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Mon Feb 8, 2016, 12:06 AM Feb 2016

Should the U.S. accept more than 10,000 Syrian Refugees? [View all]

The war in Syria continues to get more grim and dreadful. Something we can do is let in more refugees. It seems to me that as the "land of the free and home of the brave," we should be doing more for Syrian refugees. If you have a "magic number" of refugees you think we should accept, go ahead and post it. If you don't think there is a "magic number," then how should we decide how many to let in?

Edited to add this..


The U.S. is the top resettlement country. It has taken 70,000 refugees annually (from all over the world, not just Syria) for the past several years and has upped the number to 85,000 in 2016 in response to the growing number of refugees, including the 10,000 Syrians the U.S. has approved for resettlement in fiscal year 2016.

Total Syrian refugees in U.S. as of Jan. 26, 2016: 2,715

Although some conservative politicians expressed outrage at that number, Jastram says 10,000 is far too few.

“As a positive political measure, accepting 10,000 Syrians is not sufficient,” says Jastram. “I think it’s completely within the realm of possibility for the U.S. to take at least 100,000 Syrians. It would be a strong statement to our allies in Europe and our friends in the Middle East — the countries who are bearing that burden — by showing them that we’re willing to step up.”

Canada, with one-tenth the population of the U.S., has committed to accepting 25,000 Syrian refugees in six months; nearly 14,000 have arrived there since November.


27 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Don't allow any Syrian refugees in
6 (22%)
Accept only the 10,000 Syrian refugees Obama has proposed
4 (15%)
Accept 65,000 Syrian refugees as Clinton has proposed
0 (0%)
Accept more than 65,000 Syrian refugees
17 (63%)
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I must say that I am absolutely shocked that on DU there seem to be so many agreeing with Trump. n/t californiabernin Feb 2016 #1
gah, yeah... yuiyoshida Feb 2016 #26
Here's more. pangaia Feb 2016 #52
they're called TROLLS Skittles Feb 2016 #38
The Syrians really have had their lives destroyed flamingdem Feb 2016 #2
We really should change our policy towards cubans Travis_0004 Feb 2016 #5
It's still used for political football. At this point so many have come to the USA flamingdem Feb 2016 #6
Fuck it. linuxman Feb 2016 #3
That's usually because the men are going ahead first to try and find a job and and safe place liberal_at_heart Feb 2016 #4
I don't buy it. linuxman Feb 2016 #7
It happens all the time with Mexican refugees. Putting qualifiers such as being able to liberal_at_heart Feb 2016 #8
Especially when we're dropping bombs on their country. tazkcmo Feb 2016 #13
What sort of refugees are you talking about from mexico? linuxman Feb 2016 #15
I call you a coward. tazkcmo Feb 2016 #17
Big talk from an Internet nobody. linuxman Feb 2016 #20
buh-bye. Gong on my ignore list. liberal_at_heart Feb 2016 #22
Good example. tazkcmo Feb 2016 #23
Awww shucks! linuxman Feb 2016 #27
I'll wear it as a badge of honor. linuxman Feb 2016 #24
Those illegal immigrants do so because their families are starving. Would I illegally cross a border liberal_at_heart Feb 2016 #18
Wow. Clueless much? jeff47 Feb 2016 #28
Last I checked, linuxman Feb 2016 #31
Yeah...we actually don't do much. jeff47 Feb 2016 #33
Regarding the first part linuxman Feb 2016 #36
Then have Hillary bomb India. tazkcmo Feb 2016 #16
As a man tazkcmo Feb 2016 #10
Well said! liberal_at_heart Feb 2016 #11
If you have something to say, come out and say it. linuxman Feb 2016 #19
?????? tazkcmo Feb 2016 #21
You're an idiot for assuming I don't have a tv, and for being unable to comprehend I'm not opposed linuxman Feb 2016 #25
"They are fleeing death and destruction brought upon them by OUR country." oberliner Feb 2016 #35
simple question: what is your heritage? nt Javaman Feb 2016 #42
Not a clue. linuxman Feb 2016 #46
Generally speaking, people of Appalachian background are of Irish decent. Javaman Feb 2016 #47
I think they got over it. linuxman Feb 2016 #48
then that is a shame. Javaman Feb 2016 #49
Anger just eats a hole in the vessel that carries it. linuxman Feb 2016 #50
its not bitterness. Javaman Feb 2016 #56
Whatever. linuxman Feb 2016 #57
Speaking of Syrian refugees, whatever happens to Riverbend, the Baghdad is Burning blogger? HooptieWagon Feb 2016 #9
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free jeff47 Feb 2016 #12
We gotta get rid of that damn thing! tazkcmo Feb 2016 #14
I am SURE Donald Trump will send it back to France yuiyoshida Feb 2016 #29
You're right. tazkcmo Feb 2016 #32
bad choices; ericson00 Feb 2016 #30
We broke it, we need to buy it Hydra Feb 2016 #34
interesting way to spot the trolls Skittles Feb 2016 #37
Accept as many as we can transport mwrguy Feb 2016 #39
How about 23 million? hughee99 Feb 2016 #51
Ten is fine mwrguy Feb 2016 #53
Are we (liberals, progressives, leftists) our brothers keepers? Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2016 #40
Great to see a liberal result to this poll, although on a site like DU I expected it to be even pampango Feb 2016 #41
Yes, but only if gyroscope Feb 2016 #43
I want serious questions answered first.... davidn3600 Feb 2016 #44
More but only families, no single men. nt hack89 Feb 2016 #45
we might alleviate more suffering putting the effort to helping them where they are 6chars Feb 2016 #54
I think the US should taken in those going to Europe... JPnoodleman Feb 2016 #55
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