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6. Against SOPA & PIPA (its Senate counterpart).
Wed Dec 28, 2011, 07:58 AM
Dec 2011

I'm against these two acts as they stand because they

a) They both impede citizens' rights to exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

b) They both demand that Internet Service Providers alter their DNS services to be able to filter "rogue websites".

As written, it could mean that the US Dept of Justice could obtain a court order, declaring that such and such a domain (e.g. "democraticunderground.com&quot is a "foreign rogue website". People who use the website could be prosecuted. Administrators of DNS servers in the US, once given notice by USDoJ that a specific domain name is considered unlawful, they would have to program their DNS server to return instead of (which is DU's IP address)

In essence, these acts create the "Great Firewall of the United States of America".

There are also millions of DNS servers around the world; I'd say that there's at least a couple of million in the US alone. SOPA calls for the USDoJ to set up a process to serve DNS Administrators with notices of "rogue websites" - and with millions in force, this notice serving process would have to be automated. This could introduce a nice wide security hole for any person with intent and capability to further poison the DNS system and make legitimate websites invisible to most US Internet users. DNS already has its flaws and problems, and has been shown to be vulnerable on a number of occasions in the past year.

I am taking some actions already to prepare for SOPA and PIPA - if they come to be:

1) my websites will be hosted in Canada, not the USA.
2) My business with Godaddy will be eliminated as and when is practically possible (as they came out for SOPA, and have now backpedalled but not far enough to my satisfaction).

So SOPA and PIPA must die a painful death, and lawmakers need to know that these are bad, bad laws.

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