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Not any more FarCenter Jun 2012 #1
I know that Soros said Romney & Obama aren't that different, but there are no others? jenmito Jun 2012 #4
I don't think that they have felt very welcome FarCenter Jun 2012 #29
We have to take the money away from the Republicans Shankapotomus Jun 2012 #2
EMAIL George Sorros. n/t greytdemocrat Jun 2012 #3
He said that Romney & Obama aren't that different. n/t jenmito Jun 2012 #5
GREAT question. They sat on money. Zax2me Jun 2012 #6
Thanks. If they KEEP sitting on their money after seeing what happened in WI last night, jenmito Jun 2012 #8
If every Dem Politicalboi Jun 2012 #7
I've given $10 more than once and I'm sure lots of others have, too... jenmito Jun 2012 #10
Tell me about it....Dean, Kerry-Edwards, Voter Verification, Lib Web Sites, Local Dem Candidates KoKo Jun 2012 #17
I think Obama is the BEST one to be president in '12... jenmito Jun 2012 #21
Yes I know you do...and that you still believe. That's your right...but some of us KoKo Jun 2012 #38
I still "believe"? No-I see what he's DONE-from ending the Iraq war to ending DADT. jenmito Jun 2012 #40
He is better than Romney and the RW Repugs, for sure... KoKo Jun 2012 #47
You said "we need to keep looking." Who's "we"? I'm happy to vote for Obama again. It seems jenmito Jun 2012 #54
We all will have to vote for Obama. That's not the question...the Question is How KoKo Jun 2012 #57
It sure didn't sound that way from your posts... jenmito Jun 2012 #58
There's got to be a CHANGE...but, it isn't going to come now... KoKo Jun 2012 #60
There has been change already... jenmito Jun 2012 #64
Yes...we disagree and nuance... KoKo Jun 2012 #67
No. MrSlayer Jun 2012 #9
What about Bill Gates? Mark Zuckerberg? n/t jenmito Jun 2012 #13
lol. rich people want to stay rich. HiPointDem Jun 2012 #20
Giving a hundred million dollars each won't make them NOT rich. n/t jenmito Jun 2012 #22
fail to see what that has to do with anything. specifically with the fact that the top 20% takes HiPointDem Jun 2012 #46
Exactly! SammyWinstonJack Jun 2012 #30
Gates is much reviled for attempting education reform; Zuck gave $100M to Newark schools and Booker FarCenter Jun 2012 #28
So why can't either of them give to Obama's side? jenmito Jun 2012 #33
They may do so via their own superPACs FarCenter Jun 2012 #37
Gates is no liberal. MrSlayer Jun 2012 #32
Warren Buffett??? Rectangle Jun 2012 #25
Buffett says to raise his taxes but is he really a liberal? MrSlayer Jun 2012 #34
Buffet IS a liberal: jenmito Jun 2012 #39
Ok well he should start writing checks. MrSlayer Jun 2012 #41
On the surface, it doesn't look as though he cares Mutiny In Heaven Jun 2012 #65
I think the fact that we are even having this discussion says we are screwed. white_wolf Jun 2012 #11
Supreme Court screwed up Democracy. Not us. emulatorloo Jun 2012 #26
Exactly. n/t jenmito Jun 2012 #35
+1 Blue_Tires Jun 2012 #31
Ayup, +100! Zalatix Jun 2012 #49
The wealthy are on the side of wealth and have very different priorities TheKentuckian Jun 2012 #12
Obama will outraise Romney this cycle (again) banned from Kos Jun 2012 #14
Yes... jenmito Jun 2012 #15
I think that the structural issues mattered more than the PACs did mythology Jun 2012 #63
Many of them were old FDR supporters and they died and their heirs had to split the money up... KoKo Jun 2012 #16
People like PUMA Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild? jenmito Jun 2012 #18
Billionaires are united in their desire to disempower/impoverish workers. HiPointDem Jun 2012 #19
Every single one of 'em? jenmito Jun 2012 #23
pretty much. not sure why anyone would think different. HiPointDem Jun 2012 #24
Exactly - my friend! -- n/t mazzarro Jun 2012 #27
er yes of course every single one of them! pitohui Jun 2012 #44
If you scaled it down to multi-millionaires, you could find plenty Zanzoobar Jun 2012 #36
I think Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are relatively liberal.... but they don't give to superPACs scheming daemons Jun 2012 #42
rich people don't care about you, no really, virginia, there is no santa claus pitohui Jun 2012 #43
I think they may be holding their fire loyalsister Jun 2012 #45
How the hell will that help. They have a bottomless pit. lonestarnot Jun 2012 #48
It would help bring us to parity with them. n/t jenmito Jun 2012 #52
It's probable Obama will be outspent but not by the large margin Barrett was out spent in WI WI_DEM Jun 2012 #50
The more money they have Sheepshank Jun 2012 #51
If this is in reference to Wisconsin.... Lars39 Jun 2012 #53
Dem. billionaires would get nothing in return, B Calm Jun 2012 #55
the billionaire ownership class maintains the D vs. R charade datasuspect Jun 2012 #56
Nearly all "Dem" billionaires are "Third Way" corporatists. Odin2005 Jun 2012 #59
Democrats have a different agenda mary195149 Jun 2012 #61
Because we have turned them into the enemy. dkf Jun 2012 #62
That's right with our demands for retirement, living wages, public education, labor rights, fair TheKentuckian Jun 2012 #66
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