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Response to Post removed (Reply #70)

Ah, yes. You'd have thought Michelle had posed for the Playboy centerfold. Arkansas Granny May 2016 #1
Seriously Dorian Gray May 2016 #20
Michelle, bare arms and all, has more class and sophistication fasttense May 2016 #32
Amen! DesertRat May 2016 #91
Absolutely! I don't usually care about First Ladies, but Michelle is really great. Lucky Luciano May 2016 #111
Awesome Graphic. Keeping it for the next hypocrite/a-hole Ilsa May 2016 #2
Yeah... Dorian Gray May 2016 #21
More like that had a big problem with her skin color mikeysnot May 2016 #3
Truth Person 2713 May 2016 #10
Exactly. Racists to the core. nt Nay May 2016 #22
Right there. Scootaloo May 2016 #51
+1 uponit7771 May 2016 #65
Ding! GreatGazoo May 2016 #67
She's Hot! UCmeNdc May 2016 #4
Personally I think she looked much warmer and more human in that photo of her truedelphi May 2016 #5
Yep +100 840high May 2016 #110
Classic sleeveless black dress and pearls. PearliePoo2 May 2016 #6
Filthy hypocrites nt ErikJ May 2016 #7
Well, I guess for them the gun makes it okay ThoughtCriminal May 2016 #8
Uuuuuugggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! UCmeNdc May 2016 #13
OMG! Now i can't unsee that! blue neen May 2016 #28
EYE BLEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weknowvino2 May 2016 #99
Careful there, guy. You might just accidentally LuckyLib May 2016 #106
If I took a selfie like that, the guns would be toys .... dawg May 2016 #112
OP IMO trashy vs classy, but let's face it his voters are not classy regardless of their status Person 2713 May 2016 #9
The average male Trump fan thinks it's awesome LibDemAlways May 2016 #11
I think Michelle's shape is better awoke_in_2003 May 2016 #60
operating room bought is more like it mercuryblues May 2016 #102
Yep, that what I meant to imply. nt awoke_in_2003 May 2016 #120
Fortunately there are not enough of them to make that matter much at all. Egnever May 2016 #115
Mrs Obama is black.... blackspade May 2016 #12
Michelle is a LADY DissidentVoice May 2016 #14
It doesn't just... 3catwoman3 May 2016 #36
Think she will pop out of a cake, ... CRH May 2016 #15
Ha! SammyWinstonJack May 2016 #34
They went NUTS when the Obamas DesertRat May 2016 #16
The Grand Canyon in summer IS hot! longship May 2016 #58
I wonder why she takes so many pictures with guns. pressbox69 May 2016 #17
IOIYAAR Moostache May 2016 #18
I remember the sex and drug parties they had in the White House durring GHWB's term Angry Dragon May 2016 #19
I swear... ReRe May 2016 #23
Ogle the ass so to miss the man behind the curtain tampering with the votes. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 2016 #26
Bingo n/t ReRe May 2016 #30
The gun worshippers will love it. Vinca May 2016 #24
I am not a gun worshipper.... CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #35
Do you support the right for every Tom, Dick and lunatic to bear arms? Vinca May 2016 #78
Before Heller only militia members could possess firearms? Marengo May 2016 #86
Before Heller it was a whole lot easier to regulate who could have guns and what guns they could Vinca May 2016 #98
Alternatively, it was easier to violate the constitutional right... Marengo May 2016 #101
Ah, the sacred second amendment. IMO, it should be repealed. Vinca May 2016 #114
Uhm, you do realize that she likely didn't "want" to pose in that way. progressoid May 2016 #105
Well it goes to show you that Trump and crew have ZERO class. So money cannot buy you Rex May 2016 #25
It's because they know Michelle could beat their ass if they ever got in a fight with her. NBachers May 2016 #27
If Michelle was holding a gun, they'd love her davidn3600 May 2016 #29
No, they wouldn't awoke_in_2003 May 2016 #62
LOLOL Skittles May 2016 #72
I see you love your stereotypes davidn3600 May 2016 #73
want me to give you MY "example"? Skittles May 2016 #74
seems legit ! stonecutter357 May 2016 #81
Like this? IronLionZion May 2016 #96
