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Wed Dec 28, 2011, 02:15 PM Dec 2011

Yikes! A liberal Democrat is running for president. Calls for Medicare for all, a new WPA, massive [View all]

defense cuts, a moratorium on home foreclosures, and an end to Citizens United.


Darcy On The Issues


We need a President with some backbone, somebody who will fight for poor and working-class Americans.

As such, I’m advocating a capital levy on wealth, not unlike the proposals currently being debated in Germany and other European countries. Much of our current $15 trillion national debt should be recouped from the rich — the pampered and privileged class that hasn’t paid nearly its fair share in recent years.

I also support a second stimulus package — roughly five or six times the size of the Obama Administration’s relatively puny $447 billion “Son of Stimulus” — to jump-start the ailing U.S. economy; a Medicare-for-All health care plan; and a moratorium on home foreclosures (for primary residences only), not unlike that initiated by Minnesota’s radical Farmer-Labor Party during the Great Depression.

I’m also calling for a new Works Progress Administration (WPA), similar to the massive jobs program implemented by Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression to alleviate what Princeton University economist and former Federal Reserve vice chairman Alan Blinder has accurately described as a “national jobs emergency” — painfully evidenced by the fact that 25.8 million Americans are currently unemployed or underemployed. The new WPA, financed in part by retroactively rescinding the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, will employ millions of jobless Americans in rebuilding our nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

A Richardson Administration will also bring an immediate end to the war in Afghanistan while fighting for a drastic 33% to 50% reduction in military spending.

I will also put the full weight of the White House behind Sen. Bernie Sanders’ proposed constitutional amendment to overturn the narrow 5-to-4 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United vs. the Federal Elections Commission giving corporations the same First Amendment free-speech rights as individuals while recklessly allowing for unrestricted and undisclosed spending by corporations in U.S. elections.

A Richardson Presidency will also vigorously defend the environment, beginning with doing everything in its power to block the Keystone XL project.

“Hope and Change” turned out to be empty rhetoric, just more of the same.

Progressive Democrats shouldn’t be fooled again. America doesn’t need a fourth Bush term.

