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19. No question Obama is cool and that GW did tremendous damage
Mon Jun 13, 2016, 02:21 AM
Jun 2016

But with the future in mind, US Democrats should start waking to the danger of radical Islam

I don't think so. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2016 #1
Yeah, as if hate just became popular overnight. The shooter pulled a Trump, he hated a group! L. Coyote Jun 2016 #26
I think the opposite is true. In times of crisis, sane folks, which there are a lot of... Joe the Revelator Jun 2016 #2
George W Bush had a 90% approval rating after 9/11 Fumesucker Jun 2016 #27
I think ISIS is going to be destroyed in the months to come. It has already applegrove Jun 2016 #3
ISIS itself, maybe, but radical unstability will continue until political solutions are found Albertoo Jun 2016 #7
We could have voted for lancer78 Jun 2016 #9
Too late: the GW calamitous war has sparked unstability for decades Albertoo Jun 2016 #12
I agree that the west will still be facing terrorism, and the middle east, applegrove Jun 2016 #18
No question Obama is cool and that GW did tremendous damage Albertoo Jun 2016 #19
They are well aware of radical jihadism. They don't mention Islam in the applegrove Jun 2016 #34
I fear you are right Albertoo Jun 2016 #4
As I stated above to you lancer78 Jun 2016 #10
Too late: the Saudis are finally realizing they shot themselves in the foot Albertoo Jun 2016 #14
Islam is a faith with 1.6 billion adherents, 23% of the people on Earth. L. Coyote Jun 2016 #29
I think the reverse. MADem Jun 2016 #5
The Paris Bataclan and Orlando Pulse witness in favor of gun ownership Albertoo Jun 2016 #8
If that asshole hadn't been able to get his hand on that gun, 50 people would be alive MADem Jun 2016 #13
Countries with gun control suffered the same massacres -> Guns are not the issue Albertoo Jun 2016 #15
Doesn't happen in Australia. MADem Jun 2016 #16
I disagree with your two points Albertoo Jun 2016 #17
We're talking about GUNS here, though. MADem Jun 2016 #25
.+1 840high Jun 2016 #31
Different culture davidn3600 Jun 2016 #21
Sure whatever. They're all Kumbaya down undah! MADem Jun 2016 #24
Lets see what the toad says tomorrow MFM008 Jun 2016 #6
it is fodder for the fearful and the gun nuts swhisper1 Jun 2016 #11
I don't think there are very many minds that will be changed Gman Jun 2016 #20
People said the same thing after Paris and San Bernardino. Did it happen then? n/t JustinL Jun 2016 #22
They were like that already FreakinDJ Jun 2016 #23
I predict the opposite. eom ReRe Jun 2016 #28
I don't know. Behind the Aegis Jun 2016 #30
I predict that hatred will be less popular tomorrow, that means Donald too. L. Coyote Jun 2016 #32
why is this being framed as a terrorist incident? Have seen NO evidence for that. plays into the msongs Jun 2016 #33
Because he called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS? Abq_Sarah Jun 2016 #35
We will see. One Black Sheep Jun 2016 #36
trump's "wall" solution came right after the San Bernadino shooting, ellenrr Jun 2016 #37
I don't know Dorian Gray Jun 2016 #38
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