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17. This seems to be the speech:
Sat Sep 3, 2016, 12:53 PM
Sep 2016

And it seems that he's referring to this statement on the university website:


Doesn't take much to feed the RW froth-machine...

Edit to add the text of the relevant statement:

Beliefs on Diversity and Inclusion

At the University of Nebraska, we strive for excellence in all that we do. True excellence requires that each individual be able to work and learn in an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and acceptance. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion requires each of us to continuously ensure our interactions be respectful, protect free speech and inspire academic freedom.

At the University of Nebraska:
  • We value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all.
  • We strive for excellence and recognize that our differences make us stronger. We respect and seek out inclusion of differences, realizing we can learn from each other.
  • We insist on a culture of respect, and recognize that words and actions matter. The absence of action and words also matter.
  • We believe in the freedom of speech, and encourage the expression of ideas and opinions, and we do not tolerate words and actions of hate and disrespect. We know how to share criticism of ideas with respect.
  • We all share in the responsibility to create a positive culture and to safeguard equity, inclusion, dignity, and respect for all. Each member of the University community—faculty, staff and students—should be a role model for others.
  • We take action when we observe someone being treated unfairly or in a demeaning manner.

its the thought police get set up and running on campus nt msongs Sep 2016 #1
I hate this new policy Travis_0004 Sep 2016 #2
And the anti-free speech movement has won. NutmegYankee Sep 2016 #3
I'm a little unclear, LWolf Sep 2016 #8
What is respectful? If one faith considers an idea blasphemy, is it disrespectful to say it? NutmegYankee Sep 2016 #11
No. LWolf Sep 2016 #12
Seeing supposed liberals GulfCoast66 Sep 2016 #14
Virtue signalling. This policy will go away once the first lawsuit is lost friendly_iconoclast Sep 2016 #4
"virtue signalling" is a RW buzzword. Odin2005 Sep 2016 #20
No, it's not. NuclearDem Sep 2016 #24
I wish that I could express this as eloquently tymorial Sep 2016 #33
So farther every complaint raised against you has done nothing but prove the point you're making. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2016 #49
While dangers of the suppression Uponthegears Sep 2016 #5
Your statement is illegitimate hate speech and should not be allowed. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2016 #6
It was easy because Uponthegears Sep 2016 #50
You went from a debate on open speech at universities to Snowden? Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2016 #52
The problem with a government controlled "Dept. of Truth" is it's a double edged sword. NutmegYankee Sep 2016 #10
The acknowledgement Uponthegears Sep 2016 #51
That's just your opinion. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2016 #53
Whose truth? NutmegYankee Sep 2016 #55
Correct. Dr. Strange Sep 2016 #67
The ultimate "safe space" university FLPanhandle Sep 2016 #7
Outside of college there are no "safe spaces" Honest.Dem Sep 2016 #36
Where's the policy? Brickbat Sep 2016 #9
This seems to be the speech: petronius Sep 2016 #17
What's there to disagree with? OneGrassRoot Sep 2016 #19
Indeed, it's a positive and appropriate statement of values from UNL petronius Sep 2016 #56
"no bullying or dehumanizations." Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2016 #59
Would you say you lean toward libertarianism? OneGrassRoot Sep 2016 #61
I always find it a little dismaying I see the glee with which some on DU decry efforts of those Brickbat Sep 2016 #23
I find it dismaying... OneGrassRoot Sep 2016 #35
I don't think you know what "alt-right" means. NuclearDem Sep 2016 #38
Nope, I know precisely what I mean and... OneGrassRoot Sep 2016 #39
And yet, ND's summation is proving true in the thread. Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2016 #47
Agree completely, well said ! nt Angel Martin Sep 2016 #60
It's more a no assholes policy than it is a no free speech policy. rug Sep 2016 #13
Free speech GulfCoast66 Sep 2016 #15
In Nebraska any liberal policy is considered Hate speech or asshole policy FLPanhandle Sep 2016 #16
Neither pro-life nor pro-choice positions should be considered hate speech at this university. rug Sep 2016 #18
I for one find Nebraskans for the Upgraded Treatment of Squirrels to be hate speech. NuclearDem Sep 2016 #25
This one is bound to stir up controversy: rug Sep 2016 #32
Given the mass currency of "asshole," student bodies everywhere will have to evacuate! Eleanors38 Sep 2016 #64
WTF is with all the RW talking points in this thread? Odin2005 Sep 2016 #21
Those horrible RW talking points like defending academic freedom and freedom of speech NuclearDem Sep 2016 #22
As opposed to the Gamergators you apologize for who make women too terrified to speak? Odin2005 Sep 2016 #41
That was a lovely collection of buzzwords. NuclearDem Sep 2016 #44
Then post your own opinions instead of whining... romanic Sep 2016 #40
But...but tagging an argument "RWtalkingPoint" makes stuff so EZ. Eleanors38 Sep 2016 #66
Free speech is a basic tenet of liberalism. NutmegYankee Sep 2016 #54
This is a very slippery slope... deathrind Sep 2016 #26
Are you referring to the threat to koill all black students that was successfully prosecuted loyalsister Sep 2016 #27
You mean this fall, when Mizzou is starting with two thousand fewer students than last year? NuclearDem Sep 2016 #29
The university is in the hands of the RW republicans loyalsister Sep 2016 #31
Yeah, because RW Republicans are real concerned about how inclusive "unisex bathroom" is. NuclearDem Sep 2016 #37
Somehow I doubt that makes up for the funding shortfalls loyalsister Sep 2016 #45
your post suggests the chancellor said the things quoted in the last two paragraphs fishwax Sep 2016 #28
Oh, it does? NuclearDem Sep 2016 #30
you're right the last paragraph is clear fishwax Sep 2016 #34
OP is an apologist of the Gamergate bullies. Odin2005 Sep 2016 #42
Are you ever going to get around to posting anything of substance in reply to me? NuclearDem Sep 2016 #46
Gamergate is sooo two years ago. romanic Sep 2016 #58
Quelle horreur! A call for thoughtful academic discourse instead of loud ugly name-calling! struggle4progress Sep 2016 #43
If only that were the case. From the way this thread has evolved Nuclear Unicorn Sep 2016 #48
Respectfully, Fuck You University Of Nebraska Lincoln. Iggo Sep 2016 #57
Fuck, not more of this stupid safe-space bullshit. backscatter712 Sep 2016 #62
Oh, breaking wind! Not this again. Eleanors38 Sep 2016 #63
Um... I've never felt "accepted." I sucked it up and it made me a stronger person. Oneironaut Sep 2016 #65
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