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As if surfdog Dec 2011 #1
So we should just give up and not even promote policies offensive to the oligarchs? Good strategy. Karmadillo Dec 2011 #4
oh please surfdog Dec 2011 #9
Yes. Obviously. The idea of leadership is to push towards where we need to be, not to bipartisan Karmadillo Dec 2011 #10
and you think a normally Third Party Richardson (Consumer Party) SunsetDreams Dec 2011 #14
More on the Consumer Party (a liberal party--thanks for strengthening Richardson's bona fides) Karmadillo Dec 2011 #23
We don't promote Third Party candidates here SunsetDreams Dec 2011 #48
It strengthens his credibility as a liberal and we should be glad a liberal is running for the Karmadillo Dec 2011 #63
Thanks for the laugh surfdog Dec 2011 #29
Thanks for the laugh. Karmadillo Dec 2011 #30
Even my dog understands surfdog Dec 2011 #39
Even my dog understands Karmadillo Dec 2011 #54
What do you people MEAN by "fight for it"!??!?! My God, do you want Obama to bust someone in the uponit7771 Dec 2011 #78
That whole 'nahney nahney boo boo' tone doesn't promote your argument. renie408 Feb 2012 #98
When did Obama fight for single payer? I forget. Karmadillo Feb 2012 #126
You didn't forget.. sendero Feb 2012 #160
Right. Even a president who openly promised a public option and was ushered into leeroysphitz Feb 2012 #99
i can smell the flop sweat.... dionysus Feb 2012 #121
Remove your nose from your underarm and the smell will diminish. Karmadillo Feb 2012 #125
LOLOLOL stockholmer Feb 2012 #161
That same thing was said against many Republican initiatives, too gratuitous Dec 2011 #21
Did Ralph Nader recruit him? SunsetDreams Dec 2011 #49
He sounds great. CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2011 #2
Well, he has TRIED running for office before frazzled Dec 2011 #11
Lol! RiffRandell Dec 2011 #17
A good point, Karmadillo Dec 2011 #67
Call me when explains how all that gets through Congress. CakeGrrl Dec 2011 #3
Maybe his primary run is less about getting elected sandyd921 Dec 2011 #13
Anyone who runs in an election without intending to with is a fucking moron. NYC Liberal Feb 2012 #148
Maybe trying to get him elected to Congress treestar Dec 2011 #16
when obama says "some pretty words tailor-made for the disgruntled Progessive crowd" you LIKE it nt msongs Dec 2011 #26
Hey, I thought you'd never talk to me! CakeGrrl Dec 2011 #33
There is no evidence to support the assertion that Obama wants to enact progressive legislation. girl gone mad Feb 2012 #115
so so so true +10000 stockholmer Feb 2012 #162
Perhaps because President Obama's in a place to actually turn words into actions Arkana Feb 2012 #129
Another purist who can't remember what happened from 2000-2008. tridim Dec 2011 #5
Please stop already... surfdog Dec 2011 #15
Right Wing Shill to split the liberal vote? rgbecker Dec 2011 #6
Yep. It ain't free, getting on those ballots. Robb Dec 2011 #65
Yep. young but wise Dec 2011 #75
I clicked the link. Laelth Dec 2011 #7
Pragmatism - in terms of actually passing legislation - has a lot to be said for karynnj Dec 2011 #24
Well, when the budget needs to get passed, I agree with you. Laelth Dec 2011 #38
I'll give you cabinet posts (esp Treasury) and I think there is a lot that can be done within the karynnj Dec 2011 #41
Every landmark piece of legislation in the last 100 years was passed Arkana Feb 2012 #130
OK ProSense Dec 2011 #8
Not the New Democrats! Isn't that the DLC!!!! Yet he is the new hero of the far right karynnj Dec 2011 #22
Is he on the primary ballot in Virgina? LiberalAndProud Dec 2011 #12
How will this person accomplish this? Obama fredamae Dec 2011 #18
He will get that through a narrowly divided Senate how? Then through a narrowly divided House? karynnj Dec 2011 #19
Bit late, isn't he? chrisa Dec 2011 #20
When something sounds too good to be true . . . . . . Stinky The Clown Dec 2011 #25
Maybe using his book royalties - TBF Dec 2011 #46
leadership is setting the goal high and working towards it, not surrendering before the negotiations msongs Dec 2011 #27
Finally! Someone with fire in their eyes. These other posters are already defeated by pukes txlibdem Jan 2012 #84
