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Mon Jun 4, 2012, 03:38 AM Jun 2012

What is your favorite rationalization for the U.S. drone killings of civilian non-combatants? [View all]

This is the first time I've posted a poll on DU and I'm clearly trying for an ironic effect.

Inspiration for this came from reading Greenwald's latest piece on "The Authoritarian Mind" and remembering Milgram's Stanford experiments back in the late 50s.

20 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Time expired
"Our airstrikes in World War II killed a lot more civilians"
2 (10%)
"They shouldn't have been hanging out with terrorists"
4 (20%)
"At least we're not torturing anyone in captivity now"
0 (0%)
"Only third-party wackos could possibly criticize drone strikes"
0 (0%)
"You can't prove that any civilians were killed"
0 (0%)
"Kill them all and let God sort them out!"
0 (0%)
1 (5%)
"Shut up or we'll sic the drones on you"
1 (5%)
"What are drones?"
1 (5%)
Other (please explain)
11 (55%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Please change the title to something related to "summary executions" Zalatix Jun 2012 #1
The wording of the title is admittedly klunky. Just can't seem to find an coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #3
"The technology has increased our ability to decrease civilian casualties." Prometheus Bound Jun 2012 #2
Tough to choose only one, but at least I now understand the Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #4
You got it? I sure as hell didn't get it when I got that response. Zalatix Jun 2012 #5
Well, I get it insofar as now I understand the posters intent. Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #34
At least he didn't call you a Trotskyist running-dog. sudopod Jun 2012 #48
Wars have always killed the innocent MrScorpio Jun 2012 #6
Nice post and I largely concur. I think what bothers me as much as, or even more than, coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #30
++ cbrer Jun 2012 #43
We cannot absolve ourselves of guilt or the need to speak out. sudopod Jun 2012 #51
Invention of the Browning machine gun FogerRox Jun 2012 #87
Arrows came before the machine gun. boppers Jun 2012 #90
Yes, exactly. FogerRox Jun 2012 #91
The missile attacks are to create a distraction from the Whitewater investigation Kolesar Jun 2012 #7
Mine is: "Trooolllll, NADER, PAUL, Obama hater, burnnn teh witch!!!!11111" redgreenandblue Jun 2012 #8
x2 AnotherMcIntosh Jun 2012 #23
Why do you hate America? (nt) harmonicon Jun 2012 #9
Yeah, my option #7 is a variation on that theme (the affirmative coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #31
Now we don't have to put our troops in harm's way... rucky Jun 2012 #10
There is none Angry Dragon Jun 2012 #11
Most of the choices Capt. Obvious Jun 2012 #12
"automatic unrec for Glenn Greenwald" n/t Enrique Jun 2012 #13
+ Infinity. Odin2005 Jun 2012 #17
We don't really know how many civilians have been killed. randome Jun 2012 #14
We do know. Records have been kept, names, dates, and when it's been impossible to deny, sabrina 1 Jun 2012 #89
Fuck Ron Paul...nt SidDithers Jun 2012 #15
Brilliant ... GeorgeGist Jun 2012 #22
Hunh? How does Ron Paul enter this discussion, other coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #32
I believe SidDithers' post was intended as a parody of this... Zalatix Jun 2012 #38
Ah yes. I've got that particular individual referenced in your links on "Ignore," coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author sudopod Jun 2012 #52
I trust our President to kill only people who deserve it. woo me with science Jun 2012 #16
Did that include FDR? treestar Jun 2012 #62
Ah, a combination of numbers one, two, and possibly seven. woo me with science Jun 2012 #80
That one is so darkly satiric that it leaves me speechless in awe. - Jonathan coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #76
Other: "We're fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here." smokey nj Jun 2012 #18
Other - If they run, they're terrorists.... slackmaster Jun 2012 #19
Ooh, I had a strong feeling of deja vu (or maybe deja entendu): is that coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #28
Yes. It's based on lines spoken by Door Gunner. slackmaster Jun 2012 #29
Oh, man, the image in the penultimate scene of that movie (of the coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #33
