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32. Who were you before?
Tue Sep 6, 2016, 11:31 PM
Sep 2016

one way or anther...

We used to be able to discuss and have opinions.

You still can.

Nowdays it seems like it's my way or the hiway.

Not really true. check the TOS.

I am a Democrat for a reason. We have always been the big tent party.

We still are. Glad you are too.

We could challenge ideals and thoughtfully and respectfully disagree with each other.

See above.

Now it seems like it's spy vs spy on the boards.

What boards? Not seeing it here.

If you do not agree with the OP you are from the dark side.
What OP?

Seems like we are slowly morphing into a lockstep bbs like freeperville.
When did you join DU?

I only got to hang 9 more weeks tI'll election.
We have that amount of time as well.

Don't think I will be here for 2020.
One election at a time.

I know emotions and tension is running high close to election day but when we eat our own what do we have LEFT?

Who, exactly do you speak of when you say/type: when we eat our own what do we have LEFT?

Don't be bummed. Start being a part of the solution.
Post removed [View all] Post removed Sep 2016 OP
There is no need to take every OP seriously. upaloopa Sep 2016 #1
Gbcw... sometime in the future? pintobean Sep 2016 #2
They're serving notice that they might serve notice. Orrex Sep 2016 #53
And I'm warning you that you've been warned. Repeatedly. nt msanthrope Sep 2016 #55
Thanks for the warnings. Orrex Sep 2016 #56
I concur, followed '08 / '12 and never seen it like this kcjohn1 Sep 2016 #3
Let me guess,the places you go to for your "doze" of reality is one that actually synergie Sep 2016 #13
+1! BobbyDrake Sep 2016 #58
Feeling similarly kcjohn1 chknltl Sep 2016 #40
Agree with you 100% ciaobaby Sep 2016 #4
Outside of major elections... NCTraveler Sep 2016 #5
This year just seems "meaner" than usual. Dreamweaver 5.0 Sep 2016 #7
Seems like an overall nice place these days. NCTraveler Sep 2016 #12
Every election year in history has been mean Generic Brad Sep 2016 #33
I so agree, been that way for some time now Duckhunter935 Sep 2016 #6
There are any old timers here on DU who think they're quite important and influential. If you monmouth4 Sep 2016 #8
So who were you before? Kingofalldems Sep 2016 #9
I don't find that thoughtful and respectful disagreement or discussion is gone at all bhikkhu Sep 2016 #10
Why would one ever get bummed by a message board? bigwillq Sep 2016 #11
I'm wondering the same thing...with everything else in the world going on, plus your own lives CTyankee Sep 2016 #16
What funny about your response is. Dreamweaver 5.0 Sep 2016 #17
Cool story, bro. nt onehandle Sep 2016 #14
What would you like to discuss? KMOD Sep 2016 #15
Links please? Kingofalldems Sep 2016 #18
This is what I am talking about. Dreamweaver 5.0 Sep 2016 #20
When you make an assertion it would be nice to cite examples. Kingofalldems Sep 2016 #22
I understand, but I think you just have to wait this one out. Yo_Mama Sep 2016 #19
Been that way since day one. Rex Sep 2016 #21
I understand. In GENERAL, I am careful what I write, as I don't want to BigDemVoter Sep 2016 #23
I know how it feels. NuclearDem Sep 2016 #24
+1 Agree with many of your points Person 2713 Sep 2016 #25
I used to get emotionally invested here. Texasgal Sep 2016 #26
Agreed deathrind Sep 2016 #27
Wow all this insight Andy823 Sep 2016 #28
It's been worse, in my opinion. cheapdate Sep 2016 #29
One of the reasons I don't post much here... quickesst Sep 2016 #30
Yup. K&R nt riderinthestorm Sep 2016 #31
Who were you before? Raine1967 Sep 2016 #32
I feel you. Not Sure Sep 2016 #34
I guess it depends on how you use it and your expectations hibbing Sep 2016 #35
I agree and that is all I'm going to say. rwsanders Sep 2016 #36
I stopped giving a fu*n retrowire Sep 2016 #37
Agreed. Well said. zentrum Sep 2016 #38
Nope. Skinner says this is the way things are going to be post GE Arazi Sep 2016 #39
I disagree. DU is finally back to being a sane place I can think about recommending to people again. stevenleser Sep 2016 #41
This. La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2016 #42
+1,000,000! MADem Sep 2016 #47
+1 betsuni Sep 2016 #50
If you are a person of color, an immigrant, and many La Lioness Priyanka Sep 2016 #43
DU is just following the trends of discussion online. HuckleB Sep 2016 #44
I'm spending less time on DU than I used to. Jim Lane Sep 2016 #45
It has been different G_j Sep 2016 #46
Creating new accounts is a direct violation of TOS. eom MohRokTah Sep 2016 #48
Not this again. You left out "echo chamber." betsuni Sep 2016 #49
Very true... nt Raine Sep 2016 #51
What's a "hiway"? Is that where you go to say "hi" to everyone? :) StrictlyRockers Sep 2016 #52
You have 100 posts Democat Sep 2016 #54
You're describing modern politics HerrKarlMarx Sep 2016 #57
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