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18. Eh. B -
Tue Mar 15, 2016, 04:19 PM
Mar 2016

Lots of good things happened under his admin.

Lots of bad things also happened under his admin, particularly in terms of blue collar work, the LGBTQI community and welfare recipients. Clinton was also a fan of deregulation and kowtowing to jackals like Angelo Mozila and Phorclosure Phil Gramm.

Cutting the saftey net is an automatic F. Cobalt Violet Mar 2016 #1
Does President Obama get an automatic F for not attempting to restore it? (nt) Nye Bevan Mar 2016 #2
No he get an F for cutting food stamps during a time of soring childhood poverty. Cobalt Violet Mar 2016 #5
Let me guess.... FDR gets an F for interning Japanese Americans? (nt) Nye Bevan Mar 2016 #9
This place is fucking ridiculous sometimes Action_Patrol Mar 2016 #14
ALL things considered...A+ (just not being a Bush would qualify for a solid B) Glorfindel Mar 2016 #3
+1 hamsterjill Mar 2016 #11
I thought that we HATED balanced budgets. nt clarice Mar 2016 #28
I'd give him a C+ tkmorris Mar 2016 #4
B-, the same grade I'd give Barack Obama. Chan790 Mar 2016 #6
A- or B+ Tommy_Carcetti Mar 2016 #7
The GOP saved the Clintons during the '90s nichomachus Mar 2016 #8
It's very hard to imagine Bob Dole beating Clinton in 1996 (nt) Nye Bevan Mar 2016 #10
Had the Clintons been on the ropes, Dole wouldn't have been the candidate. nt nichomachus Mar 2016 #12
I have to grade him down for his recklessness with Lewinsky. He could have stopped CTyankee Mar 2016 #13
He could have stopped her? No, he could have stopped himself. n/t demmiblue Mar 2016 #16
Yes, certainly. But she got access to him and he could have said to his aides that he CTyankee Mar 2016 #19
Mike Dukakis had a standing rule with his staff nichomachus Mar 2016 #26
absolutely. He was in charge not his penis. He should have been much more in control. CTyankee Mar 2016 #27
What bothered me the most about the whole"penis gate affair".... clarice Mar 2016 #30
NAFTA and welfare deform cost him the A. KamaAina Mar 2016 #15
not as bad as bush or ronnie so not an f but not muich higher dembotoz Mar 2016 #17
Yup...can't you just see the regular cast of characters? nt clarice Mar 2016 #29
Eh. B - HughBeaumont Mar 2016 #18
The LGBTQI community benefited during the Clinton administration. yardwork Mar 2016 #24
"Deemed to have deserved honours", same as Barack Obama. Donald Ian Rankin Mar 2016 #20
B- or C+ XemaSab Mar 2016 #21
Not an overall grade Angel Martin Mar 2016 #22
Torn somewhere between low A and high C MillennialDem Mar 2016 #23
Average. I voted "C" for purposes of this poll. bigwillq Mar 2016 #25
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