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they are putting it together as we post, Day One! juxtaposed Aug 2016 #1
I will give them the benefit of the doubt.... chillfactor Aug 2016 #2
Articles of Impeachment will be delivered during the Inaugural Ball.......n/t RagAss Aug 2016 #3
I don't think the American people would stand for it. madaboutharry Aug 2016 #4
this is a WOMAN who has beaten all their silly fake scandals Skittles Aug 2016 #5
Don't you mean hours? GaYellowDawg Aug 2016 #6
Note sure, but they'll probably have "investigations" right away... Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2016 #7
What? More right-wing FBI crap? Jeffersons Ghost Aug 2016 #8
Maybe not the FBI, but I expect special Congressional investigations. Buckeye_Democrat Aug 2016 #9
LOL! "The Spanish Inquistion: Just when you least expect them." Heil Führer Jeffersons Ghost Aug 2016 #13
Let's see………. hmmm……….. first they will give themselves a raise in pay… then it will be time for a world wide wally Aug 2016 #10
Ooops, I see you'd factored in the gutting Obamacare metric. Hugin Aug 2016 #15
Their pay raises awoke_in_2003 Aug 2016 #19
I say before she is even sworn in! MarianJack Aug 2016 #11
For the first time ever Republicans will filibuster an inaugural. nt TeamPooka Aug 2016 #12
Shortly after Roberts repeats the oath correctly this time. The docs are waiting on thumb drives in mulsh Aug 2016 #14
^^^This.^^^ n/t Different Drummer Aug 2016 #16
A Democratic controlled Senate, impechement will never begin. sarcasmo Aug 2016 #17
There will be hearings and witch hunts starting on, oh wait years ago NightWatcher Aug 2016 #18
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