, a tree. Shrike47 Dec 2015 #52
I wish we could take some yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #53
Right there with ya. Arugula Latte Dec 2015 #75
It took me 60 years or so to realize that I'm a deist tularetom Dec 2015 #54
so...no plans for the Holiday? yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #55
Holidays in our family are pretty "traditional" tularetom Dec 2015 #67
Sincere congrats for even knowing the difference whatthehey Dec 2015 #59
New-Ager kentauros Dec 2015 #56
Mystic. truebluegreen Dec 2015 #57
wouldn't that come under yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #58
Not really. 2naSalit Dec 2015 #71
No. Any tradition or faith can incorporate mysticism. truebluegreen Dec 2015 #107
Christmas-loving atheist here frogmarch Dec 2015 #60
Non religious, but celebrate Christmas. Crunchy Frog Dec 2015 #61
Atheist - love spending time with family and friends - WestSeattle2 Dec 2015 #62
Me, too. Catholic sister has to insert her voodoo into "grace." lindysalsagal Dec 2015 #94
I'll spend the day Faux pas Dec 2015 #63
Atheist. I love Christmas. The tackier the better. WhollyHeretic Dec 2015 #64
I found a source online for ugly christmas sweaters OriginalGeek Dec 2015 #91
Raised Unitarian, now an atheist. nt Laffy Kat Dec 2015 #65
Atheist. Celebrate with friends and family. Arkansas Granny Dec 2015 #66
My wife and I are atheists, but there are many secular Christmas traditions to enjoy. Act_of_Reparation Dec 2015 #68
student of dharma/pagan hybrid restorefreedom Dec 2015 #69
I'm an agnostic dyslexic insomniac panader0 Dec 2015 #70
LOL!!! 2naSalit Dec 2015 #72
I'm an atheist and I used to buy a Christmas tree anyway. Vinca Dec 2015 #74
They use to be pagan holidays upaloopa Dec 2015 #76
Atheist who likes some Christmas movies Blasphemer Dec 2015 #77
Other: Dontcarist Kalidurga Dec 2015 #78
I thought Christmas origins came from Pagans. . B Calm Dec 2015 #79
Christmas is pretty much a secular holiday. Buzz cook Dec 2015 #80
Atheist who doesn't celebrate Christmas but not because of any religious overtones justiceischeap Dec 2015 #81
Atheist. Usually celebrate Christmas with my family. backscatter712 Dec 2015 #82
I am rather surprised at the results Runningdawg Dec 2015 #83
Agnostic... not one of the choices listed. (nt) LuckyTheDog Dec 2015 #84
i'm agnostic, and also non-religious. Quantess Dec 2015 #87
Not really (NT) LuckyTheDog Dec 2015 #108
Radical Empiricist and Wittgensteinian Skeptic Monk06 Dec 2015 #85
Last night, Star Wars, I overheard something fascinating, listening to some young comic book fans. hunter Dec 2015 #86
atheist and i celebrate christmas JI7 Dec 2015 #88
No mochi? Generic Other Dec 2015 #89
I love Mochi but traditional Japanese Kurisumasu calls for yuiyoshida Dec 2015 #99
Very festive! Generic Other Dec 2015 #106
I'm an atheist and I eat, drink, take time off work OriginalGeek Dec 2015 #90
Agnostic. GoCubsGo Dec 2015 #92
Dec. 25 is my Mom's birthday. bigwillq Dec 2015 #95
My mom's was the 29th. GoCubsGo Dec 2015 #97
Cool. bigwillq Dec 2015 #98
.... Skittles Dec 2015 #93
Back around to being an atheist. ladyVet Dec 2015 #96
I'm an atheist, but I celebrate Jewish holidays with my family. sakabatou Dec 2015 #100
I'm using the 25th as a clean-the-apartment and chores day. arcane1 Dec 2015 #101
I celebrate Christmas. KamaAina Dec 2015 #103
Just don't believe in God ilTupe Dec 2015 #104
Agnostic on my best day... spending time with the family... Rhythm Dec 2015 #105
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