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K & R... dhill926 Jun 2016 #1
Mitch is right. erlewyne Jun 2016 #24
Also, the Republicans want to poison any cooperation they can't Akamai Jun 2016 #51
I suspect Republicons plan to convert FICA to a plain tax on lower-income workers. raging moderate Jun 2016 #2
well they are actually the dumb ones hill2016 Jun 2016 #3
Scrap the cap. raging moderate Jun 2016 #4
Bingo!!!! Wellstone ruled Jun 2016 #6
well hill2016 Jun 2016 #7
Social Security does NOT run out in 2035!!! Get your basic facts straight. wolfie001 Jun 2016 #12
Even better... freebrew Jun 2016 #13
Yes freebrew!!! wolfie001 Jun 2016 #14
Absolutely. tecelote Jun 2016 #16
Senator Sanders liberal from boston Jun 2016 #64
I used to know the history better... freebrew Jun 2016 #66
Agree deist99 Jun 2016 #52
Makes perfect sense to me! wolfie001 Jun 2016 #62
Agreed! ChaunceyGardenier Jun 2016 #65
Her candidate has expressed support for benefit cuts. alarimer Jun 2016 #58
oh look, more rightwing bullshit Skittles Jun 2016 #33
Right-wing bullshit from a fan of the right wing of the Democratic Party. Scuba Jun 2016 #40
Are we used to it yet? OwlinAZ Jun 2016 #54
The proper response is "thank you sir (or maam), may I have another." Scuba Jun 2016 #63
I am SICK of these fucking trolls Skittles Jun 2016 #67
No, the government stole from Peter to pay Paul. FICA programs are Peter. Zen Democrat Jun 2016 #53
The trust fund is out, and has been Because dixiegrrrrl Jun 2016 #15
In Vietnam.... lastlib Jun 2016 #28
I will be happy to keep paying. drray23 Jun 2016 #26
Same here. While I'll notice it, I have no problem doing my fair share. Just don't piss it on MIC. TheBlackAdder Jun 2016 #27
maybe you could pony up a DU donation Skittles Jun 2016 #34
i do. i donate every month to DU.nt. drray23 Jun 2016 #61
Bless your heart forever! raging moderate Jun 2016 #49
Yay! It's good to know that not all Hillary supporters are DINOs. KPN Jun 2016 #59
The Medicare FICA deductions fund only Part A - Hospital Insurance progree Jun 2016 #39
Which is why we need single payer. It's all do-able. KPN Jun 2016 #60
Republican talking points from a DU member?? Silver_Witch Jun 2016 #42
Don't ask. It is forbidden to speak of it. OwlinAZ Jun 2016 #55
Excellent!!! And vote the Turtle out of office! n/t RKP5637 Jun 2016 #5
Which is it Mitch? Imma-gonna-say... LYING FailureToCommunicate Jun 2016 #8
The Panama Papers felix_numinous Jun 2016 #9
That's right... ReRe Jun 2016 #35
Word! libodem Jun 2016 #10
How would Kentucky's economy do with a loss of Downwinder Jun 2016 #11
that is the national total. KY is 1,081,642 per month yellowdogintexas Jun 2016 #56
Thanks for the correction. Downwinder Jun 2016 #57
this was reagan era/greenspan FUCKUP to 'fix' the baby boomer bust for SS. pansypoo53219 Jun 2016 #17
Workers had their SS contribution were raised after that.. whathehell Jun 2016 #46
Raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars Poincare Jun 2016 #18
Get our Living Wage Jobs back into this country. -none Jun 2016 #47
"The NSA...........the only part of government that actually listens." Equinox Moon Jun 2016 #19
By borrowing from SS, they've made it part of debt. George Eliot Jun 2016 #20
What you call borrowing, I call stealing. dixiegrrrrl Jun 2016 #25
There's so much about the timing of all this . . . conspiracy? George Eliot Jun 2016 #68
That's what repukes do, shell game economics wordpix Jun 2016 #45
Don't you think this started with the DLC? Rubin was Clinton's guy. Or George Eliot Jun 2016 #69
Medicare is not 100% funded by FICA taxes. n/t PoliticAverse Jun 2016 #21
Really? Educate us! Silver_Witch Jun 2016 #43
Approximately 41% of total Medicare spending comes from general revenue... PoliticAverse Jun 2016 #44
He supports a racist and a bigot, fraud and on top of that a white nationalist-------------- turbinetree Jun 2016 #22
Great post malaise Jun 2016 #23
Yertle's response: Marie Marie Jun 2016 #29
Thank you, thank you, thank you ... Jopin Klobe Jun 2016 #30
You know what I think of when I hear "entitlements?" ReRe Jun 2016 #36
I just can't believe that lie is still being told… midnight Jun 2016 #31
They have plenty to do with the national debt. Nye Bevan Jun 2016 #32
I guess it is how you look at things. There are no "excess" FICA taxes. mikehiggins Jun 2016 #37
It boils down to trust Cordy Jun 2016 #38
Social Security, a 20% problem Arizona Roadrunner Jun 2016 #41
A more viable and permanent solution is to get our Living Wage Jobs back into this country. -none Jun 2016 #48
K&R avaistheone1 Jun 2016 #50
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