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1. This is not news to most.
Thu Jul 7, 2016, 07:36 AM
Jul 2016

The press has simply decided to print it now. Conspiracy theory is a word used by cruel, thieving people to cover up their own misdeeds. So tired of the term and the label....

This is not news to most. peace13 Jul 2016 #1
+1,000 malaise Jul 2016 #3
What? Can't hear you! chapdrum Jul 2016 #50
I remember about six years ago watching Rachel Maddow, when Akamai Jul 2016 #54
Are we really supposed to believe that governments, media corps, etc., Frank Cannon Jul 2016 #5
+1,000 malaise Jul 2016 #11
the truth is heaven05 Jul 2016 #34
Gee, they ban you here if the important folk deem anything "consiracy theory" n/t Wisc Progressive Jul 2016 #36
Blair was Bush/Cheney's poodle Martin Eden Jul 2016 #2
But there's no discussion in the US malaise Jul 2016 #4
Exactly Martin Eden Jul 2016 #12
The US is behaving like an empire malaise Jul 2016 #13
I don't know what we can do yeoman6987 Jul 2016 #18
way more important for Repugs to investigate the investigations NoMoreRepugs Jul 2016 #28
Bush and Cheney had a kennel of poodles beating the drums for their war. All deserve our contempt. Scuba Jul 2016 #15
I hope none of them were Democrats Martin Eden Jul 2016 #24
Resistance if future and the past does not matter. Wisc Progressive Jul 2016 #37
Not in my morning paper at all. Octafish Jul 2016 #6
Of course not malaise Jul 2016 #10
My mistake! Freep buried story at bottom of ''U.S./World'' column on page 2 of print edition... Octafish Jul 2016 #16
Folks are only just now finding this out? Blue_Tires Jul 2016 #7
Of course the Iraq war was a crime. joshdawg Jul 2016 #8
Along with everyone who enabled them n/t arcane1 Jul 2016 #27
Are there enough prisons? We could cast a wide net and create a ruckus here for doing so. n/t Wisc Progressive Jul 2016 #38
K&R... spanone Jul 2016 #9
935 lies by w bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice, and so on Botany Jul 2016 #14
935 lies by w bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice, and so on AlbertCat Jul 2016 #17
But OMG let's make sure we draw and quarter Hillary for some stupid emails... calimary Jul 2016 #19
+1,000! maddiemom Jul 2016 #23
What justice could we have reached if THIS level of inquisition had been applied to kkkarl rove, calimary Jul 2016 #25
Hillary Schmillary AlbertCat Jul 2016 #26
Actually, I did have a problem with her vote. I supported Barack Obama in 2008 calimary Jul 2016 #31
If I had been her I still would have voted against. chknltl Jul 2016 #46
So the emails can be played into a useful distraction by those with different agendas? n/t Wisc Progressive Jul 2016 #39
"How could anyone have voted to let such a obvious scam proceed?" Botany Jul 2016 #22
How?? $$$. They were paid; they profited. lastlib Jul 2016 #52
The word is obfuscation malaise Jul 2016 #20
Lying About WMD's Was A Crime - Will Never Be Prosecuted Yallow Jul 2016 #21
You're right malaise Jul 2016 #30
I think that "looking for a pretext for war" is evil. Electric Monk Jul 2016 #29
You see shadowmayor Jul 2016 #32
You know what's tragic about this? matt819 Jul 2016 #33
Been thinking about the two SAS captured in Basra and how the mask slipped suffragette Jul 2016 #35
BBC kept changing the story. OnyxCollie Jul 2016 #41
Yep. DU is a great source for that history, since people here posted the evolving suffragette Jul 2016 #45
Nothing will convince me that it wasn't men like these who blew up that malaise Jul 2016 #51
The Iraq War paved the way for the humanitarian tragedy that is present in that region today IgelJames4 Jul 2016 #40
The Democratic Party Honor Roll: bvar22 Jul 2016 #42
The remaining cowards pretended "Oh, that clever Bush fooled me with his guile!" arcane1 Jul 2016 #43
+155 Martin Eden Jul 2016 #53
I believe this story has been stored since 2003 in the file marked "N S, S." WinkyDink Jul 2016 #44
Yup. The one person I would vote for in an instant sangfroid Jul 2016 #47
The bush cartel The Wizard Jul 2016 #48
There are still Republicans in office today who claim Iraq was behind 9/11. Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2016 #49
Now we are on the verge of Invading Libya and Syria, and who's cheering that on? Ford_Prefect Jul 2016 #55
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