This^ SammyWinstonJack Feb 2012 #89
So why haven't you and people like you been successful? If you think you have all the answers stevenleser Feb 2012 #103
Oh please. Arkana Feb 2012 #131
How would a Richardson presidency be any different? boxman15 Dec 2011 #28
Yikes the monthly thread supporting a 10 year Merrill Lynch stockbroker grantcart Dec 2011 #31
hypocrisy knows no bounds when you're trying to defeat a democratic president.. but it sure is dionysus Feb 2012 #122
So, this clown has finally realized that you can't accomplish anything positive by running as a Freddie Stubbs Dec 2011 #32
Why not wish for "Free Waffles" and "Talking Llamas?" FSogol Dec 2011 #34
What's wrong with Free Waffles? stevenleser Feb 2012 #105
And when he doesn't accomplish any of these nobodyspecial Dec 2011 #35
At THIS point, I don't care WHO is putting these ISSUES & Policies in the national spotlight. bvar22 Dec 2011 #36
Couldn't agree more! sandyd921 Dec 2011 #37
Right. I'm not saying everything can get through, but.. mvd Dec 2011 #47
agree with you. I'm a left leaning democrat. Obama is not. xiamiam Dec 2011 #70
Absolutely. nt woo me with science Feb 2012 #88
yes, mr merril lynch.. take off the blinders. dionysus Feb 2012 #123
A perfect opportunity to see how well these stances sell. dmallind Dec 2011 #40
K&R (nt) T S Justly Dec 2011 #42
Is this a primary challenger or a general election candidate? cthulu2016 Dec 2011 #43
Darcy Richardson, former teabagger. AtomicKitten Dec 2011 #44
Keep smearing. He's not a teabagger. Karmadillo Dec 2011 #50
Yes, he was. AtomicKitten Dec 2011 #57
I guess your smears are ATOMIC SMEARS!!!, but they're still smears. You & Newt seem to have a strong Karmadillo Dec 2011 #62
Clap harder. AtomicKitten Dec 2011 #79
Smear more. Karmadillo Dec 2011 #81
He joined the BTP of FL organized on 6-23-2008 right after Obama got the nomination. AtomicKitten Feb 2012 #102
You keep saying that but Atomickitten has the links and facts backing him/her up. stevenleser Feb 2012 #106
Except she doesn't. Keep pretending if it makes you happy. Karmadillo Feb 2012 #109
LOL stevenleser Feb 2012 #110
Read the subthread (not that it will matter). Your 'point' has already been addressed. Karmadillo Feb 2012 #117
Unless you are claiming some kind of demonic possession, he said it and is responsible for it. nt stevenleser Feb 2012 #137
He said what he said, but that doesn't mean he said what you'd like him to have said. Karmadillo Feb 2012 #144
That's what you are going with, eh? Good luck with that. nt stevenleser Feb 2012 #152
Very interesting BklnDem75 Feb 2012 #116
And BOOOOM goes the dynamite Number23 Feb 2012 #151
But OP is now saying, when he said what he said, it didnt really mean what it sounded like. LOL stevenleser Feb 2012 #154
you should stop, you're embarrassing yourself... dionysus Feb 2012 #124
as long as you're around, i'm not alone in doing so... Karmadillo Feb 2012 #128
and how will these things get passed in Congress? Motown_Johnny Dec 2011 #45
You get them through by hammering the issues year after year and cycle after cycle TheKentuckian Dec 2011 #56
Of course this is true, and woo me with science Feb 2012 #141
and how will we change this country if people think this way? fascisthunter Feb 2012 #112
You redefine education, health care, and housing as national security issues Occulus Feb 2012 #135
That whole negotiation was a scam from the outset. woo me with science Feb 2012 #142
Dismiss the former "New Democrat," teabagger, member of the "Consumer Party" and "Justice Party"... jefferson_dem Dec 2011 #51
Wikinews interviews Darcy Richardson, Democratic Party presidential challenger to Barack Obama Karmadillo Dec 2011 #52
Thank you.... the conservatives can have their batshit party fascisthunter Dec 2011 #53
Darcy smarcy... Oldenuff Dec 2011 #55
Damn, I was hoping for Jefferson D'Arcy Bucky Dec 2011 #58
Or this Darcy. AtomicKitten Dec 2011 #59
ROFL!!... SidDithers Dec 2011 #60
Half the posters on this thread don't care if we have a Republican President.... Scuba Dec 2011 #61
Well, I don't expect that Obama will be any different SammyWinstonJack Feb 2012 #90
