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Sun Feb 21, 2016, 03:44 PM Feb 2016

Who was the best President? [View all]

39 votes, 5 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Barack Obama
15 (38%)
Bill Clinton
0 (0%)
Jimmy Carter
5 (13%)
Lyndon Johnson
3 (8%)
John Kennedy
16 (41%)
George W Bush
0 (0%)
George H W Bush
0 (0%)
Ronald Reagan
0 (0%)
Gerald Ford
0 (0%)
Richard Nixon
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Who was the best President? [View all] CommonSenseDemocrat Feb 2016 OP
obama, carter..... mgmaggiemg Feb 2016 #1
ps I was not alive during kennedy mgmaggiemg Feb 2016 #2
I have to go with Obama. He brought us the ACA and ended the Iraq war for us. CTyankee Feb 2016 #3
And made peace with Cuba and Iran. Rex Feb 2016 #4
I remember the JFK funeral, GGJohn Feb 2016 #16
My parents told me at the time of the shooting, everyone was hysterical and crying. Rex Feb 2016 #17
LBJ brought Medicare & Medicaid and a ton of other other things Jim Beard Feb 2016 #49
Well, there was that whole Vietnam thing but since FDR was not included, I have to go with LBJ tularetom Feb 2016 #5
It is tough to say "except for Vietnam" but I agree. Civil Rights, Medicare/Medicaid, pampango Feb 2016 #13
Hey Hey LBJ how many kids did you kill today? oberliner Feb 2016 #25
about the same number as those obstructing healthcare reform Bucky Feb 2016 #39
While I was alive, Obama sakabatou Feb 2016 #6
Same here craigmatic Feb 2016 #20
Of the people on the list I would say Obama. Vinca Feb 2016 #7
Jack Kennedy. hifiguy Feb 2016 #8
JFK almost caused WWIII. Bay of Pigs, missiles in Italy and Turkey CBGLuthier Feb 2016 #42
Kennedy walked in on a military industrial complex that even subverted Ike's attempts at peace yurbud Feb 2016 #52
Not sure JFK can take the blame for ordering the Bay of Pigs CdnExtraNational Feb 2016 #53
No FDR? hlthe2b Feb 2016 #9
This was my first thought as well. n/t inanna Feb 2016 #10
Sorry, I went chronologically to be fair and balanced CommonSenseDemocrat Feb 2016 #14
FDR. Best of all. earthside Feb 2016 #28
FDR Matrosov Feb 2016 #11
Agree n/t BuelahWitch Feb 2016 #24
hands down rurallib Feb 2016 #26
Always and Forever charlyvi Feb 2016 #41
of all time, yes. yurbud Feb 2016 #50
Of the ones you listed... Erich Bloodaxe BSN Feb 2016 #12
Well, Washington, Lincoln and FDR suggest themselves... First Speaker Feb 2016 #15
No. lpbk2713 Feb 2016 #18
Lincoln. Not even close. kairos12 Feb 2016 #19
Why? earthside Feb 2016 #27
Despite the practically insurmountable challenges kairos12 Feb 2016 #32
Thanks of your input. earthside Feb 2016 #38
that's a pretty good record even without freeing slaves yurbud Feb 2016 #51
There is no way that I could support Lincoln. Meldread Feb 2016 #40
FDR in the 20th century PADemD Feb 2016 #21
Toss up between LBJ, Clinton and Obama. Donald Ian Rankin Feb 2016 #22
Write-in vote for FDR. nt earthshine Feb 2016 #23
FDR then LBJ. since then? meh? JanMichael Feb 2016 #29
In my lifetime, Obama but I history will tell gwheezie Feb 2016 #30
"Historically" no FDR? Herman4747 Feb 2016 #33
Eleanor would have been great for many reasons. gwheezie Feb 2016 #36
FDR, who is not one if your choices. n/t ms liberty Feb 2016 #31
Bad poll without FDR. Kingofalldems Feb 2016 #34
Most DUers weren't around for FDR or Truman Algernon Moncrieff Feb 2016 #44
John F. Kennedy. The last President to speak the truth to the American people. Shandris Feb 2016 #35
there's a lot sheer delusion going on now, seeing these results Skittles Feb 2016 #43
Out of these? Obama definitely robhalf4369 Feb 2016 #37
In my lifetime - Bill Clinton Algernon Moncrieff Feb 2016 #45
I say a tie between Lincoln and FDR HughBeaumont Feb 2016 #46
Either Lincoln or FDR. Tommy_Carcetti Feb 2016 #47
if not for Vietnam, it would have been LBJ. Although if Kennedy had lived, he might have done much yurbud Feb 2016 #48
FDR IllinoisBrenel Feb 2016 #54
FDR. No president in the last century and a half can touch what he achieved. It is not even close. BillZBubb Feb 2016 #55
Last I checked there were 44 to choose from. Glassunion Feb 2016 #56
James K Polk, obviously Orrex Feb 2016 #57
Carter because he was the least political and most decent. Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2016 #58
Of those listed, I rank BlueMTexpat Feb 2016 #59
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