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Post removed [View all] Post removed Sep 2016 OP
There is no need to take every OP seriously. upaloopa Sep 2016 #1
Gbcw... sometime in the future? pintobean Sep 2016 #2
They're serving notice that they might serve notice. Orrex Sep 2016 #53
And I'm warning you that you've been warned. Repeatedly. nt msanthrope Sep 2016 #55
Thanks for the warnings. Orrex Sep 2016 #56
I concur, followed '08 / '12 and never seen it like this kcjohn1 Sep 2016 #3
Let me guess,the places you go to for your "doze" of reality is one that actually synergie Sep 2016 #13
+1! BobbyDrake Sep 2016 #58
Feeling similarly kcjohn1 chknltl Sep 2016 #40
Agree with you 100% ciaobaby Sep 2016 #4
Outside of major elections... NCTraveler Sep 2016 #5
This year just seems "meaner" than usual. Dreamweaver 5.0 Sep 2016 #7
Seems like an overall nice place these days. NCTraveler Sep 2016 #12
Every election year in history has been mean Generic Brad Sep 2016 #33
I so agree, been that way for some time now Duckhunter935 Sep 2016 #6
There are any old timers here on DU who think they're quite important and influential. If you monmouth4 Sep 2016 #8
So who were you before? Kingofalldems Sep 2016 #9
I don't find that thoughtful and respectful disagreement or discussion is gone at all bhikkhu Sep 2016 #10
Why would one ever get bummed by a message board? bigwillq Sep 2016 #11
I'm wondering the same thing...with everything else in the world going on, plus your own lives CTyankee Sep 2016 #16
What funny about your response is. Dreamweaver 5.0 Sep 2016 #17
Cool story, bro. nt onehandle Sep 2016 #14
What would you like to discuss? KMOD Sep 2016 #15
Links please? Kingofalldems Sep 2016 #18
This is what I am talking about. Dreamweaver 5.0 Sep 2016 #20
When you make an assertion it would be nice to cite examples. Kingofalldems Sep 2016 #22
I understand, but I think you just have to wait this one out. Yo_Mama Sep 2016 #19
Been that way since day one. Rex Sep 2016 #21
I understand. In GENERAL, I am careful what I write, as I don't want to BigDemVoter Sep 2016 #23
I know how it feels. NuclearDem Sep 2016 #24
+1 Agree with many of your points Person 2713 Sep 2016 #25
I used to get emotionally invested here. Texasgal Sep 2016 #26
Agreed deathrind Sep 2016 #27
Wow all this insight Andy823 Sep 2016 #28
It's been worse, in my opinion. cheapdate Sep 2016 #29
One of the reasons I don't post much here... quickesst Sep 2016 #30
Yup. K&R nt riderinthestorm Sep 2016 #31
Who were you before? Raine1967 Sep 2016 #32
I feel you. Not Sure Sep 2016 #34
I guess it depends on how you use it and your expectations hibbing Sep 2016 #35
I agree and that is all I'm going to say. rwsanders Sep 2016 #36
I stopped giving a fu*n retrowire Sep 2016 #37
Agreed. Well said. zentrum Sep 2016 #38
Nope. Skinner says this is the way things are going to be post GE Arazi Sep 2016 #39
I disagree. DU is finally back to being a sane place I can think about recommending to people again. stevenleser Sep 2016 #41
This. La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2016 #42
+1,000,000! MADem Sep 2016 #47
+1 betsuni Sep 2016 #50
If you are a person of color, an immigrant, and many La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2016 #43
DU is just following the trends of discussion online. HuckleB Sep 2016 #44
I'm spending less time on DU than I used to. Jim Lane Sep 2016 #45
It has been different G_j Sep 2016 #46
Creating new accounts is a direct violation of TOS. eom MohRokTah Sep 2016 #48
Not this again. You left out "echo chamber." betsuni Sep 2016 #49
Very true... nt Raine Sep 2016 #51
What's a "hiway"? Is that where you go to say "hi" to everyone? :) StrictlyRockers Sep 2016 #52
You have 100 posts Democat Sep 2016 #54
You're describing modern politics HerrKarlMarx Sep 2016 #57
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