I'll just leave this inconvenient image right here: Robb Dec 2011 #64
Very inconvenient; thanks for the info. nt babylonsister Dec 2011 #71
Buchanan/Nader 2012!!11elevens. (nt) Robb Dec 2011 #74
You are just "smearing" him with your research and your damn facts emulatorloo Feb 2012 #111
Noticed I didn't get a scolding from the OP. Robb Feb 2012 #132
Nice try, but speaking of facts, I addressed your sad mewling on this in another thread. Click Karmadillo Feb 2012 #134
You are twisting yourself into a pretzel emulatorloo Feb 2012 #136
You are twisting yourself into a pretzel Karmadillo Feb 2012 #143
Rational people would say otherwise emulatorloo Feb 2012 #145
Group thinking again, emulatorloo? Bad habit. It's Karmadillo Feb 2012 #147
You are in a hole. Stop digging. Your person is not who he presents himself to be emulatorloo Feb 2012 #156
Your person is not who he presents himself to be Karmadillo Feb 2012 #157
I didn't start a thread promoting a person. You did. emulatorloo Feb 2012 #158
Thank you for the holiday wishes and Karmadillo Feb 2012 #159
Just as we suspected, another right-wing shill hoping to siphon off votes. Thanks for the info. OregonBlue Dec 2011 #80
I like this guy! Fantastic Anarchist Dec 2011 #66
I will vote for any Dem to the left of Obama in the primaires slay Dec 2011 #68
I'll donate to his campaign and vote for him in the primary. He says he'll do the things Zorra Dec 2011 #69
Yes. Have been watching. mmonk Dec 2011 #72
Pipedream. lonestarnot Dec 2011 #73
Democratic Primary Calendar 2012 - Zorra Dec 2011 #76
You're not going to take it well when Obama is reelected, are you? MjolnirTime Dec 2011 #77
Kick for Darcy's excellent NH results...nt SidDithers Jan 2012 #82
Doesn't matter what they say, I ain't never gonna vote for the "Consumer Party". Saving Hawaii Jan 2012 #83
Richardson was officially 14th in NH, with 264 votes... SidDithers Jan 2012 #85
Everyone here attacks him but no one is discussing what he suggests ....nice discussion board. L0oniX Jan 2012 #86
Nobody dares to... RC Feb 2012 #133
The Third Way messaging problem again. woo me with science Feb 2012 #138
Proposals with no plans for getting them implemented are useless. NYC Liberal Feb 2012 #149
The Darcy Richardson juggernaut keeps rolling... SidDithers Feb 2012 #87
Which begs the question...Is it "liberals" that Dems are opposed to, or is it just Darcy? Tarheel_Dem Feb 2012 #96
some guy named "uncomitted" came in second AtomicKitten Feb 2012 #107
Obviously, it's a conspiracy. NYC Liberal Feb 2012 #150
The idea of pushing through all that with a Congress like this is absurd boxman15 Feb 2012 #91
I'd love to see this guy in the Dem primaries RussBLib Feb 2012 #92
He is running in the Democratic primaries... SidDithers Feb 2012 #95
Yeah but these are write in votes right? grantcart Feb 2012 #100
Nope. His name was on the ballot... SidDithers Feb 2012 #101
What a start it would be, even with a recalcitrant Congress. woo me with science Feb 2012 #93
! Tarheel_Dem Feb 2012 #97
What's the joke? Leopolds Ghost Feb 2012 #146
Post removed Post removed Feb 2012 #94
if he trounces Obama on Super Tuesday - hell, I'm in Douglas Carpenter Feb 2012 #104
A purist who thinks the Presidency is the only branch of government. This person is off the planet. RBInMaine Feb 2012 #108
hahaha.... 15 years ago Dems actually were purists in your book fascisthunter Feb 2012 #114
who? i'll bet the republican congress will certainly support this guy....i'm in spanone Feb 2012 #113
It's election season. Barack Obama is our nominee. blue neen Feb 2012 #118
pure desperation.... dionysus Feb 2012 #120
ROFL... more of this Darcy bullshit.mr merril lynch.... you guys are getting fuckiing DESPERATE.... dionysus Feb 2012 #119
Darcy "Former Investment Banker" Richardson? Arkana Feb 2012 #127
Next up for Darcy, the Oklahoma Primary on March 6... SidDithers Feb 2012 #139
Personally, I'm predicting he gets 100 gazillion percent of the vote. Arkana Feb 2012 #140
Let him run in 2016! Zalatix Feb 2012 #153
I see this has been kicked. JNelson6563 Feb 2012 #155
Richardson, a solid 4th in OK... SidDithers Mar 2012 #163
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