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27. Because the Justice Department needs to prosecute the banksters and war criminals
Sat Jun 2, 2012, 02:21 AM
Jun 2012

The banksters destroyed our economy and the lives of millions of Americans while the war criminals killed hundreds of thousands and spent trillions on pointless wars.

That's why.

No because why? n/t Bolo Boffin Jun 2012 #1
The focus now is on winning the election in November. FarPoint Jun 2012 #2
Did I say right now? No.... Can't you look into the future ? Ichingcarpenter Jun 2012 #3
I prefer to prioritize. FarPoint Jun 2012 #9
I don't get it. Why should Obama dump Holder? lamp_shade Jun 2012 #4
So you think he's doing a great job... I don't Ichingcarpenter Jun 2012 #8
He's going after voter suppression at the right time in the swing states (starting with FL, ProgressiveEconomist Jun 2012 #31
No, I like Holder Happydayz Jun 2012 #5
A) You're seeing Liberals asking to see him dumped on this thread. B) Please cite your source.... Scuba Jun 2012 #15
THE TEST WILL BE DonCoquixote Jun 2012 #6
That last part didn't work out so well for Jimmy Carter... Drunken Irishman Jun 2012 #7
Probably should, to see if it's his policy, or the administration's.(to be useless) dmosh42 Jun 2012 #10
What is with this sick obsession by some on DU BumRushDaShow Jun 2012 #11
I don't have a 'sick obsession' and I think Ichingcarpenter Jun 2012 #12
I agree & have the same question... SkyDaddy7 Jun 2012 #17
It may have something to do with Holder's sick obsession ... GeorgeGist Jun 2012 #21
Because the Justice Department needs to prosecute the banksters and war criminals Cali_Democrat Jun 2012 #27
Replace Holder with someone who will focus on real crimes, asap. Yes. (nt) w4rma Jun 2012 #13
He should. sendero Jun 2012 #14
Holder should have been dumped more than a year ago. BlueIris Jun 2012 #16
Remember, Bohunk68 Jun 2012 #18
Doesn't the Attorney General follow the orders of the President? dotymed Jun 2012 #19
Not when it involves obstruction of justice. GeorgeGist Jun 2012 #22
No... rateyes Jun 2012 #20
With yesterday, last year, and never hiring being off the table that is a good compromise TheKentuckian Jun 2012 #23
Abstain. Obama should begin faithfully executing the laws, with or without replacement of Holder. eomer Jun 2012 #24
Why after the election? TBF Jun 2012 #25
Confirmation hearings for the new one Ichingcarpenter Jun 2012 #26
Now that I would like to see. nt TBF Jun 2012 #28
Holder kicked out in favor of pro-MMJ AG and will prosecute and ship the * administration to the Woody Woodpecker Jun 2012 #29
how different do you really think another AG will be? This one is what the president wants bigtree Jun 2012 #30
This is another drug legalization thread in disguise. randome Jun 2012 #32
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