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39. So it is the liberals' and the Muslims' fault for Trump's popularity
Tue Dec 22, 2015, 06:03 AM
Dec 2015

and not American bigots and war-mongers? Yea, I'm sure Americans are really so concerned about woman in the Muslim world, such that it should be a major concern in US elections.

Who are the violent ones? US foreign policy proves who most supports violence in this world, and it is reflected in who values human life the least:


While the majority of world citizens agree that military attacks targeting civilians are never justified, a decade after 9/11, there is a wide range in the level of support for this view. A clear majority in Asia and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) find military attacks against civilians unacceptable. This is not surprising considering the acute conflicts raging in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and other parts of the Middle East.

In contrast, regionally, residents of the U.S. and Canada are most likely to say that military attacks against civilians are sometimes justified. Americans are the most likely population in the world (49%) to believe military attacks targeting civilians is sometimes justified, followed by residents of Haiti and Israel (43%).


Some Democrats are bigots, too. The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2015 #1
Sad, but true. emulatorloo Dec 2015 #2
If DU is a reliable indicator, yes. closeupready Dec 2015 #6
we definitely have some here who are bigoted relative to age and regions DrDan Dec 2015 #48
A very sad truth n/t etherealtruth Dec 2015 #47
and the media critisizes Hillary for being to "harsh" to the Donald on his hate speech. still_one Dec 2015 #3
with the exposure the media is giving this clown, he'll be president before the election spanone Dec 2015 #4
On a silver platter! tavernier Dec 2015 #7
there is a reason why I have taken Trump VERY SERIOIUSLY from word go nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #5
nadin, did you see my post earlier? ChisolmTrailDem Dec 2015 #8
Yup and it is brilliant analysis nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #12
Well according to most of the so-called experts on this forum.... davidn3600 Dec 2015 #9
The vast majority on this board are Bernie supporters and they think he'll win. pnwmom Dec 2015 #10
Yeah but BernieBros are amateurs, clickety clickety don't you know Fumesucker Dec 2015 #33
I do not play those stupid games people play here nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #13
I said very early he's a great showman as his TV show displayed Ichingcarpenter Dec 2015 #38
We have run a few pieces at RSD on this theme nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #74
So you are saying? busterbrown Dec 2015 #18
Post removed Post removed Dec 2015 #11
Nah, think the divide is college education nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #14
Doubtful, since many of the same people are NRA nuts. n/t pnwmom Dec 2015 #17
There are plenty of people who are not NRA nuts loyalsister Dec 2015 #19
She is definitely not "extremely hawkish" except to the extreme pacifists. She and Kerry and Biden pnwmom Dec 2015 #21
If she really isn't hawkish loyalsister Dec 2015 #22
...^ that 840high Dec 2015 #24
She isn't blaming Obama for ISIS. She regrets her decision to vote for the IWR -- even though Bush pnwmom Dec 2015 #25
Really? loyalsister Dec 2015 #31
Bernie isn't against arming the Syrian rebels. He says we should help pnwmom Dec 2015 #35
That is by far the craziest thing Sanders has said. Renew Deal Dec 2015 #51
Her record can be summed up in one word. Jesus Malverde Dec 2015 #52
Yes. Thank you. closeupready Dec 2015 #69
You know Sanders supported regime change in Libya and wants the Middle East to fight their war Renew Deal Dec 2015 #50
Hillary will win, but Trump is mining a real anxiety over Islam Yorktown Dec 2015 #15
Hillary took a page out of his book during Saturday's debate loyalsister Dec 2015 #20