My favorite is the first one treestar Jun 2012 #20
Yeah and that rule somehow only applies to pesky brown people outside the country. Zalatix Jun 2012 #40
Well we are supposedly fighting Afghanistan treestar Jun 2012 #61
Other: There are no civilian non-combatants in the area. Zanzoobar Jun 2012 #21
Correction: There are no MALE civilian non-combatants in the area. Zalatix Jun 2012 #39
I accept the correction. Zanzoobar Jun 2012 #49
That's okay, that correction won't be valid for long. Zalatix Jun 2012 #57
Another: ProSense Jun 2012 #24
FDR is the father of nuclear weapons... SidDithers Jun 2012 #47
What was the one I saw yesterday, Arctic Dave Jun 2012 #25
Is it that dangerous to commute to an air-conditioned shack in Nevada? nt sudopod Jun 2012 #53
"Those people are just lucky it's not Mitt Romney deciding who to attack!" JVS Jun 2012 #26
That is an instant classic and revelatory of the utter coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #78
Other: In times of great austerity, even killing people should cost less. L. Coyote Jun 2012 #27
Why are people arguing over the method? Lurks Often Jun 2012 #35
Are people arguing over the method? - n/t coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #42
It seems that way Lurks Often Jun 2012 #56
So I take it your favorite rationalization for the killing of civilian non-combatants would coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #59
Don't change the original question Lurks Often Jun 2012 #60
I notice you're not responding to the original question either, not that coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #67
I answered other and explained my answer Lurks Often Jun 2012 #71
Well, your 'question' as you put it was actually a run-on sentence, containing coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #73
Ok Lurks Often Jun 2012 #81
642% of Liberals love Obama Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2012 #36
Ha-ha. That's a good one! Thanks - n/t coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #37
There are distinct differences between the mind of Authoritarian followers, Larry Ogg Jun 2012 #44
Well if war is hell and it doesn't matter what we do JonLP24 Jun 2012 #45
Neutron warheads! There's not much infrastructure in that part of the world, Egalitarian Thug Jun 2012 #55
Drones are the perfect product. One use only. It's great profit if you value money more than llife. Gregorian Jun 2012 #46
You do know that these drones are reused over and over. Swede Jun 2012 #50
Oh! I posted without thinking. Although I didn't know that. Gregorian Jun 2012 #54
Close, drones are an easily produced and replaceable delivery device for "a perfect one use product" Dragonfli Jun 2012 #58
Fear Obama. Bolo Boffin Jun 2012 #63
The president must know something we don't whatchamacallit Jun 2012 #64
Yeah, this one fits right in with Greenwald's evocation of the coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #70
My favorite is not in there nadinbrzezinski Jun 2012 #65
Oy, that one really does take the cake, doesn't it? - n/t coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #69
stuff like this -- BOG PERSON Jun 2012 #66
Oh, man, that is positively brutal. But apt - n/t coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #68
Two for 'Fuck Ron Paul' n/t Earth_First Jun 2012 #72
Other - "It's regrettable if there were civilian casualties.......BUT THE STRIKES WILL CONTINUE." IDemo Jun 2012 #74
Oopsie, someone seems to have forgotten that we have a president and not a Dear Leader: friendly_iconoclast Jun 2012 #75
I salute the civil libertarians on DU who served on this jury and can only coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #79
no rationalization Sea-Dog Jun 2012 #77
VOTE: "How ya likin' my passive-aggressive troll, er I mean poll?" AtomicKitten Jun 2012 #82
Here's an assertion straight-up: AtomicKitten has no problem whatsoever coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #83
This message was self-deleted by its author AtomicKitten Jun 2012 #85
Post removed Post removed Jun 2012 #86
FYI..... DeSwiss Jun 2012 #84
Now this is trippy. My mind melded two separate experiments, the Stanford prison experiment of the coalition_unwilling Jun 2012 #88
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