My kid just looked over my shoulder and said AllyCat May 2016 #31
Great kid! Glimmer of Hope May 2016 #40
Black folks are always held to a different standard.... Blue_Tires May 2016 #33
+100000000000000000 Person 2713 May 2016 #89
I call BULL SHIT, you have all been taken in (Nope I am wrong ) Nobel_Twaddle_III May 2016 #37
Good catch. However he had other airplanes..... CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #38
that is a 727 and he got rid of it years ago Nobel_Twaddle_III May 2016 #42
I'm sure they used stock footage.... CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #46
Post removed Post removed May 2016 #70
Post removed Post removed May 2016 #71
How the fuck is that a better question? Orrex May 2016 #75
Hey, Sarge, care to man up and tell us who you're talking about there? BeyondGeography May 2016 #76
Don't look for a reply any time soon Orrex May 2016 #79
Lovely BeyondGeography May 2016 #82
This is not the first time billh58 May 2016 #94
You know, I had a suspicion... Orrex May 2016 #97
Seriously? Orrex May 2016 #77
Both comments are disgusting pengu May 2016 #83
Looks like both juries got it right. Orrex May 2016 #84
A shocking twist :) pengu May 2016 #85
Truly. And I just noticed that the first post was a 4-3 hide. Orrex May 2016 #87
The second was 7-0 pengu May 2016 #88
Good verdict. Orrex May 2016 #90
lol pengu May 2016 #104
Well... Orrex May 2016 #108
Actually you are wrong. This is Rumpy Trump's wife. UCmeNdc May 2016 #49
How do you know that wasn't taken before she hooked up with the Don? pnwmom May 2016 #53
It is the trump shuttle livery, I suspect it is a left over from .....that Nobel_Twaddle_III May 2016 #57
more important question is when did T-Rump hook up with her - it's NoMoreRepugs May 2016 #107
Yea you are wrong Egnever May 2016 #116
When did they complain about the arms? AngryAmish May 2016 #39
Women with athletic physiques are criticized by some. CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #41
Drop dead gorgeous? AngryAmish May 2016 #43
I like attractive moms. CompanyFirstSergeant May 2016 #47
I found this........ Takket May 2016 #45
State of the union speech roody May 2016 #54
It was in the news, been a while. Rex May 2016 #69
It started a few weeks after President Obama was inaugurated DesertRat May 2016 #93
Oh, that Melania pic needs MAXIMUM DISTRIBUTION! Paladin May 2016 #44
Along with the other pic of her seated in a jet with her Ilsa May 2016 #52
Sounds like a winner. Paladin May 2016 #55
This message was self-deleted by its author Skittles May 2016 #48
They think anything Melania does is fine Different Drummer May 2016 #50
American politics is in the "twilight zone". nt ladjf May 2016 #56
Apparently we need bun control more than ever. JonathanRackham May 2016 #59
Bad surgery. nt awoke_in_2003 May 2016 #66
Wait until those pictures start showing up in holy roller church pews... Historic NY May 2016 #61
That is a very family values pose right there. Agnosticsherbet May 2016 #63
That is international model Melania Knauss according to snopes, from a photo shoot in 1999. braddy May 2016 #64
The possible First Lady of the United States. DCBob May 2016 #68
Do you think that's what she'll be wearing on State visits? Bad Dog May 2016 #80
I'm not okay with posts like this... Agschmid May 2016 #92
And this nonsense too: IronLionZion May 2016 #95
Yeah, but Michelle's arms are black. That was their beef, only they wouldn't say it out loud. nt valerief May 2016 #100
It's either this or the hippies win. Spitfire of ATJ May 2016 #103
I understand the motive and the reasoning, but "sl*t" shaming is wrong. I don't think the photo .... marble falls May 2016 #109
"Make America 'bate again." Lizzie Poppet May 2016 #113
To be fair greiner3 May 2016 #117
This needs to be plastered all over the Bible belt during the GE. jwirr May 2016 #118
The first lady is such a beautiful, classy woman. dawg May 2016 #119
Melania or not she looks like a total derp idiot posing lunatica May 2016 #121
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