Give me a break. She said teacher because we'd JUST had a fake bomb threat, pnwmom Dec 2015 #23
Why do you put "jihadists" in quotation marks? Yorktown Dec 2015 #27
Because the bomb threat was FAKE!!! pnwmom Dec 2015 #29
And? Yorktown Dec 2015 #43
You wouldn't, I would. Big deal. n/t pnwmom Dec 2015 #44
Riiiight loyalsister Dec 2015 #32
The incident with the fake school bomb threats in NY and CA involved 700,000 in CA alone, pnwmom Dec 2015 #34
If she is so vacuous that she forgot loyalsister Dec 2015 #37
700,000 thousand SCHOOL KIDS in Los Angeles had just been threatened pnwmom Dec 2015 #41
Say WHAT!!!! burrowowl Dec 2015 #16
I heard an NPR report about some Sanders supporters who agreed with him. RandySF Dec 2015 #26
that would be national pentagon radio, correct? - nt KingCharlemagne Dec 2015 #55
What do you expect there are a lot of people who believe in the young earth myth Kalidurga Dec 2015 #28
When the Left don't want to call Islam out for being regressive and violent, what do you expect? frizzled Dec 2015 #30
So it is the liberals' and the Muslims' fault for Trump's popularity cpwm17 Dec 2015 #39
You mean the same liberals who love to bomb and drone the Muslim world? frizzled Dec 2015 #40
So there's a grain of truth there, but as usual, people (on the right especially) are just too damn nomorenomore08 Dec 2015 #42
Not everybody that puts a D by their name is a liberal. cpwm17 Dec 2015 #73
Islamophobic, much? - nt KingCharlemagne Dec 2015 #56
Double standard, much? frizzled Dec 2015 #62
WTF???? - I am not the one tarring an entire religion for the KingCharlemagne Dec 2015 #63
I never get why people think it's unfair to do this... frizzled Dec 2015 #64
Your comments plainly demonstrate that you know very little about either the history or KingCharlemagne Dec 2015 #65
I'm speaking of the present day situation - Islam is certainly not inherently backward frizzled Dec 2015 #66
What is your analysis of the following Quran verses and Hadiths? FrodosPet Dec 2015 #77
I don't think you know enough about Islam treestar Dec 2015 #71
And here folks is classic propaganda at work or the success of it nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #76
you're equating "Muslim" with the radical jihadists treestar Dec 2015 #70
All Muslims are not the same. All Blacks are not the same. All whites are not the same. pampango Dec 2015 #79
So you reject notions such as "white privilege"? frizzled Dec 2015 #80
Does rejecting racial and religious stereotypes mean I must reject the notion of 'white privilege' pampango Dec 2015 #81
In what way is "white privilege" not a racial stereotype? frizzled Dec 2015 #82
"some stereotypes are statistically valid". And they make life a lot 'simpler' too. pampango Dec 2015 #83
This message was self-deleted by its author RandiFan1290 Dec 2015 #36
Some red states have more D than R get the red out Dec 2015 #45
Yes Funtatlaguy Dec 2015 #53
Were you under the impression that Democrats never play the bigot? What pretentious self serving Bluenorthwest Dec 2015 #46
Excellent observations. I would also point out, though, that even KingCharlemagne Dec 2015 #58
Trump reminds me of Hitler and his supporters brown shirts Oneironaut Dec 2015 #49
Many Democrats who support bigots say they don't really like the bigotry but that it does not matter Bluenorthwest Dec 2015 #54
Again, spot on. Ancient history now, I suppose, but until 1964-5 the Democratic KingCharlemagne Dec 2015 #59
A lady called into the Washington Journal this morning and said she had been Vinca Dec 2015 #57
That caller NEVER supported Hillary to begin with. In true Rovian ratfucking style, she tries to KingCharlemagne Dec 2015 #60
Exactly. She's saying, "Follow me, idiots." pnwmom Dec 2015 #61
Read this nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #75
Bad statistics read edhopper Dec 2015 #67
Pollsters and Trump's numbers - Stop freaking out. GoneOffShore Dec 2015 #68
My opinion went up! aksptth Dec 2015 #72
Wake up!!! Johnny2X2X Dec 2015 #78
That's weird. bdwker Dec 2015 #84
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