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7. Note sure, but they'll probably have "investigations" right away...
Sun Aug 14, 2016, 01:54 AM
Aug 2016

... while hoping to find something to hang their hats on.

Impeachment will begin if and when it's proven that Hillary publicly lied about some embarrassing private matter that wasn't their business in the first place.

they are putting it together as we post, Day One! juxtaposed Aug 2016 #1
I will give them the benefit of the doubt.... chillfactor Aug 2016 #2
Articles of Impeachment will be delivered during the Inaugural Ball.......n/t RagAss Aug 2016 #3
I don't think the American people would stand for it. madaboutharry Aug 2016 #4
this is a WOMAN who has beaten all their silly fake scandals Skittles Aug 2016 #5
Don't you mean hours? GaYellowDawg Aug 2016 #6
Note sure, but they'll probably have "investigations" right away... Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2016 #7
What? More right-wing FBI crap? Jeffersons Ghost Aug 2016 #8
Maybe not the FBI, but I expect special Congressional investigations. Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2016 #9
LOL! "The Spanish Inquistion: Just when you least expect them." Heil Führer Jeffersons Ghost Aug 2016 #13
Let's see………. hmmm……….. first they will give themselves a raise in pay… then it will be time for a world wide wally Aug 2016 #10
Ooops, I see you'd factored in the gutting Obamacare metric. Hugin Aug 2016 #15
Their pay raises awoke_in_2003 Aug 2016 #19
I say before she is even sworn in! MarianJack Aug 2016 #11
For the first time ever Republicans will filibuster an inaugural. nt TeamPooka Aug 2016 #12
Shortly after Roberts repeats the oath correctly this time. The docs are waiting on thumb drives in mulsh Aug 2016 #14
^^^This.^^^ n/t Different Drummer Aug 2016 #16
A Democratic controlled Senate, impechement will never begin. sarcasmo Aug 2016 #17
There will be hearings and witch hunts starting on, oh wait years ago NightWatcher Aug 2016 #18
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